How the most difficult thing about exercise is how to start, the new unit ,Start Sports, access to sports stories of different professional identities, mind methods in parallel, whether you are busy to three or more midnight office workers, or take care of the children to the dark mom and dad, we work together to find a reason to exercise again. After you start, want to know how exercise can change your life. Welcome to continue exploring Miss Sport!

There are only a few reasons to start a sport, but the reasons for giving up exercise are strange.

For example, busy at work no time, today's temperature is not right, are only basic plate; seriously find reasons, there are cats and cats too good to suck, no sports clothes, night exercise is too dangerous, some fallacies, heard all laugh, once said: sports will eat more, or do not move well.

After work, learn to become an editor, the senses are always very open, find a way to learn from life, do your own try is always good: today to see the bookstore ranked in the top 10 books? Recently everyone loves to climb mountains, I also come to climb a few walks to see what can be written? In the evening to cook their own try, the process of cooking heard that very healing. Only sports, is my heart magic. Not did not want to try, but it is always difficult to experience the so-called sweating pleasure, by friends and family read a few words do not exercise body unhealthy, but also cheered back: I have to do finger movement ah, edit typing quickly good?

I didn't expect that after my health check-up last year, I was hit hard and started my sports path. (Sportsman here please: Miss Sport - Use your body to hone patience: Jogging and Yoga teach you things)

Photo by Jozsef Hocza on Unsplash.

Q: How long are the qualifications of the sport? (Just set aside the intermittent period of time)

As a student, I firmly believe that my life is only suitable for a soft rotten person who can sit without standing and lying without sitting. Every time to take exercise class, always think: good annoying ah, the whole body wet sticky also elements of the face, want to bring makeup and easy to spend. More than a year after starting work, re-training or Pilatis every two weeks, 15-20 minutes of yoga a day, steady into the sixth month.

Q: What are the reasons why you've persuaded yourself to give up sports? (What absurdity can be understood)

"Turn left to eat tofu pot, go straight to the sports center, how many?" 」

"How much food there is in the world, I can't bear it. 」

"Doesn't that mean exercise is good for your health?" I want to sleep after exercise, it is better to take sweating time to make up for sleep. 」

Can't stand the temptation of food, sports can't be immediately effective, these reasons are enough to let me give up sports.

Q: What determines the reason for continuous exercise?

After starting work, I found myself spending most of my saturday sleeping, but I was in good spirits when I had enough to eat at work, I often fell asleep after work, and my menstruation was sore that I couldn't get up. Often on the itinerary to write their own time to read, to learn English, to listen to lectures, want to learn a lot of things, know a lot of people, but found that my body can not support ambition.

At the end of last year, after completing the employee's annual health check- and receiving the report, he was frightened by his 20s and 40s. I began to realize that the body is like an engine, you can travel far and go where you want to go, but when the body does not have enough strength, or lack of stable exercise, want to sprint will be trapped by the body.

Q: What sports have I tried? What's going on?

Running, flying wheels, yoga, etc. Sports equipment have tried, also felt that it is better to save money to run near home, always can not find can continue to do, feel happy sports.

Later a bite of the teeth, spent money to sign up for sports classes, proper weekly re-training and Pilatis classes, each time after class legs soft home, resentful want never to go again, but the thought of money sprayed or good class. At this time there will always be inexplicable feelings, ah, really rich can make people move.

In addition to spending money on classes, I also unexpectedly set up my own exercise habits. In April this year, it coincided with the world's biggest crisis: the spread of neo-crown pneumonia, but it was an opportunity for me. The company announced remote work, everyone do a good job of social isolation, I am satisfied to stay at home, stay for a long time, the heart also began to panic, before the conversion environment let me from the off-duty mode to work mode, now almost 24 hours at home, after-work mood can not turn around, decided to start for themselves to establish a wake-up ceremony, work ceremony. So start with yoga, 10 minutes a day, and get started. Gradually 10 minutes is not enough, start to do 20 minutes. Now even if you're busy at work, you'll still take ten minutes to do yoga, and it's awkward not to move.

Q: Three suggestions for sports nods who want to stick to it.

  • Don't exercise with trouble, with empty and happy brain exercise, after which you will gradually enjoy the time of this exercise, every time you think of re-training will think of happiness!
  • With makeup or plain face can be found in your most comfortable state, it is best to wear another sportswear you like.
  • It's important to reward yourself, you can chase a favorite album, eat a piece of cake, at first you are too harsh on yourself, it's easy to give up.