Every day after work to open the door, your heart is the words? (Is it dirty?

Three days not to sleep enough, children do not sleep, tomorrow there will be a briefing, this is a nasal hell or your life?

Posture again tired, mentality to be right! Get rid of the victim complex and confirm the autonomy of life. Every day open the door to take a deep breath, say this sentence to yourself! You can be stronger, more emotionally calm and, more importantly, feel well and feel comfortable in the face of day-to-day parenting challenges.

Life has a lot of need to take a deep breath to continue the key moment, I believe that many people have such a feeling, such as open the report card, such as drawing blood, for example, open the credit card bill, for example, look at the pregnancy stick a few lines of the onion Elsa himself, whether it is in the past working as a professional woman, every day busy to work into a dog, all the way to open the door; And this sentence often gives me a lot of strength, let me face the imminent challenge without regret, completely accept everything in the eyes.

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I said to myself, "That's what I'm looking for!" 」

Why do you want to put this cruel cold-blooded words on yourself, is you trying to force themselves to die or who? This is not to die in a state of shock, nor to live in death. Say to yourself, "That's what I'm looking for!" In fact, is a kind of self-appreciation, I use this sentence to tell myself: This is my own choice, my life is because of the choice I made, step by step, I live every day, is quite reasonable days, not who imposed on me experimental plan, I have not been kidnapped by aliens ah!

If you want to make your heart strong, in the face of many ordinary days of exhaustion, be sure to remind yourself to get rid of the "self-victim complex", you are not "being" married, you are not "been" to work, you are neither "born" children nor "be" resigned, everything in your life, are due to their own choices, and reasonable drama. Life is simple, the days are trivial, but this is your life theater, the actors you find yourself, the scripts you write yourself, not the sci-fi or suspense dramas that others make.

I quite understand that three days did not sleep, children bedside story told a nearly an hour still not sleep, and the next day there is a briefing, PPT only the title write inside what is blank anxiety; At such a time, be sure to put a real breath in the chest, tell yourself, "This is what I find!" Otherwise a loss, you will find that the collapse of crying splash is their own, not a child is not a husband. Read: Give Moms Who Need a Drink: Stay With A Child, Save a Second Life Than Your Husband)

Think about it, the fingerprint on the marriage certificate, is it the black road to hold a knife to your neck pressed up? Was the spouse column of the ID card picked up the graffiti by a passer-by? Is it the first day of meeting netizens with your god/pig teammate? And the living room of the two full house chased children, is it a few years ago the doorbell rang, open the door found in the box? If you get married, have children, go to work, resign, are your own choice, then open the door after the eyes of the eyes are definitely not what alien space or the scene of the case, recognize it, that is the story book to see "from this life to live a happy day", you should feel proud of yourself, because these are your own!

In fact, not only the parenting challenge, private thought in life this way, "physical and mental strength" is actually a general issue, this world everyone regardless of gender age of nationality marital status, have their own life issues and challenges, as long as holding this "this is my own! Proud and cool, posture tired again, the state of mind will also be positive elegance.

Encourage all kinds of housewives, parenting bitter door, every day in the opening of the door, or foot in front of the school, to cheer yourself up:

"That's what I'm looking for!" I'm proud of myself! 」

This is my own, I find myself proud!

By Onion Elsa.