Summer vacation coincides with the peak working season, many college students use summer work in order to accumulate workplace experience. This year because of the epidemic, more workers and ordinary workers to grab jobs phenomenon. Is it necessary for fresh people in society to seek employment with well-known foreign businessmen? What qualities do business owners value?

Summer vacation is coming, are you also looking for job opportunities everywhere, want to accumulate personal ability and workplace experience? Did the elder sister tell you that you must mix with a "corporate network" of the community, or participate in the enterprise competition? But from the point of view of hiring new people in your favorite business leaders or foreign companies, is it necessary for college students to have a working experience? Four years in college, how do you prepare to escape the dilemma of "graduation is unemployment", especially now facing a particularly uncertain future due to the impact of the epidemic? Here are three reverse thoughts that you may not have heard of, but are very practical to the point:

  1. Try to "press" university resources, it can enhance the future value: university life alone from the textbook learning is a pity! There are many lectures and lectures offered by well-known scholars that can be found on the websites of the various offices of the school. What's more, these resources are all the tuition you've already paid for, so don't waste the "Learning Fast Pass" and the "Learning Fast Pass"!
  2. "Four years by you" is to play out the connections and opportunities: can the university play? Can play, try to play! But the smartest way to play is to join a community that you have passion, interest, and can create contributions to, and get the opportunity to write personal images and stories.
  3. Don't be afraid to be different, try to highlight personal differentiation: innovative thinking and leadership, often driven by diverse talent. Only by highlighting your personal characteristics can you create long-term Creative Value (Incremental Value) for your business.

And from the perspective of well-known foreign leaders, but also love to use the fresh people of the community, the "future development potential" of talent, rather than "existing capabilities" of the 5E leadership thinking is:

  1. Envision( Vision): Describes the goals of the future.
  2. Engage: Find and combine resources.
  3. Energize (Inspire): Lead the team into the city.
  4. Enable(Startup): Unlocks the unique potential of each individual.
  5. Execute( Execution): A "goal-oriented" guideline for action.

Extended reading: The point is not to win over others! On the workplace runway, do what you do best.

In terms of Onion Elsa's personal experience, the interview was asked, "Please give your own example, what was the biggest goal of college?" What efforts have you put into this goal? What has been achieved? At that time, I not only cold sweat DC, before answering is still very cold. First: my college four years, are spent on the volleyball court, other students show up every day when the United States and incense friendship dating, I always smelly sweat, with the most local sports clothing appeared in the classroom. Second: because often to participate in a variety of team inter-school competitions, college leagues, coupled with their own love of playing, the results on the report card is the perfect faithful presentation of all kinds of public holidays. Third: I am in the finance-related department, not only did not participate in any student associations, corporate competitions, or even AISEC (International Economic Business Council), so I can not cite any "useful business contacts" cumulative examples.

If you can't say the perfect golden sentence, tell the truth and be yourself! In this passage, I successfully summed up my "strange college life" and showed the interviewer the potential of my five E: "My biggest goal in college is to be a professional volleyball player (Envision), because of this enthusiasm, I am willing to sacrifice personal holidays, devote all kinds of time, tanned skin tone, spend at least two hours a day, constantly practicing basic movements (Enable) against the same wall." Finally, because of my hard work and unyesteanthy, I succeeded in became the captain of the school team and led the team (Engage and Energize) to break through the past in various inter-school competitions and was named MVP Player of the Year. In the end, I was successfully accepted by the preferred company in my heart.

Whether it's a freshman in society or a college student, I encourage you to plan your students' lives carefully with a "always-on" mindset. Whether it is to participate in the community, winning records, work experience, certificate transcripts ... are only means to an end. When you have a list of companies in mind, carefully study its corporate vision and talent traits, plan the path you should take at this moment, in the job search, a good personal story and self-narrative ability (Storytelling), will win the enterprise examiner's greatest memory point and attention, and let you ride all the way to the storm, find your "Dream Job"!