The Women's Force Awakens card, is a group of contemporary women's needs, research and development design of the birth of cards, from the concept of thinking, product design, creative discussion process, how to proceed? Let's answer it for you.

"A lot of times we're looking forward to a quick answer, and this set of cards wants to invite you to slow down and believe that you have your own answer. This set of cards is very much hoping to give all the people such a blessing - you can. Audrey Ko, editor-in-chief of Women's Fans.

At the beginning of this year, at the opportunity, we met the promoter of the Straight Sense Coach Center and the huang Joy teacher, who is also Oka's authority, and his first encounter was amazing, and his short conversation gave us a glimpse of the enormous impact we could bring. So there's an idea - what if we make a card of our own that responds to the needs of contemporary women? Even the follow-up can have a version of home-and-family reconciliation, a red-faced version of the exploratory.

So, we began to study card logic, try to play, but also with Joey teacher to discuss, the Female Force Awakens card should contain what situation, in response to the needs of contemporary women, we from the community and content backstage to select women most concerned about the hundred words, to do situational design; There are back and forth with the printing press to discuss, choose a good outer box, good paper, hope to let the people who receive feel the heart of this gift, and finally have you currently see the "Awakening Of the Force card."

If you're looking at the Women's Force Awakens card, you're watching and studying how to play the Women's Awakening card and how can you help us explore ourselves. Four questions and four answers, let's answer you one by one.

Q1: Play cards, can you really know yourself better?


"People's thinking has a comfortable circle, will stay in a field and space, but the answer, probably behind us, card with flops and draw cards, can achieve the effect of turning around - look at what behind you, you already know the message. - Huang Joey.

The Force Awakens card, with 80 image cards, with 80 text cards, combines 6,400 different variations with the image card with the text card tool, and these combinations can reveal many things that are associated with life scenes, recall life events, focus on your thoughts, and dig deep into subconscious or collective consciousness.

The logic behind the design of cards, there is a psychological basis, invite us to jump out of the pattern of habitual thinking, to see the original did not expect, or think impossible practices, through the draw, make a mandatory link, so see, ah, the answer is here.

These outputs can also further explore our perception of the world, what we expect from us, or what we fear. Whether it's anticipation or fear, there's a certain belief behind them, some of which is protected to support you;

Q2: How does this deck of cards help me in my life?

A2: Understanding yourself, understanding important people, multi-person meetings are all applicable; 」

This card is a powerful thinking job, interpreting the self-subconscious message, learning the switch between positive and negative energy, and finding a course of action. It is also a tool for understanding the temperature, through the card interpretation of the way, and close people can focus on values and deep communication. It is also a pioneering creative tool to force links and find new solutions by drawing cards and seeing more likely practices.

More play, see here.

Q3: Why should you emphasize the card that is "exclusive woman"?


"We found that in this age, women's roles change more strongly than men's, and also allow women to grow and wake up faster. In this age, to live out of yourself, into a new life role, to achieve a dream, need a clear awareness, see the truth, see the truth, see the truth. - Huang Joey.

Psychologically, we found that through blurred image settings, we can see the inside, such as famous ink tests, tree-man paintings, and OH cards. Therefore, the image is not too clear on the drawing, improves the diversity of interpretation, also avoids over-directing, resulting in bias in the answer, and colors do not use too much solid color to avoid certain colors to bring out a particular emotion.

In view of the common female scenes of this era, the hot topics of the women's fan community, and the past survey of women's careers and well-being, we have identified "women's concern keywords" "emotional keywords" and "external environment keywords" and designed this set of Women's Awakening cards.

Each card is linked to certain scenario topics, such as: childhood, study, competition, domestic violence, social, love, marriage, foster parenthood, childbirth, raising children, family, workplace, self-growth, dreams, illness, old age, environmental protection... And so on, these are situations that make you particularly feel.

Q4: Is there a logical system behind the Force Awakens card?


"Unlike tarot, star, chamocent, or other answer card systems, you get not an answer, but an opportunity to explore. - Huang Joey.

The Women's Force Awakens card continues the Oka system, by the Oka authority Huang Joy teacher to participate in the design of the tone, Oka card itself no license, unlike Taro card has an official explanation, in Oka's system, all interpretation must be the parties themselves, and Oka's coach, whether they or others guide, are "process questioners", by the parties themselves to answer questions, master the dominant power of life.

Finally, we like the idea of this card, many times, we only need a hint, a guide, a period of time, to see their own answers. To me, it's an idea that you're willing to put your life in charge, and you're willing to give yourself more faith than others.