How does Dad get involved in the parenthood? Interview edified by Wu Feng and Rynee, who believed that whatever method was used, you needed to know that it was important and really set aside time to spend. Children feel it even if they are young.

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How should couples allocate childcare work after having children? A 2020 homecoming survey found that more than six in ten fathers said they would like to go into the family; however, they tend to get stuck in work, time allocation and struggle to execute, or don't see more of their relatives and friends demonstrating, and are uncertain.

We know that the issue of fatherhood has become more and more important in recent years, but how do fathers go home? I threw out the question, and Wu Feng and Rynee didn't hesitate to say, everyone loves children, but the point is that you have to make them feel it. (Extended Reading:"Women's Fans Say Work" As a Dad Who Balances Work and Family)

How does Dad participate in childcare? Start with the game and do what you do best.

With two baby daughters, they are also busy in the new life of entrepreneurship, but also a non-stop double-paid family.

I can't help asking if the two discussed anything well before giving birth. They just shake their heads and say that a lot of things will be distributed naturally, and parenting is not a lesson, but a natural thing. For example, in their home, the child's physiological needs to take care of the matter will be handed over to Rynee, and physical lying related, such as accompanying her daughter to run and jump outside, will be handed over to Wu Feng.

From the time Rynee became pregnant, he felt very happy. He said, they are my baby 欸, how can feel unhappy? In Taiwan hosted the scene for nine years, he went up and down the mountain, went to countless attractions, but now with children, I have been to every place, I would like to go again; 」

With the children in the same, he encouraged parents to let themselves also let themselves squat, with the child's eyes to re-experience the world;

Dad's parenting, willing to spend time, active participation is of course important; but if you're tired of working every day, what exactly do you do to stay motivated? What I see in Wu Feng and Rynee is, do what you're good at! No matter what your role is, you've always wanted mom and dad to do for you when you're a child; (Recommended reading: Mom is not a family nanny!) Swedish Parenting: Parenthood is a good job)

Love is not a big deal, it's that you spend time with them.

However, in Wu Feng's hometown culture, male participation in child-rearing is not universal:

"In Turkey, women are still the main caregivers, and the idea of men outside is more important. 」

"But because my dad was a great man, he used to spend time with me and my sister when he was a kid, and he gave us a home by the sea, a small yacht with our name on it. That's when I knew he respected us and loved us. 」

For him, dad's involvement in parenthood is true, because children will feel in the heart, and in this way to recognize that they are worthy of such love. Just as his father gave him the love he had given him and the world he had seen, now he would love his children like this:

"Love is not a big truth, but you really spend a lot of time with you. 」

They say, don't just say you won't, or take your kids out, but slide your phone next to you:

"When you have time to spend with your children, you have to really spend time with them, and you'll know better about how to get along with them." 」

There is no so-called rule, there is only one core thinking, is physical action, and never hesitate to express your love and concern. (Extended Reading: Daddy Parenting, Not to Be Superman Daddy, to participate in the life of the child)

"And, to be a parent, a lot of people will buy a lot of books, do a lot of preparation, but I want to say, follow your heart, the development of each child is different. 」

Being each other's partner, many people fall for the economy, or argue for their children, and Wu Feng and Rynee's story gives a guide, the so-called good teammate, is a kind of understanding of each other's state of life, is to participate in each other's lives, will look forward to a better future. Mortgage, childcare, Chaimi oil salt, will get old and ugly, but you should not be afraid, why are you afraid, I will also be with you.

Throughout the interview, they told each other several times, "He's very nice to me," Wu Feng said, referring to Turkish culture, "I put him on my head."

Head, or heart, in short, it is a person's life, you are put in that best and best position.