"They say I'm a useless young man, they don't know how to sacrifice and they just want to be safe, " said the good band, "They say I'm a useless young man."

They say I'm a useless young man, just that there's no one else in my eyes.
They say I'm a useless young man who doesn't know how to sacrifice and just wants to be safe.

Write to those in the mediocrity of life, as if gradually lost the heart, repeatedly want to revive the flag, but do not know where to go from the fresh people.

A recent song that was so popular that it began with the words, "Will you feel like me at best?" came from the good band "They Say I'm a Useless Young Man", which was launched in July 2020 and received a standing ovary.

Repeated melodic lyrics, such as a person's own low murmurs, and the world's complaints. MV is presented in hand-drawn, the main character in the shape of a hillside on the ground, or sit or stand, or rotate to dance, even if so confused and sad, but still tell themselves: to struggle, to get up, or to do something.

Wouldn't you feel like me at best?
Will you, like me, pin your hopes on others?
Will you, like me, know that you're struggling.
Will you be like me, covered by life's dreams and hopes.

To 2020, the one who is still working you.

The 2020 harmonic "Love You Love You" thought it would be a good year, and no one expected Covid-19 to hit 2020 like this. As large as the national government, enterprise organizations, as small as personal living arrangements, all because of the virus, so that the plan really can not catch up with the change, a game in the mind of the chess was disrupted, all come back.

It's been a particularly sad year for this year's graduates. For example: long-awaited graduation travel, can only be changed to domestic tourism; there are graduation production of the school system, some changed to live online, some directly canceled, preparation for nearly a year of hard work can not be fully presented, leaving regret;

After graduation, the impact of the outbreak is not over. Many companies have started laying off workers or cutting salaries, and few have a shortage. Even if you excel, it may take a while to find your ideal job.

It used to be felt that "out of society" seemed to be a very distant thing from itself, and once upon a time it was available.

There is an imagination that every pain after going out of society is punched into the flesh, and you can't get away with it. From internships or part-time jobs, may be more or less a glimpse of their future: nine to five and overtime, do not necessarily want to do but do not have to do social work, mouth rarely talk about dreams.

Now the younger generation, often said to be tired of the generation. During this year's graduation season, we collected words from readers on Women's Instagram who wanted to give them to graduates, many of whom mentioned the difficulty of survival in society.

Please recognize the reality, pursue the real me!

  • "Welcome to hell." 」
  • "Society is realistic. 」
  • "In a dark society, we must also keep a childlike heart. 」
  • "Be sure to find a way to vent your emotions, or you can't live." 」
  • "After entering the community, we must keep our hearts open so that we do not get into the same way." 」

Please forget your original intention, keep your heart!

  • "Don't be the one you hate. 」
  • "Don't be the one you hate." 」
  • "Don't be the one you don't want to be." 」

Please pick up your confidence and move forward!

  • "Bitter before willing, getting better and better." 」
  • "Even if you are afraid, remember to be brave." 」
  • "The world is not so friendly, but it's not that bad. 」
  • "Life won't be happy with everything, but you have to hold out hope." 」

They say we are useless young people, but we are useful to ourselves.

We only like small lucky, give up to change unfair.
We're all imaginative, and you have a point.

This year's event is not just Covid-19. The death of Floyd, which caused racial discrimination in the United States, the "Room N" incident of large-scale sexual violence in South Korea, the adoption of the National Security Act in Hong Kong, and so on, 2020 is a year of global pain.

So it is clear to us that there are so many inequalities in the world and so many questions that have not been properly answered.

Although we know that there is a lot of suffering ahead, or related to themselves, or have nothing to do with it, but sometimes we can not help but think: if we can not solve their own problems, can not live a good life, how to pay more for this society? If it's hard to even find a job today to survive, where can you focus on more issues?

That's probably why the lyrics to "They Say I'm a Useless Young Man" are simple and straightforward, but the sentence is like a needle, stinging you and me.

I know that I am useless young man, only to hear the hope but not to see the future.
I know that I am useless young man, when wronged only dare to mutter to himself.

We are all cowardly, aimless, sometimes in the face of inexplicable dilemmas, I do not know how to be good, had to breathe, step by step carefully face. We are all ridiculous, but also cute, when others say we are strawberry, glass heart generation, we not only do not resist, but also learn to laugh at themselves.

The world can be better and must be better, but before we do, we need to know and practice how to stay with us and take care of our hearts. Writer Li Weihan once said, "You just do everything you can to make life the most comfortable, not to deviate from goodness." What my generation has been after may never have been.

In some people's eyes, we are useless young people. But who's going to define it?

In fact, it is useful if everyone can take good care of themselves and focus on the issues they care about.

Grow up this road, but also extend to a long time later. Not to bear the "public" hope, perhaps too heavy and too difficult, only hope that we do not bear the youth scene, make good use of the strength and qualities of possession, to create a great self, as well as the future.

Every day you live is about writing down history and the values you believe in.