IKEA's "Supporting the New Life You Want to Love" ad features a mother who one day suddenly announces, "From now on, I want to be a cat", and she's sometimes sticky, sometimes self-made, and she's caring for her family in a different way. And will it be a whole new life that the whole family can look forward to?

"That day, my mother announced a big news. 」

IKEA recently released an ad for "Supporting the New Life You Want to Love," which depicts a mother who one day suddenly announces, "From now on, I want to be a cat." A pile of commercials has been viewed by 990,000 people and left nearly a thousand messages on the community.

Netizens have said, as a mother, I also want to be only a cat ah;

What's the pain in the audience's heart in this 30-second ad?

"Your labor is endless" Mom wants to live the new life she wants is simple?

Mother in a home head, tradition is expected to carry most of the housework; And into the actual family, we find that this phenomenon in the present day has not changed much.

Go Home The 2020 Parenting Survey found that 9.5 out of 10 modern mothers are the primary caregivers for their children in the family, where in contrast, only 1 in 10 fathers are the primary caregivers for their children;

And looking at the international, what is the situation? Caroline B., a British feminist advocate, said: "It's a very important Khriado. As Caroline Criado Perez points out in "Invisible Women,"

"75 per cent of unpaid work is done by women, who work three to six hours a day without pay, compared with 30 minutes to 2 hours for men on average,......, 」

"An Australian study found that even though wealthier couples hire domestic helpers on weekdays, the rest of unpaid work is still distributed in the traditional proportion, with women still responsible for most of the work. As more and more women join the paid workforce, men do not change accordingly and do not increase their unpaid workload, so the total number of hours worked by women is increasing. Various studies over the past 20 years have found that most unpaid work is done by women, regardless of how much the two men are paid and how much they spend on household expenses. 」

As the main and usually have to fight alone, the mother suddenly became the whole family's life support. Among them, Chaimi oil salt is too daily, like survival necessities, mother is the production line non-stop workers, so that the child husband can eat and drink enough to continue their dream, and the mother's own dream seems to be called to become a mother;

When the family walks out that door every day and follows the gears of the world, the mother's timeline is closed, from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day, and wakes up with the same token, like an endless cycle.

By this point, we haven't estimated the emotional labor costs she's paying. In addition to labor, she is often expected to juggle playing the children's able mother and the other half's gentle wife. So is it easy for a modern mother to get out of this cycle, out of that door and find the life she wants?

Gender ethnology.

Emotional labor.

Emotional Labor.

Originally published as Scholar Aly. Hodgchild proposed in 1983 that he define emotional labor as follows: "Management of one's emotions to create just and visible facial and physical expression." Common in the service industry, women in the family, etc., when they are given the expectation of caring for others, pay attention to emotional needs, will bear great physical and mental stress in the long run.

Reference data:Arile Russell Hochschild, 1983.

Photo ascreenshot of the IKEA ad video.

"Be a bad mother, be a good cat" Mom, you just need to be yourself.

"She's sometimes sticky, sometimes she's comfortable being herself; she cares about us in a whole new way. Mother who lives his own way.
It looks easy. Such a life seems a little cute. 」

And the IKEA ad chooses to document the mother's changes in perspective and tone, and gives a form of anticipation - when the mother becomes a cat, our family starts a whole new life!

When the role of the mother is sacred, the children sing mother really great grow up, mother seems to really have to support this great, selfless pay. However, we often forget that mothers are also individuals, with their own lives and dreams.

The mother in the film can mess up all her clothes, knock over Mr. Water's cup, and spoil the children of his family who are staring at the TV; she can turn off the lights in her room, go crazy on a holiday morning. . . like trying to free a long-term imprisoned mother and finally get her life and expression back.

It is indeed a "new life" for a family to have a mother who doesn't do family business, or who doesn't depend on it, but for a mother who is not so much "new" as "back to herself" - a good mother who can't be expected by society, but a good cat, you care about your family in your way, don't know if it's okay?

Whether you want to be a cat or something else today, what we're looking forward to is that outside of the so-called social standards, you have the right to ask yourself first, who am I, and how do I want to love this family?

And if the heart is still a little uneasy, quietly say a word to themselves, in fact, no one asked mother perfect, only hope that mother happy A!

Photo ascreenshot of the IKEA ad video.