What do you think of the Women's Support Women challenge from the community?

"Around the world, women who have been trafficked, or killed in honour, and women who face out-of-school, sexual assault, violence, and child marriage, are more than we can imagine.
Face up to and pay attention to these issues so that women can enjoy the protection and rights they deserve. 」

On August 7th, Mr. Ke posted a black-and-white photo on the community, describing the global gender-based violence issue, while named Wei Rujun and 9m88, continuing to relay the response. Not only cory, but celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Khloe Kardashian have recently uploaded their black-and-white selfies in the community and added the hashtag "Challenge Accepted" and "Support Women Women" to the post.

The campaign, a community campaign to support women's rights, has emerged from a negative debate.

When the response boom spread to Hong Kong and Taiwan, netizens message sending out different voices, some people say that these stars do not understand the meaning behind the movement, but just with the wind, and some people think that direct action is better than the Internet response. For example, one Podcast host, Ali Segel, was attacked for not taking on the challenge, and she quipped: "Obviously I hate all women and I don't love myself!" I only care about myself in my life! 」

Who initiated the black-and-white campaign to get the community to argue about it? What exactly do you want to achieve?

How did the black-and-white challenge emerge? Why are celebrities everywhere willing to show solidarity?

The origin of the black-and-white photo is unknown, and there is much speculation in the community. According to The Cut, Women Support Ing Women was responding to a problem of gender-based violence in Turkey, where a teenage girl was killed by her ex-boyfriend in July, and people rose to protest and used a "black-and-white photo" to satirize the daily image of a woman's dead in a Turkish newspaper.

The Cut also collated another story, a social media PR observation of the trend, and found that the latest round of black-and-white photos may have been influenced by U.S. Rep. Ogashoe-Cortez, whose discriminatory remarks and Ogasho-Cortez's speech esbrought, with discussions about women's support for women and women's empowerment. Read: U.S. Reps.

Origin, as it seems, is not the most important thing. In each black-and-white photo, the stars expressed their views on women's rights, gender-based violence, and thanked all women, and tagged more friends to relay:

Reese Witherspoon.

Jennifer Garner.

Wei Ruan.

Xu Ruo-.


Responded to the challenge, and then what?

There were many people who responded and questioned, with one CEO Brooke Hammerling wondering about the event, according to the New York Times, saying, "I don't know what the black-and-white photo is for, all my friends on the Internet are challenged, I'm 100 percent supportive of women, and I thank those who nominated me, but I don't understand that a vain black-and-white photo can achieve this goal, and if we can nominate a woman who inspires her, it's more in line with the goal." 」

Every once in a while on the Internet, new responses emerge, with some saying they want to express their ideas, and others choosing to take action, such as working as volunteers for nonprofits, or getting more men to focus on gender-based violence. Participation is also good, do not participate or stop, solidarity methods have hundreds, willing to pay attention to, is good. Before we participate in the response, we should also understand more about the ideas behind it and think about possible solutions to make the network response activity more meaningful.

What do you think of the black-and-white response? Do you like to participate in such an event?

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