On the parenting path, the body and mind can be stronger, watch inglia elsa with three sons and a husband of zoo keeper's experience, tell you how to cry when you can also laugh out.

In the circle of friends asked round "Do you have Me Time?" The answers were overwhelming, and every woman's Me Time was a history of tearful struggles with laughter.

Jane, a patent lawyer who is untroubled, said, "Where to find Me Time when you open your door every day and open your thighs automatically full of kids?" Jade is a Shanghai-based financial executive, a few years ago when the career break full-time home parenting, basically Me Time is the toilet time, but also have to seize the time, the door of the knock to pay attention to debt; rice grain is the cosmetics company CEO, selling beauty and wisdom, go home to throw the children in the mother-in-law's home, the political talk show idol Korean drama unlimited watch.

Most housewives, whether professional women or full-time housekeepers, have heard the exciting chants of "Love yourself before you can love others" "Because you deserve" "Elegant housewives must have Me Time", but I must say that the whole bunch of children (including the outside), the kitchen piles of cups and pans, the number of times in the mailbox of unreadmails, no matter how to get around, no more tricks, really don't know how to find Me Time!

There is a kind of thing, have heard has not touched, has been envious has not experienced, that is what? Not your lady's afternoon tea time TEA TIME, more rare than that is the housewife's love of their own time Me Time. I think Me Time has become famous in the housewives world, do not have to spend more time to explain its importance, the problem is how to find ah?

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With my position as a "can play a way and never learn" and "can authorize no sovereignty", Me Time is an indispensable key element in family happiness, happiness of husband and wife, and harmony between parents and children. Since it is such an important element, must be disciplined, principled, to find ways to maintain, so that they and the whole family have a good life.

The secret is the three principles that are not:

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1. Intransigence:

Whether it is thirty minutes a day, or one day a week, it is not easy to try to speak good Me Time with the pig teammates and children, it is a last resort, must not bedue any natural disaster artificial force majeure factor stoic.

I have heard friends because i think of the children's contact book has not signed, busy a day is not easy to get to the Me Time night run, did not run to the park on the turn home example; Read:"Milking breast milk, picking up customer calls" Netflix": I love kids, but sometimes I really want to get out of the bitter sea)

2 . . . No:

It's already Me Time, it's your own time, how love is going to be, and the focus is on feeling free, happy and relaxed. Some people jog yoga, some people read books and flowers, some people do nothing just want to soak in the mobile phone online shopping, and even some people feel that washing dishes is very healing.

I have read a lot of articles, advised women to grasp the time to enrich themselves, learn new skills, away from the three Cs, do not look at the brainless Korean drama , but I want to say, "what to do" is not the focus, this thing makes me feel happy to relax" is the focus. Every day it is not easy to get the Me Time, if also, net do some of their own has not had time to do or not interested in doing things, is not the opposite way and tired to death themselves?

3. Does not exist:

Now that it's Me Time, you're the only one in this space-time quadrant, sir, the kids, the boss's colleagues, and the local wives of honey-ball friends who don't exist. It's a bit like having yourself on the B612 planet, but no roses or a fox without a snake that swallows a hat.

You will find that no matter what you are doing at Me Time, the mind and body can feel complete relaxation only when you truly believe that there is only you here and no one else exists, and only when you are completely unassuming of any responsibility and without playing any role can you truly be yourself and love yourself.

In the three-to-three-and-one Me Time Gold Principle, and most importantly, there is no guilt.

Whether in the workplace development, personal growth, or family life, women are used to overestimating their importance to others, feel that the world has high expectations of us, we need to be a "good mother", "good employees", "good wife". We feel that the need is a kind of affirmation, feel that they are like the sun air water all the time, the survival of others is critical, and when we can not respond to the needs of others in a timely manner, we feel that this is to live up to the expectations of the other side, the sense of guilt oil blowout.

In fact, what we need most is ourselves. Every day to leave Mr. children side, throw a pen and electricity for 30 minutes an hour, the home will not fire, the company will not close, you can quickly charge from this Me Time, your inner self will be because of attention and peace of mind satisfaction, you will find yourself facing the day after day life of the suffering of charcoal, or have an incredible powerful force, can live a well-deserved and comfortable good life.