Dads, what's your most crashing parenting moment? Visit the writer blue and white drag, he and the writer Big A gave birth to incense, began to realize that parenting this matter, since the collapse is inevitable, then let go to enjoy the process.

Role: Blue and White Drag.
Identity: The father of the incense fire.
Teammate: Big A (partner nickname)
Core combat power: can be calm when the incense fire out of control.

A backpacker who has visited more than 13 countries, he has written about what he thought on his journey. And after the writer Big A had a child, the life of the blue-and-white drag became very different. He's still an on-the-go backpacker, just embarking on an adventure called parenting.

Picture , Blue and White Drag.

Point open blue and white drag Facebook know, be a father, crash headache is already routine, you have to get used to. If you're a little better off, enjoy your child's out-of-control moment, and perhaps get unexpected pleasure, as he shared on Facebook:

Today's business trip back home, incense inexplicably screamed, watching his screams, reminiscent of the "Fifth Element" one of the sopranos singing.
I also personally demonstrated how to scream emotionally, praising his future potential vocalist.
So he ran to the living room to open the window and screamed again.

Dad parenting, road resistance and long, we visit the blue and white drag about taking care of children two or three things, he said: novice dads, bring beer! You'll need it.

Picture , Blue and White Drag.

Q. One of your most crashing parenting moments? (Well, more than one can be)

Children wet the bed, eat two small meals, rice grains all over the ground.

Q. If you don't have money or time to think about it, one thing you dream of taking your kids to do? What's the reason?

Deng Yushan, because I have not been to Yushan, I need someone to accompany me to sweat.

Q. What do you think about Dad's involvement in the parenthood?

It's fun, especially the boy, who can play with him all the time.

Q. To those who are about to become new parents, be sure to bring on the body / have the super practical items recommended!

Good phone and headphones, if the child crashes, happy to put on the headset and use the phone to play music.

Q. When was the most helpless moment when you were a new dad? And why?

It feels like I'm the only one looking after the kids. My wife (Big A) can't sleep.

Q. What do you give to novice dads?

Buy more beer.

Don't make your wife unhappy, she's more angry than a child.

Picture , Blue and White Drag.

Whether it's a new mom or a veteran dad, let's stick with it on the parenting path!