If you want, four cures for parenting parents' lives, taking care of themselves physically and psychologically, can continue on the path to parenting.

You take out goods from the mall floor rack, one by one price is also more than qualitative, nipples to be non-toxic tasteless, close clothing to be soft and comfortable, must not hurt the skin, crib scar letdown better dismantling, a good baby cart performance and quality is not sloppy, the child also want to sit up to try to push to see these I understand, you really think, can give the child a better point.

But look back, look at yourself, from the birth of the child has not gasped, sometimes go home to take care of the child, but also to continue to work, time can no longer squeeze any point to their own, make their own want to kneel crying. You really really, for a long time did not let go of their own, even better to themselves.

If you want to, long-lost to calm the body and mind, from the inside out to heal yourself, give you four life cures, so that you can sleep soundly, but also eat happy and healthy. To give your baby the best, first of all you must be good enough for yourself.

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Cure Proposition I: There is always a embrace that can accommodate your intransigence.

Think about it, when was the last time you removed your armor and stopped worrying about work and parenting?

Learn to be a strong parent, because you want to defend the home, so you have to bear the weight of the forward, put on thorns, at work with difficult customers around, at home and do not want to eat children to fight, 24 hours in a state of combat, what is relaxation? You've forgotten.

Occasionally, you need to think back to that ideal home, there is one place that can accommodate all your vulnerability and helplessness, to undertake uneasiness and helplessness. This place, it can be a massage mat, or a massage chair, in a short 10 minutes, throw away all the trouble, lying in the massage chair, like a gentle embrace, is telling you: it's okay, everything will be all right.

Healing Proposition 2: Home is able to make you sleep comfortably wayward.

After your child is born, you have a lot of ability to take time to sleep. For example, when taking the bus, standing and waiting for the MRT, eyes squint, on the first time, after all, parents' time is precious, know how to grasp is the wise person. However, you also become less easy to fall asleep, the head has just touched the pillow, the child's crying sound, and sometimes you will still have a half-dream half-wake phantom.

Sleep is not easy, is it?

A good lying pillow, it is necessary, it can support the pressure of your shoulder neck, stretch the whole body, help the body cervical spine to maintain the most natural posture, back to the original self. Sleeping surface, do not need to be proper, occasionally wayward, lying on the side to lie down to sleep, choose a good pillow, so that you can rest assured of wayward.

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Healing Proposition III can tell the child from crying, and you can't forget to listen to your body.

I know, and time race is parental parenting day- and children to eat food you are never sloppy, but when it comes to yourself, you always smile and wave and say, no, eat whatever you want.

You try to listen to your child's voice, to be able to discern every cry, whether you're enough, or hungry. But every word the body tells you, you can't listen to it - why just blow the wind, a bad cold? Why sleep for so long, go to work or get dizzy and want to sleep? You subtly ignore, but the bottom of your heart understands that it is your own fault for the body.

What the body needs is to be able to stabilize the source of supplementary nutrition, find the right health food, or fixed drinking chicken essence is also very good, don't forget to review the standardof baby supplies, check you eat every mouthful of food, treat the body, as careful as the baby.

Healing Proposition IV: The body depends on the harbor, and the heart also needs to perch on the shore.

Physical soreness is easy to solve, but psychological fatigue is difficult to solve.

A good child, you quickly take a bath, you want to fall asleep early, fall asleep, but also sleep badly. The brain can't stop working, all kinds of anxiety about work, children, family pressure you breathless, the mind floats, can't find a place to shore.

Maybe at the moment, you need to set yourself up for 30 minutes, do nothing, let go, or try meditation, yoga, and play your favorite music. Alternatively, use essential oils such as chamomile, cedar, lavender, etc. that help you sleep and relax your mind. Find the power to calm the mind.

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Strong because there is want to protect the person, have children you, brave as a warrior, but occasionally also need to learn soft and relaxed, recharge. Before you're good for your kids, you need to be nice to yourself, on the parenting path, to be stronger and to walk longer.