You're busy every day, but don't want to miss your child's growth? Recommend your three parent-child proposals, tonight or on the weekend!

"If you do well, parenthood is a hero. " - Superman Special Team

This film line, witty and warm, said the best of our mood. "Time is the best gift" is a saying, parents who are raising children, the wish is usually very simple, is to spend a little more time with the child to grow up.

According to the results of the 2020 Home-to-Home Parenting Survey, modern women's demands for their ideal teammates are more likely than financial support to actively participate in the child's growth process, and the question of whether they want to stay without pay also sees that the most worrying thing is to worry about missing out on the child's growth.

So, how can we find the balance between ourselves and our families and effectively achieve the parent-child warming? Here are a few proposals to build a happy home with your kids.

To piece the puzzle, make your own little things.

Getting started with a child's fun start, starting with static activities at home.

Take a simple and easy-to-use puzzle, a little brain-driven table games, or your own DIY, are very good choices!

To give you a happy proposal.

  1. To puzzle, use the game to exercise your child's focus.
  2. Buy a table tour home, experience what is called brain burning and stimulation.
  3. Todo, the child will show unexpected ideas.

In the case of jigsaw puzzles, we can choose the number and difficulty of the collage son according to the age or degree of the child. In addition to the usual tiled puzzles, choices are becoming more and more diverse, such as turning finished products into clocks, book clothes, and even candle lamps and deposit sticks, which are not only more interesting, but also add a lot of practicality!

Here and you recommend two special puzzle stores, styles and patterns almost everything, and children together to choose their favorite patterns!

One,Pintoo .

Picture: Credit:

Picture: Credit:

II. Renoir Puzzle Culture Workshop.

Picture: Renois puzzle

Cook a meal together and eat into your belly.

Cooking can be more than just a parent's business. Try inviting your kids into the kitchen with you, and maybe you'll see them in a different way.

If you're worried about getting your child into the kitchen too dangerous, remember these two principles and you might be at ease. First, you have to stay around the whole time, if the child is the first time to take a knife or fire, pay more attention to keep an eye on, and then, you can start with simple dishes, such as dessert, not only do not need to fire, sweet taste is often the child's favorite.

Give you a delicious proposal.

  1. Make a cookie, one after another, simple and good to use.
  2. Stacked sandwiches for new chefs.
  3. Come and eat curry, the process is not complicated and nutritious.

Recommend two practical recipeapps with the website, step by step, and bring good dishes to the table with ease.

One, love cooking.

Picture: Source: Love Cuisine Website.


Picture: Source:Cookpad.

The meal seems to be more relishy when you come hand in hand with your child to bring out a delicious meal. Isn't it?

Outdoor activities, relax in the sun.

Stay at home for a long time, always want to go outside. Find a sunny, sunny day, the size of the family travel together!

If you don't have enough time to go to secluded mountains and campsites, the city's Riverside Park is a good place!

First, Dajia Riverside Park.

Photo: Taipei Municipal Tourism and Communications Bureau (Photo/Liu Jiaxuan)

Second, Guting Riverside Park.

Photo: Taipei Municipal Tourism and Communication Bureau (Photo/Gao Zanxian)

You can find a meadow, bring your own sandwiches and snacks, lay picnic mats, and chat and play in the sun-drenched shade.

If your child is a type of energetic, why not prepare a kite or bubble blower for them, or you can bring your own scooter or bicycle to play with your child and sweat and be comfortable.

Give you a hot-blooded proposal.

  1. Picnic time, while eating hand-made food while talking about the day.
  2. A refreshing afternoon just in time for the wind, let's fly a kite.
  3. Bring your own or rent a bicycle, both comfortable and strong physique.

Picture: SUBARU-American Automotive Group.

At this time, a stop-the-bus, very suitable for you who want to take the whole family out.

The Suv, also known as the Sport Utility Vehicle, is, by definition, suitable for outdoor activities or travel.

It has a large load and storage space, not only to put down picnic items, but also plug into the child's bicycle, or stroller and other nursery supplies;

In addition to convenience and enjoyment, safety is a point to be considered.

Some cars now have a "back seat reminder system" and when the driver stops and leaves the seat, the LCD will appear with a warning screen to immediately alert the driver if the child has not left the seat or the item has not been extracted. Through security measures, you can go out and play this thing, even more worry-free.

Picture: SUBARU-American Automotive Group.

If you're also a busy parent and don't want to miss the opportunity to accompany your child's growth, you can try these activities, not only to warm up the interaction and feelings between parents and children, but also to have the satisfaction of building a happy home with your child.