As a rainbow, it's time to shine through the sky and let me love you so much."" - Power Train

The WBC World Baseball Classic has been united in eight days to make the whole of Taiwan a heart, and the people of Taiwan all over the world have a passion for the island.

In the event of this international baseball, we see the glory of victory and the real feelings of mutual encouragement in the event of failure. Feel Hopes and rediscover united Taiwan in the course of the race. In the Chinese team, the names of several people will be forever sung.Let's take a look at the key characters that China cannot lack!

WBC China team head coach Grass Total-Xie Changgen

I don't blame my players, they're doing pretty well.You can lead one of Taiwan's top teams, and life is enough, and it's very satisfied."

Some people say this year's China team is the most powerful lineup in history. However, to lead a group of elites and people with more than 20 million people across the country, it is a key to the responsibility of the Chinese team to carry out their duties.

GCG is more ambitious than ever before, allowing fans to see the spirit of our struggle."

The first two classical Chinese teams have stopped at the top 16.This time it was a new record of eight. Besides the hard work of the players, they still had to rely on the overall planning strategy of the grass.

In addition to baseball fans over the long term, I believe some people are curious about the past in the past, the Grass-Hsieh-en-chen.Hsieh Changheng, nicknamed "Aweed", was nicknamed by the WBC fans, and his gentle and elegant image also gave him the name of a "baseball gentleman".Hsieh Chang-sheng, who came out south of Taiwan, began to contact the young man at elementary school. Back then, he was famous by his brothers Elephant and Wang Kuang-hui, "Hsieh Changheng wanted to get the ball to the base from which angle he wanted to start, and there was no problem with the Super Ball."

In the past, Hsieh was a strong champion in the Lions' Championship, and after winning the first Yum of China Baseball in 2001, he retired in the unified Lions as the pitcher.In 2006, he became coach of the Sinn Whale, and later boarded the head coach.The rich experience helped the grass face the WBC Classic to lead the Chinese team into the world.

In addition to entering the world, this time, the Chinese team has a great dream to revitalize the Taiwan baseball."This time, the Chinese team has shown a very good spirit of battle. This is very rare in the past," he said. "I believe this spirit of battle will have a much longer impact."In the face of the lackening of professional baseball in China, the grass has always been able to encourage itself and the Chinese team to wake up fans' enthusiasm for the Taiwan baseball game through the WBC Classic.

and the grass team who is both a team and a team player and reinvigorate the Chinese professional baseball team, " Everyone has done our best in the postwar period. We and Japan are close to a few."The Japanese people are very much impressed by the Chinese people."Many Japanese fans moved openly on the Internet:

head coach in Taiwan is too modest!It is true that this competition is not surprising even if Japan lost.Even if Japan lost, it was a brilliant match to make people very happy.Let me see this exciting match. We should thank you!

For the first time in WBC, I saw this pure sports match!It is precisely because of the competition of so many highly qualified athletes and teams in Taiwan that we can see this exciting match!

A superb death fight, Taiwan's hard work!Come on, come on, come on!

In the face of this war, the players have begun to fight psychological warfare in their hearts before the war."In the past, when we fought against Japan, we felt that there was no way to compete in the game," he said.But this time, the players' spirit is different, just like the determination to bring the Japanese team down."With the overall leadership of the grass and the mutual support of the players, the Chinese team has been playing a great game with no strong confidence in the past."Although at the end of the world, the people of Taiwan have won the hearts of all the people of Taiwan.

" You can lead one of the best teams in Taiwan, your life is enough, and it's good enough." - Grass Total

The game wins and wins, and it is important that the process brings us valuable experience.You can see a match that makes the whole of Taiwan united, and it's not the end of the day!

World War I First World War I-Peng Cheng-min

When you say it, even if you don't watch baseball, you should have heard his name.Since the 1998 World Cup Baseball World Cup, Taiwan has seen almost all of its major international events.But this time, the WBC Classic could be the last time that the Chinese team had been covered by the Chinese team.

This year, in the WBC Classic, which helped China team up to the top eight of the Classic, told the media: " My technology is being trained in the Chinese team and the Chinese baseball team, and now it's time to give young players a chance.He also said that every time he participated in the Chinese team, he could have gained a different experience.This time the WBC Classic has made him realize that the players know what they want, and that they are united in the spirit.

Perhaps you are not so handyless, hoping to see him again in the future Chinese team.But there was one sentence that was given to you, to all football fans, to show that he and his baseball are forever in our hearts:

The pro ball has so many things, I think if I was a fan, I wouldn't support it, and I wouldn't have to go into the game again.However, if we don't watch the football fans, I hope that you will continue to pay attention to us and understand our news.If one day we will be able to retrust you and get your support again, I hope that the fans will give us a round of applause and encouragement.We will work hard to make you more trusted."

Light of the Bay of Forever-Wang Jianmin

Jianmin-Wang Jianmin, Long Term Travel USA, set a special record for Australia and Japan in the 2013 World Classic Baseball Tournament.And he had to kill his cards, even more in the "magic ball" in the hearts of Japanese fans after the Sino-Japanese War.Japanese fans felt that the Japanese team had little room to play under the suppression of Wang Jianmin's stretchball.If there is no limit on the number of balls, let Wang Jianmin have all the time, Japan may not have the chance to win.

Wang Jianmin's emotions and solid expressions, even Japanese fans are reminded of the "fairy track" of Wang's basketball player of the comic book < Japan Ling Nan team, " but I can't help but admire the Wang players who have been trained in the grand league.After the Classic, the American website also launched a vote, asking whether the Boston Red Sox would continue to sign on Wang Jianmin, and up to 85 percent thought: "Of course it should be signed."

Faced with the support of fans of the WBC and the American netizens, Wang Jianmin maintained his shy smile and said he was concentrating on the ball, and other issues were handled by the brokerage firm.Thank you, Wang Jianmin, for bringing great contests to the Taiwan island. I hope that he will roll in the next season!

my Dear Chinatown

The Chinese team's exciting performance this time, I believe in your heart that I have an irreplaceable memory.Although the island's baseball has gone through many storms, the feeling in the heart is still real.Perhaps you have the first contestant in your mind, but we believe that every player in the world has been trying to crystallize for a lifetime, in the light of the time.No matter who is your NO.1, we all have confidence that we can be proud to be proud of our children in the future: "It's great to be a Taiwanese man!"

Finally, let's look at the fans for the Chinese team's self-made thanks to the WBC World Baseball Classic for this year's most touching end!

love Taiwan, you have

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