Xu Ruxuan so miss his family, but still have to continue their professional work, you can experience such a heartbreaking parting? And miss Li Ronghao's Yu Lin, can you understand such a memory? In fact, not only celebrities, we have a lot of ordinary people around us, office workers, excellent women, they are not only worried about their families, worry about their own work, they all have the same voice as us. Onion Ersha onionelsa interviews these women who are affected by the outbreak, but each can be self-motivated, let's see how powerful they are!

A recent article in the Free Times pointed out that a higher proportion of women in the service sector than men, coupled with the established impression that women are traditionally "responsible for household chores", made them 1.5 times more likely to lose their jobs or quit their jobs than fathers during the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) outbreak.

In addition, suspensions during the outbreak have increased unemployment and resignation rates among women, who are more likely than men to be more likely than men to be divided into education and child care, thus taking on more unpaid household chores than paid work. Christopher Rauh, a lecturer in economics at the University of Cambridge, warns that once women lose their jobs at this time, they lose not only their "now" income, but also their "future" income.

Worried about children, friends, relatives, but also to balance the profession, as a woman, how can we make ourselves strong? Onion Elsa interviewed people who, for various reasons, could not go home, or their families stranded abroad, and found that they had three "golden synths" that would allow them to remain optimistic in an epidemic and turbulent world, stay in the workplace, and be a force for family and friends!

Sister Megan.

Two excellent daughters, studying abroad, as the chief executive of a Taiwanese foreign company, Sister Megan in the outbreak, how to take care of the company's business, how to take care of her daughter?

Photo Taiwan's Chief Pet Officer, Sister Megan (Source: Supplied)

Q: Where was your child when the outbreak began and how were you feeling?

A: 2 daughters, 1 at Usana, 1 at UBC, they're in the same department in Vancouver, it's really hard to calm myself down, I have to work hard, exercise, don't think, and occasionally encourage each other with friends and family.

Q: What was the most you wanted to say to your daughters?

A: We often say to them: don't worry about everything, as long as you try your best to do, any problem must be safe, even if there are any difficulties, rest assured to find us, we will help solve! We just want to be their strong backers.

Q: How much effort have you worked for them? How much heart?

A: When the first wave of the Asian outbreak began in January, because of the previous SARS experience, I quickly ordered masks online, disinfected dry cleaning hands, ready to send to Vancouver to two daughters, but the government faster than me, banned the export of masks, so I put Taiwan's knowledge of the COVID-19 epidemic prevention quickly passed on to my daughters, although the Vancouver outbreak has not yet begun, I still asked them to prevent early, my daughter's colleagues laugh too much, but at that time Vancouver also can not buy masks, I want to buy them every day. Amazon, finally got the N95.

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How turbulent the world is does not affect my calm first heart. I am who I am, I use my own way, read all kinds of books, to protect their inner calm universe.


Once a leading advertising company and marketing executive in Taiwan, he has gone to Norway with his husband and has so far been unable to return to Taiwan. Is she worried about her family? What does she think of her career break? How can she make her heart stronger and more fearless?

Photo : Former foreign marketing executive now lives in CHING, Norway (Source: Supplied)

Q: Where were you and how were you feeling when the outbreak began?

A: I live in Oslo, Norway, and the reason I can't go back is because I checked my ticket, it was dangerous and it took a lot of time to transfer and quarantine. I'm not too worried about myself, I'll deal with it when it comes, stay calm and optimistic.

Q: What's your biggest concern right now? Is your family in Taiwan worried about you?

A: I don't have any negative thoughts, I just want to do what I want to do, the only worry is that so much has happened in this world that I feel like I'm going to be ruined this year (laughs). My family in Taiwan is worried about me and will keep asking about the situation here, but the norwegians themselves don't have any sense of distress.

Q: How do you give yourself a positive impact in an outbreak?

A: I read a lot of different types of books, want to read all buy to see, reading makes people feel calm, although the world has a lot of strange things happen, but reading let my own universe is very calm.

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I used to be scared and grumpy, but I got the power of stability from talking to friends and family. I'm not afraid to show my vulnerability.


At a young age, she was a flight attendant for a well-known Middle Eastern airline and was forced to be quarantined in Dubai when the outbreak began. What is her state of mind in the global aviation industry, coupled with isolation from her family? What helped her settle down?

Photo Lenna Kuo, now a flight attendant based in Dubai (Source: Supplied)

Q: What is the nature of your job? Why can't I come back to Taiwan?

A: Active Middle East Emirates flight attendants stationed in Dubai, when the COVID-19 virus spread around the world, countries around the world began to close their borders, strict control of national entry and exit to prevent the spread of the virus, so airlines have also canceled flights. At that time also because of the work relationship is very afraid of their own virus infection, do not want to take home to infect their families, but also afraid of the company suddenly asked me to do duty I am not in the country, and lost this job, so stop, stay in Dubai to wait and see what changes. Another point, overdue visas abroad is also very troublesome, now open to apply for unpaid leave I am stuck in the residence visa to expire, must apply here for a new visa to have the opportunity to go back.

Q: Who did you influence? How do they worry about you?

A : In the mood is very negative for a while I spoke very rushed, much like eating explosives, I do not know whether friends have noticed, but I know that I am afraid of their negative energy affect the people around me, so gradually less in the group to express their views. But then I had a little explain to my friends my state of mind, they will still care about my side of the outbreak, my family seems less worried about me, perhaps also do not want to give me pressure.

Q: Did you make a vibration? What motivates you to look positively? How do you encourage yourself?

A: Now a lot of cheering up, the cause of my positive view is to regain the "grateful heart", every morning to think about things worthy of my gratitude, the positive energy will slowly come back, I think that although the environment changes so much, but at least my family and friends are safe and healthy. Reading Yang Dingye's 的書 book makes me very useful, can cultivate contentment and gratitude heart, but also now feel depressed, the channel to regain mind.

What can we learn from them? Where women are strong, it is not to be strong everywhere, but to be the strong backing of their loved ones, but to explore their inner peace, do not need to follow the flow, but also to share the mood everywhere, support each other, admit their weaknesses, give support to those who need the most sincere care. Often in the most difficult circumstances, women can play a moving strong force! Let's try it together!