Start this summer with Adidas with the "Momentum Voucher"!

The strongest shopping strategy of the coupon! Adidas Select Summer Running Gear X Sneaker Day during the limited surprise offer!

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To meet the post-epidemic era of national retaliatory consumption, will soon open lucky to sign the people to receive the "movement of the voucher" will also set off another wave of sports consumption boom. To encourage the public to go out and exercise, in response to the new life of epidemic prevention, adidas selected the strongest running equipment for the summer, and offered an unprecedented Sneaker Day limited surprise offer, so that sports enthusiasts can easily access mobile phones and fashionable clothing and running shoes, enjoy the feeling of sports!

Run out of summer in good shape! Adidas Supernova running shoes to help runners take an important first step!

As summer approaches, many people start running training to maintain their perfect figure and health, and adidas introduces new Supernova running shoes designed for self-training or city road running, combining BOOST and BOUNCE's two flagship mid-bottom technologies to deliver superior resilience and comfort; Enjoy the thrill of running. To give back to the consumer's love and support, the Sneaker Day Surprise Offer, which is limited during the launch of adidas Plus, offers a second half-price surprise discount for footwear purchased at the adidas marketplace from August 10 to August 16.

Footwear does not include some limited styles

The second double half price goods are calculated at a low price

Get rid of summer sticky adidas HEAT. RDY chilled cooler clothing, so that sports enthusiasts more focused on sports performance!

adidas recommends HEAT, performed confidently by the goddess Zhang Yanning. RDY chilled cooler clothing. Photo credit |adidas.

Recently, the body temperature has reached new highs, in the face of hot summer, adidas recommends the self-confidence interpretation of HEAT by the goddess Zhang Yanning. RDY cold machine clothing, can effectively cool sweating, more in the body prone to heat on both sides of the body and the upper back of the use of breathable mesh cloth, accelerate air circulation, maintain the skin's comfort and dryness; Men's models recommend the classic pair of red and black two-color with eye-catching LOGO, paired with the same color system of function sports shorts, easily become the best choice for summer sports wear. This summer, the same period to limit the kang discount, sportswear merchandise comprehensive 20% discount, with a comfortable running experience, free movement is not limited.