Have you seen how the workplace can move forward with the thinking of successful people who "start with the end"? Deep workplace power is not to work hard, but also to take the first step, see far-reaching also have to react quickly! From the 2020 index list, no matter how many schools ranked "first win" phenomenon? Or the news that female students are choosing scholarships to Asian universities, why do these students do so? In fact, it is not a simple rebound in the thinking of famous schools, by 2020 the worst employment situation of college graduates, so that students before going to college began to deploy ahead of employment.

Have you seen today's news for office workers and new people in the workplace? The basic salary will be adjusted next year, the lowest in the history of the adjustment, with a monthly salary of 24,000 yuan and an hourly salary of 160 yuan. In the face of such a steep economic outlook, how do you develop deep workplace skills? Do you know how to move forward in the workplace, "always" successful people thinking? Deep workplace power is not in hard work, but also to take the first step, see far-reaching and have a rapid response!

2020 graduates have been named the most recent graduates in history because of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Are the challenges faced by these recent graduates the cause of many of the broken glasses in the examination list? We have seen the employment-oriented thinking of students from the first win of traditional famous schools in many popular employment departments. What are the differences in the impact of choosing a department without a school? How can we break through this dilemma?

First of all, the department does not choose schools, and employment-oriented thinking, presented in the results of the index. Continue to be popular from electricity-related! And Zhongshan, central, ZTE motor system for the first time to win Taiwan's large geology can be seen. Not only that, according to the yes123 job search network survey, "the selection of departments do not choose schools, the average income is 20% higher"!

Recently more popular news is that a female student who has just reached the admission criteria of Taiwan University, chose the Asian University Department of Finance and Finance, and received 3.8 million scholarships, in response to criticism that she is only trying to make money, she responded, from a fairly reasonable short-term judgment: personal interest (finance-oriented), career financial investment (scholarship can make long-term investment), and employment planning (considering a long-term way out). Although the final controversy, about the most people wondering "abandoning the Taiwan University diploma will feel very sorry", she also responded positively, because the number B test is too poor (36.4) because, so the score can only go on stage without counting the human and historical departments, coupled with the absence of the examination of English listening and learning math, but also the same as with these two departments broke the fate, if strictly speaking, they actually have no way to go on stage. But her independent thinking, which begins with the end in mind, is quite rewarding and worthy of the thought of the new social freshman and office workers in general.

What starts with the end in mind? This principle stems from a famous book by Stephen Covey, a master of success, "A Relationship with Success", the most important of which emphasizes that only by confirming the goals of life can one lead oneself in the right direction, and that this "I Designed my Life" approach begins with the mindset of the beginning. Only by focusing on what you want to achieve at the beginning can the middle path be chosen correctly, and the principle of making a choice is correct.

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For example, from a student's point of view, you must think about your interests, and personal personality considerations, if you want to become a financial professional within ten years after graduation, then you can not choose the department of thinking as the first consideration. But in terms of people, resources, employment tendencies, production and learning cooperation and other aspects of consideration, in order to choose the best path.

With all the signs in the 2020 university test list, we can see that college students are "deploying ahead" thinking, and as already the "middle" of the workplace you? Ten years from now, 20 years from now, where do you want to be, how do you plan your own definition of "success" from the beginning? Encourage us to think ahead and set the ultimate happy ending to workplace success with different thinking.