Monday work is not melancholy, look at Xu Yanning with her love cat Bacon!

"Open your eyes and find that 2020 isn't over yet. 」

Friends of the limited-time dynamics so shared, jokes with a little light sadness. Some people describe 2020 as a threshold, whether it can cross the past, look at a man-made. In the stormy world, we strive to find some comfort, some center of gravity, to pull themselves back to the surface of the earth, so, a variety of healing films, photos have been out of the cage.

Speaking of healing, hairy children when it is the first choice, many people like to open an account for the family cat, dog and dog, a hairy child life everyday, even if you can not touch, look at also comfortable. And in August, Xu finally opened an IG account for his cat Bacon, with the caption:

Just born into this today's world in Jan 2020, a little bit shy a little bit scared, plz treat this world well.

(Born in January 2020 in this chaotic world, a little shy and a little scared, please be kind to the world.) )

Cat keepers know that, looking at this little life, you learn to be as light and steady as it is on bumpy roads, and that people who don't have cats can always regain peace of mind in a photo and film. On a melancholy and anxious Monday, take a look at the healing Bacon.

Is that the same with you? Even if hurried and busy, as soon as I got home and saw it, I felt that the world was no more difficult.

Is Monday's tiredness half gone? In the message below to share the picture of the hairy child most healing you!