Interview with The Chairman of Beilu, music producer Huang Yunling, and Mengtian Wentron co-launched the "Song to the Family" music series, to find more than a dozen moms and dads to create songs, will be released 15 home-based moving songs. In the interview, she also talked about the family love of the last generation and the next generation.

If you can write a letter to a child, or a future child, have nothing to do with words, irrelevant statements carefully crafted, what do you most want to convey?

Mengtian Wencheng will be writer Luo Yi's "Little Son" into a series of animation and stage drama, and now more with the music producer Huang Yunling, the launch of "a song to the family" music series, with more than a dozen parents to create a song, will be released 15 home-centered moving songs.

In front of the sitting Huang Yunling teacher, the last second is still busy in the meeting, the next second with us to talk about the complex feelings of home, her eyes gradually soft, the corner of the eye has a smile. I silently think, to the family's song, must be love.

Photo courtesy of Mede Tian Wentron.

There is no export, but also love.

But what is the love between the family? It seems hard to imagine that one day, your parents will kiss you, hug you, and even say I love you. Huang Yunling generally understand that the love of the family is deep and faint, like reading a poem, carefully thought out in order to understand a middle emotion.

Father in particular, symbolizing authority, bowed his head to say love, but a little sudden.

"Usually at home, dads are strict. In fact, dads also have a lot to say to their children, not necessarily directly expressed. My parents, even grandparents, are very shy, do not know how to say I love you. So they expressed the way they cared, implicitly cute. Huang Yunling while imitating, the family's broken mind look: Oops, have you had enough ah? Isn't this dress enough? How does the hair seem to grow, it's time to cut it?

Mother is more, she said, whenever my mother heard someone praise themselves, always retort no, my daughter song did not write very well, is you do not hate. But the negation of this sentence, in her ear sounds like great encouragement and support. And then understand that love is difficult to define, how can it easily deny that love appears in such a form?

So received the "little son" series of cooperation, decided to start from the father and children between the emotion, Huang Yunling tone very warm said: "To say for what, in fact, is for love." Through music, so that shy fathers, no longer suppress the hearts of children, rebellious, express good, in the world of music, fathers want to allow themselves to be free. Finally, ten fathers, including Wu Xuanzhen, Yu Yun, Li Ren, Ono teacher and so on, let the father write a letter for the children: "Letters make words more detailed, through letters, we can see each father's personality and views." 」

One of the songs, find Tao Dad to sing, he readily agreed. Meeting Huang Yunling in the studio, he looked at the lyrics and said to her, The song seemed like something he was going to say to her granddaughter. Huang Yunling listened to the expression of satisfaction, music is so, a song depicts an emotion, each person into their own story, in their own world has unlimited imagination, so there is a different interpretation. Songs to people, incomparable privacy and closeness.

My son and I don't have to replicate the love of the last generation.

The previous way of representing Love was subtle and introverted, Huang Yunling understood, but after becoming a mother, she said she did not imagine the same authority as previously do. Asked what relationship she wanted to have with her son, she laughed and shared it with each other.

"I want to share many, many stories with my son. So when he grows up, he tries to share the songs he listens to with him. Now that he's a guitarist, the music subconsciously blends into his music. So he can develop new possibilitys. 」

Recalling his son's elementary school, he told Huang Yunling that he had more than a thousand songs on his phone, and then asked her: Which one do you think is best to listen to?
Huang Yunling shook her head, and her son went on, "I have all the music, but only this Hotel California guitar Solo is the most moving." 」

Photo courtesy of Mede Tian Wentron.

Son of primary school that sentence, let Huang Yunling remember to this day, she was excited to say: "I thought, mathematical science or anything I can not help, but what I can do is to help him open the radar, expand the field of view on music!" 」

So there is a parent-child relationship is that I share the same interest with you, I have my preference, you also have your point of view, we are not up to down, but step on the same base point, love and intimacy need not say, but free circulation.

There is no specific secret to building intimacy, Huang said with a smile: "It is to try to find a common topic with the child." For example, my son's first and second grade to go to school, but also asked me to help him on the maple valley to play strange. Musicians playing weird? Thinking of Huang Yunling and assistant sitting in the office, four hands tapping, not to make music, but to find treasures, that picture funny and lovely.

Being a family member is a process that each other needs to learn from.

After the majesty of the last generation of family education, to this generation in search of a more open, free parent-child relationship, Huang Yunling to no one complains, but said: "I think I am a lucky child." 」

From her father to her mother's majesty, to her uncle's strict piano education, even when she grew up, Huang Yunling in an interview with the media, aunts will remind her to speak carefully.

"When I was a child do not understand, grow up to know that home is like this, know that the sky fell down, there are people holding. She smiled, so lucky, that she grew up in such a family, although harsh, but that is also love, every family has its valuable:

"We can't decide what family we grew up in, because no one knows where God sent us. No matter what kind of distance, can become a family, is very difficult to get. Sometimes I think about it, my family is not so easy to get, through my family or their children, I know how to share with my lover. A lot of things are really learning. 」

Huang Yunling said, I began to imagine the possibility of becoming a home, initially vague and invisible, with the interaction and communication between the family, each other to learn, but also with time rolling forward, gradually build a family look, tangible, because there is love, stronger and more solid.

So, love to pass on, through the "song to the family" series, expressed to the child's love, and then the grown-up also remember to hug themselves, give themselves a little encouragement.

Photo courtesy of Mede Tian Wentron.