Visit mr. Bird, a pro-duty blogger, who has a heart on the way to parenting. Taking care of a child is to walk down a path that hurts each other and then loves each other.

Role: Mr. Bird.
Identity: Wheel, poo and fruit of the father.
Teammate: Mrs. Bird.
Core Battle: Record the best moments of a child's and your wife's life through your favorite photography.

Many people will say: with children after life, we must have psychological preparation, give up happiness, give up freedom.

Suddenly lying on the ground collapse crying, or eat for more than two hours, on the road crazy screaming the same children play every day, we imagine the child-rearing, as if must sacrifice their own lives, a person to pick the lights night war. But what if someone comes forward and fights alongside you?

If you point out Mr. Bird's film, you'll know that happiness is this: you can't avoid all kinds of life bird things, but you'll always know that it doesn't matter if you mess up, there's always a God teammate behind you who can support you.

What are the difficulties of parenting when you become a dad? How to solve it? Let Mr. Bird, a pro-duty blogger, tell you!

Photo Mr. Bird and Mrs. Bird.

What's your most crashing parenting moment? (Well, more than one can be)

Wet the bed, cry on the ground, eat for two hours.

If you don't have money or time to think about it, one thing you dream of taking your kids to do? What's the reason?

I'm going to take my child up the jade mountain and take him to see the mountains.
Living in the city for too long will become less like a person, losing the taste of people. Back to the natural mountains and sea, you'll find your own taste.

What do you think about Dad's involvement in the parenthood?

I think the father is very suitable for full-time with children, because dads can be outside the world when the calm person, take the child to risk the rest of the way to play with children, after all, parenting is not a matter of relief, or need to relax toys, hurt each other, and finally be loved together.

For those who are about to become novice parents, be sure to bring on the body / have the super-practical items recommended!

Be sure to prepare a backpack with a lot of pockets, good classification, because caring for newborns needs to prepare a lot of things, will be busy. If you can buy a soundproofing good headphones, find the right time self-isolation, even if the child crying, listening to the music to look at the crying picture, annoying picture will become a movie screen, let people read to enjoy.

When was the most helpless moment when you were a new dad? And why?

The most helpless is the wife and I at the same time to work, no one can take care of the children, if you can start looking for your home near the care center, buy a place of mind. The most helpless moment sonofful time the world has experienced, where can not go can only stay at home, and children stay at home big eyes and small eyes are the most helpless, every child needs space discharge, have been at home will not have a good end.

What do you give to novice dads?

Rather than talk about serious upbringing, it is better to talk about how to record the child's method, incarnate the recorder to see a seed into a big tree growth process, quietly observe and appreciate the flowers blooming, do not have to rush to say too much to do too much, help children remember childhood, in case "forgotten" first help children remember, wait until I old age memory is not good, change children to help me remember.

Life, is a documentary, no matter the bad film, to have a director to make a film.

Photo Mr. Bird and Mrs. Bird.

In the process of taking care of children, there will always be many frustrations, but perhaps you can through photography, text, record every moment, look back in the future, those that make you cry and laugh, in fact, are precious sweet memories.