Interview Wu Feng and Rynee husband and wife, in the vast sea of people, how to know that is suitable for you to spend the rest of their lives with the partner? They say, you will know now, without him I may still continue my life, but with him, I would like to be a better person.

You used to hear people say that two people have been together for a long time, will be more and more similar;

That's what I felt quickly when I first saw Wu Feng and Rynee.

This year is their fifth year of marriage, Wu Feng often in the major interviews said that Rynee is the only life of his life, love of what inside, in the next story they want to tell me, clearly, not tall life reason, but Chaimi oil salt, work, mortgage, childcare, ordinary as you and my life.

They said, without him I may still go on with my life, but with him, I would like to be a better person. Read: Relationship Psychology: The Best Cure After Adulthood is Love to One Person)

If he's the right guy, marrying him doesn't need so-called "courage."

Five years ago, a Taiwanese girl married a Turkish boy. When the two first met, Wu Feng rode a broken motorcycle, no money on his body, living in Taipei City's top floor capped, decided to get married, someone said to Rynee, you have courage, but she just shrugged, said to find a person who can work together to spend the next life, not a need to get up a lot of courage.

"When you meet the right person, you feel lucky most of the time. 」

So, happiness needs to take lessons, I can't help but ask in this everyone began to question marriage, question whether they can meet that person's generation, what universal law, can let our intuition not fail?

"Having a car and a house is definitely not a necessary condition. At that time I also had some good family suitors, but do not know why, and they have nothing to say. After meeting Wu Feng, I felt very comfortable with him. 」

It should have been a period of Wu Feng's lowest ebb, with no money and fame, but Rynee always felt that if this person had been to the bottom of his life, there would have been no worse situation in the future than it is now:

"People can't be smooth all their lives, and a lot of rich people may end up going bankrupt; 」

There is no life's heart, or always feel fresh to him; marriage is not their own climb, but each other must have to climb up, cross the bottom gas. 'You don't have to worry too much about whether you're in a good position, whether you put your family in an important position, and then see if he has the ability to face failure,' Rynesaid said.

She said, nor is marriage is the best choice, if this object he did not let you add points, then why do you wrong yourself, to waste their time?

Looking back at the pillow man, that person, ah, is not to let you count the impulse and courage you do not know where to come, but will be very calm, day by day more like each other. (Recommended Reading:"Big A article" Meet the right person, at any age is marriageable age)

Back the mortgage, I will not be happy all my life? Story about the next marriage.

In the fifth year of marriage, Wu Feng decided to quit the screen, the two began to run their own business. So, life and work are together, I asked whether it is tired ah, or often quarrel? They shook their heads and said that if couples had a common goal, you would let go of a lot of unnecessary little things;

This year, for example, they decided to buy the first house of their lives.

Buying a house in Taipei is a dream that many people can't expect. However, Wu Feng said, I am not to buy a yacht, or sports car, but a normal, everyone want to have a feeling of home, a living environment. I always say, no problem, give me a healthy body and spirit, the rest of the matter to me. 」

'It's an optimistic attitude, ' he said. 'It's not that you have no money today.

Just give yourself a higher goal, I will go in that direction, can not reach a hundred, but can reach ninety. 」

"We didn't decide to buy a house until we were 40 because we didn't have that much savings before, and the mortgage was too heavy for us to be fat," Rynee added. You need to know where your power is, and that's what power is. Read:"Mature relationships that can be open to talking about money without embarrassment" are suitable for married partners because at least five money issues have been discussed)

There is no room, as a couple, what is your biggest goal? What can your abilities do now? Step by step, no one is the happiest option, but can be in the same direction, and then do their best. Or, no matter where you go, knowing that you've been by my side is the greatest significance of this journey.

Five years later, they are both husband and wife, parents of children, co-owners of everything in life, and partners at work. More and more identities are added to each other, but I feel like they're all the same for them - you find someone you can multiply with each other, you're going to be inspired by what you want to try more about.

Two people walk together, not necessarily faster, but to do each other's teammates, there will be more power.

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