Take care of the baby tired to not, every day with the baby crying? Newbies and parents panic and tired, we all know, recommend you five parenting road good partners!

"I really don't know what to do. . . Just put him down ten minutes and started crying, and we took turns getting up every night to calm down and sleep less than three hours a day. 」
"I used to have two or three nights with the baby crying with him, and I was really tired. 」
"When the baby was born, I was really flustered, I didn't have the experience of having a baby, just was a bottle-washing, milking and spending a lot of time, and I just ate it every day. 」

In the face of newborns just born in the hundred kinds of conditions, many parents do not know how to be good, especially new parents, afraid of a wrong harm to the health of children. Such efforts you, have begun to feel tired, every day just bottle washing, pacifying the baby, milking is enough to spend most of the day, not to mention to clean the home, cooking dishes laundry.

Take care of the baby, in addition to the need for heart, but also need a sharp weapon, as long as the choice of childcare supplies, you can save effort and time. If you want to have a good night's sleep, have a good meal, take stock of five parenting artifacts for you, so that you can take care of your children to do more with less!

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God 1: One-click bottle sanitizer - Combi Pro 360 efficient disinfection dryer.

Feeding your baby, it's easy to be afraid that your baby will eat the bacteria, so always wash the bottle especially carefully. After cleaning the bottle usually consumes most of the time, some parents will choose hot water after washing boiling disinfection bottle, cleaning 1-2 bottles simple, but when the amount of a large, disinfection is also particularly troublesome. At this time, if there is a key can be done bottle disinfection machine, can reduce a lot of novice parents time.

Combi Pro 360 efficient disinfection and drying pan, suitable for fear of trouble, want to save time novice parents, drying pot can be installed nine bottles at a time, drying low volume, not afraid to quarrel the baby,

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God 2: The necessary soothing chair after feeding - Fisher comfort lounge rheoscope.

Some parents will think that there is no need to spend money to buy a chair, but in fact the chair can let parents after feeding, reduce the pressure. For example, when feeding, let the baby lie in the chair to play, can prevent the overflow of milk, parents' hands can also rest.

When the child crying, also do not need to hold the child shaking around, let him lie in the comfort chair shake, can also have the same effect! (Of course, the baby has their own preferences, parents and parents to assess whether there is a purchase needs)

When it comes to pacifiers, it has to mention Fisher, Fisher's pacifying chair quality has always been good and durable, when the baby lay on the top, grow up some can also be used as a child's seat, is a lot of parents and children must start the parenting god.

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Artifacts 3: Bags to give your baby a sense of security - Love to Dream, USA aden-anais.

Pack towel in hand, safe sleep naturally there! Why does my baby need a towel? Newborn babies are weak, and sometimes sleeping in the middle of the night are awakened by all kinds of wind and grass. Bags at the same time have the function of keeping warm, providing a sense of security, novice parents absolutely have to have a good bag towel.

Bags also cover a variety of materials and types, such as butterfly towel, cotton yarn towel, more well-known brands include Australia Love to Dream, the United States aden and anais, novice parents can be on the temperature and baby habits, choose the appropriate use.

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Artifacts 4: Hand-disabled can also help your baby take a bath - Shnuggle moon bath.

Newborn children body soft, novice parents just hold on the fear of fear, let alone let the child bathe in the water. If you consider yourself a person who doesn't have enough hands, in addition to giving it to an experienced person to wash, picking a baby bath is also a way to improve your relationship with the baby.

There are many auxiliary bathing instruments on the market, such as cheap, small-smaller bath nets, bearing about 10-15 kg, or more expensive than the bath network, bearing higher than the bath net. There is not occupied bathroom space folding tub, so that parents can stand to help the children bathe, not afraid of his water Shnuggle moon bath, are hand-disabled parents are good helpers!

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God 5: No fire thermos warmer - Philips Avent fast bottle warmer.

The baby is clamoring to feed, but the milk has been cold, what would you do? Some novice parents will choose to use water heating, but always grasp the temperature is not good, not only destroy the nutrition of mother milk, a careless will also be hot by the glass bottle. At this time a warm milker, there is a need.

Being able to keep the mother's milk at a suitable 60 degrees, retaining nutrition, parents don't need to keep an eye on the pot all the time, you can save a little time. In addition, the warm milk eraser can also heat side food, soy milk, milk, children and adults can use food, do not have to worry about spending money Oh. Philips Avent is a better-known brand on the market, with electronic bottle warmers heating the bottle in 3 minutes and gently thawing the baby's side food so that the food your baby eats is evenly heated.

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God 6: Small details can not be ignored - help Baoshi ultra-thin dry diapers.

Finally, choose the parenting god, of course, can not forget the baby's necessary diapers! Diapers must be enough breathable, good water absorption, side will not be too loose to let the baby leak urine, and will not be too tight to hurt the baby's legs, a good diaper is to let the baby crawl can be free. Help Baoshi ultra-thin dry diapers, is a lot of parents recommended brand, not only cover complete, so that the baby's ass to keep dry and comfortable, but also because of light, but also a back more than a piece of diapers out!

Photo: Help Baoshi's official website.

The above five gods, share to the headache of parents, parenting needs is a long-lasting patience and perseverance, choose a good godware, just like the nursery battlefield has a sword, take you to the thorns!