Gender observation takes you from a gender perspective to see current events. In July 2020, a few days after Pan's marriage was made public, the Internet began to rumor that there was a "TianwangYu training camp" in China, where the girls were taught how to marry male stars. When "Woman's PUA" appears or even prevails, is it flipping? Or just another rigid gender framework?

On July 27, 2020, entertainer Pan Yubo posted a wedding message on Weibo to China's Red Luna Xuanyun. And whenever a well-known male star married, regardless of the woman is an artist, small model, net red or ordinary people, will often be netizens up to the bottom, turn out the good or bad past, and sometimes even have nothing, so that the parties can not be disturbed.

A few days after the marriage news was made public, the Internet began to rumor that There was a "Tianwang Yu training camp" in China. Originally , according to the Hong Kong 01 report , Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin's only son Wang Si Cong sent a message in WeChat , pointing out that The marriage of Guo Fucheng and Pan Yubo was led by a woman who called "Amy sister " , causing heated discussion among netizens , and some people continued to probe and study .

According to the report, the PUA Tianyu training camp, created by Sister Amy, taught the girls how to marry male stars. WeChat public number "Mr. Reading Library" details a full set of SOP, including the woman's need for plastic surgery, photo shoots at designated locations, private parties to follow "mentors" into stars, and more.

As the whole thing is true and false, there is no conclusion at this time, and the details are not repeated here. Interested parties can click on the hyperlink above to read the out-of-site report.

In this case, we want to talk about how, when the PUA (Pick-up Artist) exists, even when it is prevalent, it oppresses different genders - in such rigid gender roles, women can only be "white-skinny" and men are "masculine."

What is PUA? What's wrong with teaching people?

Past discussions about PUA have meant some sort of "male hunting for women" approach, which is why PUA's full name Pick-up Artist was originally translated as "sister master."

What's wrong with teaching people how to fall in love or date? If it is only to provide the pursuit of the object or to maintain the relationship of the trick, step back, of course, there is no excuse. The PUA sees "sexual intercourse with women" as its ultimate goal and a criterion for examining the success of male students.

In addition, in the whole tutorial, there is a lot of derogatory remarks about women. By devaluing and then giving sweetness, exploiting the weakness of human nature, women are introduced into traps step by step. (Wen Yuxin:"Remember to be ugly" put sister tutorial PUA: teach you to hunt women's miso tutorial )

"The content of its curriculum can easily lead male readers to mistake it for being a good sign of masculinity, and is likely to lead to serious consequences, such as sexual crimes. 」
- What is PUA? What's wrong with "putting sister" according to the strategy? 〉

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Why isn't "female PUA" a good gender flip?

Back at the "TianwangYu training camp" in the early stages of the literary world, some people might wonder if, if Pick-up Artist becomes a woman, will the female position shift from passive to active?

I'm sorry, but it's not a good gender flip. The so-called "female version of PUA" at first glance seems to flip the "male active, female passive" relationship mode, but it is just another kind of bondage to women.

Remember what, as mentioned above, do those female cadets usually do? The first is plastic surgery, you must have a delicate face that conforms to the mainstream aesthetic, and the second is to go in and out of the place, take photos and punch, show their taste, suggesting that the future must be a good wife.

Are these two "tricks" not the "what women should look like" in mainstream social values alone?

Now, you may have found the mystery. Today, if it is "men chasing women", men have to achieve their goals by denigrating women, and once they are replaced by "women chasing men", women have to exchange for ideal marriage singularly by presenting the single stereotyped image of a traditional good woman and a good wife.

With regard to PUA, both men and women, women and men, have also copied the plight of women.

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Good love depends on business, not a shortcut.

Relationships are often the most high-profile issues, as seen in popular forums such as PTT Men and Women (Boy-Girl) and Dcard Sentiment.

From secret love, pursuit, communication, to love or break up, we ask others to ask for advice, looking forward to their own emotional path more smoothly, this is human nature. Therefore, it is not wrong to learn how to pursue the object of your mind and how to get into the marriage relationship you aspire to.

Wrongly, you today simply for the sake of cheating, or by deceiving and hurting each other in exchange for what you need. Otherwise, everyone has their own way of pursuing feelings, this relationship as long as you love me, why not.

Whether it's a book or an internet, there are all kinds of dating or love teaching everywhere. These walk-offs may allow you to take a little less detours, but the real ideal relationship, usually not copied, returns to the nature of love or marriage, still depends on how you and your other half will manage your relationship in the future, after all, no teaching manual can help you for a lifetime.

The relationship that is copied is most likely not the one that works best for you.

The phrase is very red recently - your love, is true love, or just like love?