Love couple AA system quarrel, but in the end what is the definition of AA system? Have you ever thought that the AA system is, in fact, fair and well-founded in history, and is it a taste in the end?

Recently PTT township civil war into a group, the news public opinion is also open to the whole people, the cause of the reason from August 7, a male netizen published the first meeting to eat the AA system actual test, he for dating AA system for the actual test, to find 19 first-time meet girls, respectively, record the situation of dating checkout and the two people get along with the follow-up. (Onion Elsa's first reaction when she learned of this was: Good boy, really experimental spirit!) )

But apart from praising the experimental spirit of young people, I have no great antipathy to the AA system, but since I am a serious shorthand anxiety patient, the only question is: what are the two AA Stand For the AA system? Can't think of careful study down, this matter not only do not have to quarrel, but also greatly praise: AA system reasonable, in addition to love couples self-protection, but also to train social youth survival skills, and most importantly, in fact, the AA system is a woman who let me step into the family, quite envious of a thing ah!

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I looked carefully on Wikipedia for the following:

The meaning of "AA" is as follows:

  1. "A" is the first letter in English, "AA" means that there is no size, so pay their own bills. The "AB" system and the "A0" system are extended, the "AB" system means that one party is responsible for the majority, one party is responsible for a small part, and the "A0" system means that one party bears the full bill, because the number "0" and the letter "O" are similar in appearance, so it is also known as the "AO" system.
  2. "AA" is an acronym for "Algebraic Average". It means algebraic average. It means sharing the bill equally per person.
  3. "AA" is an abbreviation for "Arithmetic Average". It means arithmetic average. It means sharing the bill equally per person.
  4. "AA" is an abbreviation for "All Average". It means all average. It means sharing the bill equally per person.
  5. "AA" is an abbreviation for "All Apart". It means all separate. It means paying the bills individually.
  6. "AA" is an abbreviation for Acting Appointment. Meaning "agreed behavior", the Netherlands and Venice in the 16th to 17th centuries were the birthplace spent on maritime commodity trade and early resource-sharing capitalism. All day round, the people of Yidali and the Netherlands have derived the custom of exchanging messages at the time of gathering and paying fees when they are scattered. Because the businessman's mobility is very strong, a person invited to other people's guests, the person asked may not be able to touch this life, in order to everyone do not suffer, each other to share or pay separately is the best choice.

So in fact this matter can be discussed from several angles, the benefits are not exhausted:

1. Just be yourself.

Just release 1. In terms of, AA means that I and you, although men and women are different, but there is no difference in the size of the relationship, you do not have to painstakingly pretend to be a man, I am not a small woman with tears.

2. Mathematics is very important.

In terms of release 2, 3, 4, the future out of the community and colleagues to eat, unless there is a boss to pay or digest the department budget, basically are AA system, or early habit of this algorithm is good. To my career 20 years and colleagues experience, a group of people usually become super intellectually disabled when accounting, do not take the computer are not good, the country's small teacher said division is very important, we are not listening!

3. Willingto is not in arrears.

On the release of 5, 6, the relationship frankly is a kind of agreement relationship, if separated is APART ALL, who should not eat who's loss, you love I hope, two do not owe is not very good?

Besides, to have a daughter also have a son of the local mother, I sincerely hope that the future daughter can earn, want to eat what to eat, don't let some people just invite a guest, feel that you can come to the feet, I do not know the most expensive without money ah. At the same time I also believe that my son will not be stupid enough to only use a single to fight for his girlfriend, he should measure the depth of his pocket, with the other side's emotional intelligence height, grow into a grace and reason both beautiful young!

Finally from my own departure from the dating market, about a dozen times of the physical and mental condition of the mind to think about this matter, deeply feel that can love can AA good, although both have to pay their own wallet, but the date itself has its own sweet spectrum, two people restaurant slot: what good to eat ah? Is Western food too expensive? That beef noodle is good ah, listen to you this time, next time I come to pick oh. Think of this love once have a good end, into the temple of marriage, think AA can not. Family treasury even thousands, a family life is still the same bag ah! Who is not the same, sometimes count the outside to eat too expensive, or go home to cook their own.

So young couples quarrel, in the final analysis or exhortation, please grasp the present, cherish life, love when dating AA system as a kind of interest to cherish it!