God mate Where have you been? Visit pro-professional blogger Keligo, and partner 25 have two lovely daughters Xiaolu and little pears, parenting on the road, claiming to be pig teammates, in the end why?

Role: Keligo.
Identity: Xiaolu, Xiao pear's mother.
Teammate: 25 (husband nickname)
Experience: 10 years as a mother.
Core strength: Can travel to Europe with two children.

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When it comes to Kylie, more than 10 years of momial experience, she often says she's a 2-year-old parent with 98 kids. First time as a parent, always want to let the child get the best things, but she has always believed that the more parents for the child to do, it is likely to limit his growth possibilities, so let the child free to fly, to explore, to fall, despite the pain, but also let him have the opportunity to grow up.

The 2-point philosophy is also used in travel. Thinking of taking children abroad, some parents may have a headache, children on the ground rolling like a calendar, crying and screaming can be called Dolby surround sound. Many people say, become parents, do not give up the possibility of going abroad within ten years, not to practice into the old monk into a fixed situation, clear the mind and desire, beyond the three boundaries.

But Kyrego tells you, do it, parents don't give up.

She traveled with her 25 children to Asia and Europe, allowing Xiaolu and Xiao Li to build up their knowledge of lifestyle and financial management on their journeys, step by step. She knows that instead of holding your child in her hand to learn to walk, let the child finish on her own.

More than 10 years of parenting on the road, what is the magic of Kaley Brother?

Q. Make your most crashing parenting moment?

Tired and want to rest, the child and unreasonable trouble.

Q. If you don't have money or time to think about it, one thing you dream of taking your kids to do? What's the reason?

Travel around the world.

Because xiaolu, pear 4 months began to travel, I have always believed that the road to read a million volumes of books, more travel can make them think more broad, more face, in the face of setbacks and problems, there can be more different solutions.

Q. What do you think about Dad's involvement in the parenthood?


Because parenting is not a person's business, for parents to participate in parenting things, to black face with white face, right things are not right, so that children will not feel which side is biased.

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Q. To those who are about to become new parents, be sure to bring on the body / have the super practical items recommended!

0-3 years old need to pacify toys, such as oral period requires a lot of bites; 3- 10 years old recommend notebook, brush, small PETIT non-toxic nail polish.

Q. What is your ideal "God teammate" like? How do you think your partner 25 is doing?

My other half is God's teammate, I'm a pig teammate, and my dad's performance is much better than mine, no matter what i'm doing at home or in childcare.

Q. Make Mr. God's teammate a magic recommendation? (Can be an item or a heart method.) )

Our goal is to keep our children happy and healthy. Goals are important, and when goals are consistent, you can reduce the amount of time you spend fighting.

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Kelligo's parenting experience, we know that the original child care is like this, 100 points of parenting, there are a lot of people to build up: occasionally I work very tired, can only pay 40 points, you can pay 60 more points;

How do you support the other half as a God teammate?