Interview with Hong Kong Tianwan girl Yuan Jiawei, who will challenge for a multiple terms in 2019, shouted "Tian Wan, finally has a choice", and finally won by 4,191 votes to become a Member of the Tianwan District Council. She is the first political figure in Hong Kong's political scene to advocate a sexual revolution, using her body to show politics, promoting gender-friendlyness, sexual autonomy and gay equality, while focusing on those arrested in the anti-Trump movement. There is a saying that "district boards should not be too politicized", but Yuan Jiawei wants to go further and do more, whether you say she has crossed the line or not: "There used to be no channels, no opportunities to participate in social affairs, when I have, i will only become more and more enthusiastic"

Tiffany Yuen, a district councillor in a small urban area in the southern part of Hong Kong, has her office in Tin Wan, a public housing estate full of retirees, and no one thought there would be a vibrant office, outside the office that has been popular in recent years. "We always thought that the young culture wouldn't be in the district work of the district councillors, but Yuan Jiawei would regularly step on a skateboard with the children who had been out of class around 3 p.m., and a psychedelic-colored Penny board was placed in the office. When she was moving with the Umbrella, she still had no short hair cut and still had a bit of childishness, but in front of her, she, with her short hair, wearing a T-shirt and trousers, used power-dressing, tried to practice physical politics on a daily basis, hoping to present a more powerful and self-reliant image of a woman outside of her role as a "Tianwan girl".

Yuan Jiawei is in the campaign office. Photo.

"When you're in politics, there's a lot of things you might have to compromise on. Not a political compromise, but physical politics: what kind of image do I want to show, what is it? 」

Mr. Yuen Ka-wei, Member of the Tin Bay District Council of the Southern District of Hong Kong.

She was the first female political figure in Hong Kong to promote "sexual autonomy" and "sexual revolution", and in addition to starting the "Pan-ABC" short film series with two female friends to discuss sex and gender relations, her feminist right to peace ideals were not only hanging in the mouth, after being elected district councillor, she proposed the establishment of the Southern District Council The Equal Opportunity Group , which hopes to draw more attention to minority groups , people with mental health problems and minority interests in the region , held a press conference on the day after the visit , which ended with a press conference on 12 June 2019 in which a boy with autism was sprayed with pepper spray and detained by the police . In addition, she has also publicly supported gay equality and was seen in the Hong Kong gay procession.


Campaign project "Tianwan Girl" popular imagination of female politicians.

Yuan Jiawei in front of the Tianwan Regional Office. Photo.

"Tianwan Girl" was one of Yuan Jiawei's campaign slogans when she ran for district council elections in late 2019, when she challenged for a second term, three of which were re-elected by then-Southern District Councillor Chen Fuming, and in her campaign project, a single sheet was written in qingya, young pink, with the slogan "Tianwan, finally" (written translation: Tianwan, finally have a choice. )。

Her opponent at the time, who was over 60, was a typical "petrified" district councillor (note: a long-term absence of competitors, resulting in a lack of motivation in Hong Kong district councils), and she was involved in anti-New Territories North East Appropriations Demonstrations and Occupy Central (Umbrella Movement), The 26-year-old young woman who became vice-chairman of Hong Kong's New Age Democratic Party, who won the election to represent Hong Kong's regional political affairs, was officially transformed, is a sign of hope and a generational shift, with far-reaching implications for the younger generation and politically passionate Hong Kongns. Tianwan Girls won the election by 4,191 votes, while Chen Fuming received only 2,602 votes. (Extended Reading:"Tell You a Country Without Freedom" these 20 photos, noting the dignity of Hong Kong people forgetting)

In an election project, the image of candidates is the key, Hong Kong political or social movement of women, in order to gain public support, generally need to have a "gender-friendly women" look, the five officials, but also need a bit of a look, so that the public can boast to become a "social movement goddess" and so on, but the goddess can not be too personal, if too strong, will provoke doubt.

Yuan Jiawei with the image of pink, next door girl "into the house", access to neighborhood support, "in fact, tianwan girl this name, is the beginning of Huang Feng, he joked on the face book (posted: Facebook) that I am the Tianwan girl, slowly became my code name." The neighborhood's impression of her is a well-behaved, Sven's neighbor girl, "There are actually many contradictions and struggles, and when we create an image for a candidate, a lot of times, female candidates are asked to show a well-behaved or Sven side, so as to meet the image of the voters (expectations)." Is it true that all female candidates should have the same style and the same temperament, so that they can be called "good"? I don't think so. 」

"Later I will think, "How can I be a more real self?" I'm a person, I don't have to be one side. During the election campaign, she mostly wore skirts, and after her election, she wanted to be able to bring about change from her body and image: "Then I wore my own clothes, more pants, the previous "Pan-ABC" series, and interaction with the neighborhood, I constantly challenged the bottom line of the imagination of female politicians, but also to challenge their own bottom line." 」

Tianwan Community. Photo.

Should the posts of District Councillors "promote gender-friendly and sexual autonomy not cross the line" ?

The duties of district board members usually revolve around the size of a community, so we met in Hong Kong with the words "Credit" such as "A certain district board member's success in securing a certain canal". However, Mr Yuen does not appear to have stayed on the "border of district councillors" and has instead done what district board members see as "excessive" and "irrelevant" matters, such as promoting gender-friendlyness, promoting sexual autonomy and gay equality and concerning those arrested by anti-Trump movements.

Talk about the sexual autonomy of the program "Pan-Abc" , screenshots from Hong Kong youTube.

