Visit Wu Shaocho, a comrade and mother of a daughter. In Taiwan's first Father's Day anniversary, without a father's family, Father's Day has nothing to do with her? Listen to her thoughts!

Role: Wu Shaocho.
Identity: The mother of a daughter, the partner of the mirror man M.
Teammate: Hidden Mirror Man M.
Core Strength: Social campaigners who try to get their children's names on their ID cards!

Last year's same-sex marriage, with gay family, parenting discussion, and in the last two years, we have also seen the family appearance tend to be diversified, two mothers' home, two father's home, the original home is not model, gay families like for the upbringing and parenting problems and trouble.

However, despite the passage of same-sex marriage, Taiwan is becoming more and more liberal and pluralistic, and school education and social systems often retain the traditional family imagination. So on the first Father's Day of the anniversary of our marriage in Taiwan, we visited Wu Shaocho, a lesbian and a mother. Having given birth to a daughter with his ex-wife through IVF, the couple raised their children together after marrying their current wife.

Photo Wu Shaocho, a lesbian and a mother fan page.

Without a father's family, what does Father's Day have to do with her? Listen to her thoughts!

Q. One of your most crashing parenting moments? (Well, more than one can be)

The emotionally sensitive daughter burst snare, crying for a super long time and a super loud voice.

Q. If you don't have money or time to think about it, one thing you dream of taking your kids to do? What's the reason?

Buy a rural mini-school to run a study, or move to the rural life.

I think that education in Taiwan's system is still biased towards schoolwork, but lacks the ability to think and judge independently. If you can move to the rural areas, perhaps lost in the starting point of the school work, but also have the opportunity to win in life self-acceptance and satisfaction.

Q. What is your ideal "God teammate" like? How do you think your partner is doing?

God teammates can better do not need remote control will be independent child-rearing, put the children in an important position to care for care, but also take care of each other's psychological, physical feelings. Regardless of the division of family work, parenting attitude, work and family financial management, it is best to be able to operate together.

At the moment we are 80 points for each other, I always think that my wife is not enough to share the child's emotions, my wife always think I am not enough to share her emotions. But every marriage can not be full score, I am glad that she can accompany me to run the marriage life.

Q. What do you think of seeing everyone celebrating Father's Day in August every year? Do you think this festival has something to do with yourself?

I always laugh and say that I am the mother of "pay-off" everything, naturally have the right to live this "pay-off festival". And when I have sex with young children, I will say to the children: "Father's Day is Parent's Day, is to hope that children think about how parents love to care for your growth Thanksgiving." This object can be Agong, Ao, father, mother, uncle, uncle, aunt, aunt, and even the teacher who really takes care of the child. The efforts and love of these people are worth seeing on this day. 」

But my daughter recently looked at the school again and again without long, asked for Father's Day card homework, even the first time with the teacher said: "I have two mothers, no father, so this homework I do not have to draw!" The teacher smiled and asked him, "What about Mother's Day?" The daughter said, "I will draw two cards, one for my mother and one for Mommy!" 」

Q. What do you think of the so-called "father role" and "mother role"? What are the differences in gay families?

In our family really did not have the role of labels, even in the mother-in-law, grandpa's home, but also grandpa responsible for washing dishes, cutting vegetables, cooking.

Everyone has their own specialty, and everyone can take care of their family in their specialty. As the story of ben Zhu family, family affairs are everyone's business, learned new things can make themselves more successful to feel happy.

Q. How do you communicate with your child and teacher when a child's homework has a problem related to your father?

My daughter has seen the picture book "I only have one mother, but that is enough", in those years he would imitate the drawing book will be one of the mother painted tie, think that can first hand the difference is good.

But this year she seems to have developed more courage, telling the teacher directly: "I don't have a father, so I can not draw!" The teacher had known about our situation and had not drawn a reluctant card for the child.

Photo Wu Shaocho, a lesbian and a mother fan page.

Supporting a family requires solidarity and cooperation. The division of household chores is not about gender, but all people must be involved, play to their strengths, and work together to build the ideal family.