Go Home conducted a 2020 Parenting Survey in June, which collected the true voices of more than 700 carers; we found that dads can be more than just money-making tools, moms can be more self-fulfilling. Use this report as a guide for your parenting.

Go Home conducted a 2020 Parenting Survey in June, which collected the true voices of more than 700 carers; we found that dads can be more than just money-making tools, moms can be more self-fulfilling. Use this report as a guide for your parenting.

More than 90% of mothers are the primary caregivers of their children.

Of the 10 mothers, 9.5 are the primary caregivers of their children; And more than 50 percent of moms think their teammates still have to work hard, compared with nearly 50 percent of dads who think they're ideal teammates. It can be seen that in parenting work, mothers generally look forward to more support.

What is our "ideal teammate"?

Gender-neutral, more than 60% of caregivers believe that the "ideal teammate" is to value the balance between family and work, and are willing to spend their time together in the busy child-rearing. Only three of the other 100 said they did not need any childcare work, only financial support. It can be seen that it is generally accepted that the ideal teammate, that is, in different aspects of life can grow together, assist the object. The so-called God teammate, not you want anything, but we can think of ways together.

Dad, you're not a money-making tool.

In the financial role, dad wants to think differently than mom wants. More than 50 per cent of men believe that it is difficult for fathers to participate in childcare because they are responsible for supporting their families, but since 70 per cent of women are involved in the workplace, their imagination of an ideal partner is not to give priority to financial provision, but to participate in the care and growth of their children. Therefore, it is not possible to be the main source of income in the family, and men do not feel guilty about it. In addition to available money, Dad's value can be built on more places.

Dad's involvement in parental proposals:

Mom, you can achieve more of what you want.

Seven out of 10 mothers are also in the workplace, in addition to childcare. As can be seen, in the parenting at the same time, can also carry out the proportion of self-ideal realization. And what we want to discuss is that whether your self-realization is in the development of career, or family parenting, it is possible.

Staying on leave without pay? Is the society friendly enough?

In whether or not to apply for leave without pay, both men and women especially want to participate in the child's growth process, but at the same time we also found that less than 30% of people think that the workplace environment is friendly enough to support them; So what we need most is not to discuss the parents' willingness to stay, but why is the status quo of the overall social environment so? and how can improvement advice be given? (Extended Reading:"Children receive 90% of their salary in the first month of life" Civil society groups call for improvements in father's parenting policy)

The most common problem for caregivers in parenting is "poor sleep quality"

For children who are unable to sleep overnight and caregivers are emotionally stressed, "Baby Sleep Counselor" Jiang Yuxuan has the following suggestions:

1. Understand that the baby is an independent individual, sometimes there will be an insanity bad mood, not because the caregiver did something wrong, so there is no need to rush to rescue or improve the child's mood, let the baby's own catharsis, provide companionship is good.

2. Give yourself a temporary holiday from the role of father or mother, everyone will need Me Time can not because when the parents are gone, the same time to relax, take good care of themselves, father and mother can shift, if the mother is the main caregiver, holiday mother can do SPA, drink afternoon tea, completely leave the baby, let oneself concentrate on doing what they want to do.

3. Find professional assistance. If parents and children have breast-feeding problems, seek the assistance of a professional lactation consultant, and if parents and children have sleep problems, seek the assistance of a professional infant sleep counselor.

4. Finally, here are ten ways to let your baby sleep overnight: I really want to have a good night's sleep! Ten babies are unable to sleep overnight for the reasons, with a solution.

Modern parents are increasingly looking forward to jugging work and family, but there is also a corresponding pressure.

For working moms, who want to find practical ways to balance work and family, Slash Mom "Life Market, Pine fruit shopping co-founder" Liao Jiaxin has the following suggestions.

1. First of all, both husband and wife must agree that family affairs are "a family affair" and that a family must have "dad" and "mother", both of which, like the two pillars in the family, must be equally powerful in order to support a family, and invite the other half of the family to participate in housework sharing.

2. Make a list of household chores: Don't expect others (including our closest half) to be able to actively or automatically share household chores spontaneously, and there are times when, as in the workplace, you need to honestly communicate your expectations and needs for housework sharing/parenting care, respect the way your other half does things, and think of housework as a task that requires solidarity or willingness to think in the direction of teamwork, you will always be that way." People who do everything, you can't enjoy the team's endless power.

3. Let the child participate in the housework, learn from the work of gratitude: every item of housework, there is no gender, girls can also take out garbage, repair electric lights, boys can also cook, wash clothes, brothers and sisters can also take care of each other and help, children are also a part of the family, we should also let children participate in housework, from the work to learn gratitude, understand and feel the parents of Agong A mother's hard work, and when the child is dedicated to the family, we must give timely recognition and return, Also when your other half (whether it's a husband or a wife) pays in their home, we say our thanks to the other half: "It's good to have you in our family!"

4. Finally, I want to say to you, no one in this world can score for you, to all the mothers who don't let go of themselves, when the mother is not an exam, we don't need to be perfect, we just need to be the best mother for the child. (Recommended Reading:"Being a Mom, Practice Being Yourself": No One Needs to Be a Perfect Mom)

Nearly 50 per cent of carers said that "different from their partner's view of parenting" was one of the things that bothered them the most.

Targeting is different from the other half's outlook on parenting and can be reflected in a variety of areas, including physical care, definitions of children's happiness, and educational choices that may be relevant to their biological families. So what we have to understand is the factors behind it, and it's just a matter of habit, not right or wrong. Xu Yining, a corrections and relationship psychologist, has the following advice:

1. From a psychological point of view, there may be differences in parenting styles caused by differences in parenting styles caused by differences in the proportion of reasons and sensiability in the personality of the two, the desire that the shortcomings they see in each other will not be left to their children, or conflict with their partners in order to become "good fathers" and "good mothers" for their own expectations.

2. The difficulty of up parenting lies not only in raising children, but also in working with partners to achieve a "children are observing imitation" thing, in addition to who is right and who is wrong, but also to pay attention to the side effects of conflict in the up parenting process.

3. Suggest that partners discuss flexibility and mutual adherence to the bottom line, and find commonalities that they care about each other as a basis for developing solutions (recommended Reading: The Secrets of Parenting: The Hardest Child, In fact, Has the most personality like yours)