Yuan Jiawei, a social movement-born member, is used to being unrough, and is used to speaking out to resolve social injustice, and when she takes care of the district's relative "sesame green beans" trifle, she has tried to feel the refore and "started to do regional affairs (before running for the District Council, she was an assistant to the former District Council member Noxuan, and later District Noxuan was stripped of his membership), when she went through the anti-sending movement, most of the elderly people in the community were young people who were young people who were young people who had been active in the early hours of their work. Or the best way to know what is happening in society. When the outside hit the blood and rain, will I still in the community to distribute leaflets, or is explaining , "the canal is blocked, we have to pay more attention ah" ah? The contrast between a small community of peace and a society of conflict made her spend a lot of effort to balance her mind.

There is a necude stake that "district boards should not be too politicized", but Whether they support anti-Trump demonstrators or oppose the national security law, Yuan Jiawei has not been absent. You could say that she crossed the line, or as a person, as a natural thing to do.

In April this year, Yuan Jiawei and two Hong Kong members of the public sponsored the "Pan-ABC" premiere on YouTube, three girls a whisky, began to talk about "sex", they will not only share personal experience, they will also collect questions from internet users, to make discussions and replies. (Extended Reading: When Sex Becomes a Political Tool Interview With Professor He Style Coagulation: Sexual Violence Destroys Our Will with Shame)

"Now that there's a mess outside, why are you talking about gender?" Some people think it's side dish, but when we speak out against the sexual violence of law enforcers, we should always reflect on our day-to-day ness in the fight for democracy. 」

Talk about the autonomous show "Pan-Abc" from Hong Kong YouTube.

"When we talk about gender, we don't necessarily speak in extremely serious academic language, because it raises the door to discussion. She and two other hosts, introducing sex toys in pyjamas and picking up goods at sex toy stores, may be a bit hard for traditional Hong Kong voters to imagine, "When I talk about it as a district councillor, how will my constituents see my decision?" Some say that as a political figure and a public figure, talking about sex can cause him to lose support. 」

There are also bitterly stressed repeatedly to "maintain" the "innocence" of the anti-send movement, "Now, Blue Silk, Wu Mao has said that there are yellow angels, you also say that these sexual topics, is not to be believed to have the existence of yellow angels?" Or the impression that you are the yellow angel, there will really be these sounds. 」

Taiwan's rainbow flag is flying, and Yuan Jiawei wants Hong Kong to follow. Photo.

"In the days ahead , whether it's big policy or different issues in the community , we want to be gender-friendly . " 」

After being elected as a member of the Southern District Council, Mr Yuen proposed the establishment of an "equal opportunity group" in the Southern District Council to address the rights and interests of ethnic minorities, the elderly and the disadvantaged, as well as the interests of sexual minorities in the region. 」

"A District Councillor from the Southern District who belongs to the Liberal Party said, "Lishen, I am not homophobic, I have sexual friends around me, but I think Hong Kong is now very nice to them and there is no discrimination against them." In fact, more people, such as elderly comrades and grass-roots comrades, are still not seen. The Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance has been fighting for many years and is now only the so-called consultation stage. 」

What she did on the surface seemed unrelated to the general area affairs, and then raised questions, but she remembered a neighborhood encouragement, "one of them went to the gay parade, and when i returned to the district the next day to distribute leaflets, a neighborhood living in Tianwan came up and said, "I saw you at the gay parade yesterday, I was really happy, the representatives of my district were in it, you didn't shy away from attending." Sexual minorities, in fact, live in different small communities.

Women politicians everyday? To be held a goddess of democracy or to be approved as a "public toilet"

After the Umbrella Movement, people's discussion of Yuan Jiawei increased, some media like to participate in social movement women as a 'democratic goddess', I also have this type of nickname, not to mention whether netizens agree. 」

Later, netizens began to attack and smear, "even if not attack, will comment on the size, comment on appearance." Why am I being called a public toilet and a stink? These words made me very uncomfortable at the time. Why should I be attacked for this when I express my own opinion and say what I say? Well, I've been backing down for a while because of the pressure. 」

By the time she became an aide to the councillor and later ran for the district council and was elected, she received a number of anonymous sexual harassment calls, some of which were due to political differences, and some of which were not: "Many female district councillors received malicious messages, or sexual harassment, on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp." The day-to-day work of female politicians, in addition to work, also responds to or endures harassment about physical, gender, and sexuality, yet no one seems to be able to stop it.

Tianwan Community. Photo.

There is no retreat from political participation in the social environment of the docks.

In the past, there was no channel, no opportunity to participate in social affairs, when I have, will only become more and more enthusiastic.

Mr Yuan Jiawei began to participate in the social movement in 2012, starting with the writing of newspapers by the groups assisting the demonstration samens, and the dock workers were in arrears when workers were in arrears, and I joined the University Students' Union and labour groups to assist the workers' movement. She went ahead in 2014 and provoked more negative debate, and she still stands on the political stage, announcing her candidacy for the 2020 legislative elections. (Extended reading:"As long as you win, I don't lose" Hong Kong Gold Medal preview, three minutes to say the stormy times)

"In the past, there was no channel and no opportunity to participate in social affairs, and when I did, I would only become more and more enthusiastic. I think we don't just have to explore injustices, but find ways to solve them for different things. 」

She said that as long as you decide to do one thing, we will do it at full strength: "I don't think there is room to back down, to be honest, especially in hong Kong's harsh environment." 」