Unprinted good products launched white four-wheeled hard shell stop sliding rod box, before the end of August a single consumption of 1000 to send 100!

MUJI non-printed good products four-wheel hard shell stop slider box white new color debut, revitalization voucher life should be aided 8/10-8/31 single consumption full 1,000 send 100!

Take advantage of the summer vacation travel opportunities, MUJI unprinted good products recommended best-selling travel goods four-wheeled hard shell sliding lever box white new color listed.

Four-wheeled hard shell stop lever box white | picture provided without print good products

MUJI non-printed good products said that since November last year, four-wheeled hard-shell roller box launched an improved model on the market, has been recommended and loved by many consumers, and the new white model in color design, different from the past only update the color of the box; Plus, MUJI's unprinted four-wheeled hard-shell slider box uses lightweight, high-strength 100% polycarbonate material that is not only lightweight, but also durable and robust. The lever box has a sheave lock design, but also convenient for customers to ride the mass transport, as long as the button on the box can be pressed to maintain the stability of the lever box, not easy to dump and slide, so that customers can enjoy the journey of ease and ease.

四輪硬殼止滑拉桿箱白色新款共推出 5 種尺寸,建議顧客可從出遊的天數挑選適合的尺寸: 20L (17 吋) 適合 2 天一夜的出遊使用;36L (20 吋) 推薦給 2-3 天的小旅行; 63L (26 吋) 則適合 5-6 天的旅程;若有長程外出 7 天以上,則推薦挑選 88L (28 吋) 或 105L (29 吋) 的拉桿箱。 MUJI unprinted good products take advantage of the recent travel boom also provides revitalization voucher life assistance: from now on - 8/31, a single consumption of 1,000 yuan to give 100 yuan merchandise coupon 1, full 2,000 yuan to give 100 yuan merchandise credit coupon 2. Haven't you experienced the lightness and ease of pull and durability of the four-wheeled hard-shell stop lever box? Welcome to the market to try out the experience.


MUJI no printing good goods market activities (details according to the door service personnel instructions mainly)

  • From now on - 8/31 (i), 1 item voucher for a single purchase of 1,000 yuan, 1 coupon for goods worth 100 yuan, 2 coupons for 100 yuan for 2,000 yuan, and so on. (To a single invoice amount-based, can be re-gifted, the use of coupons please contact the door service personnel)

MUJI non-printed recommended goods (product name, price according to the door service personnel instructions mainly)

  • Four-wheeled hard-shell stop lever box, $3,900-8,500: A two-wheel design that smooths the travel space, with a hard-shell lever box with a wheel-stop switch.