Women fan X summer Joe "painting to those girls around" series of pictures, summer in Joe weekly painting / words, a warm hand letter, sent to the dear girls. Talk about "All in Girl" today, are you too?

There is a kind of girl, stubborn and strong, like and evil clearly.

She is an All-In girl, when she stood on the table of love, she did not allow too much hesitation, the heart of all Soha. All-In girl's like, very direct and very pure, to nod to accept, do not pull down also.

She did not want to drown in the ambiguous boundary, unwilling to immerse herself in feelings without direction. She understood that life is too short after all, in an instant, any miss is a pity.

So, in a love forest, she will be in order to find the heart of the castle, willing to walk the path full of thorns, willing to get lost in the fog full of unknown, willing to exhaust all efforts to pursue the heart of hope.

At the bottom of this picture is a declaration by all-In girls:

  • "Love when you put your whole love down, although the result is thank you." It hurts but you don't regret it. 」
  • "Me too, only recently experienced, but also because so every relationship do not feel regret, hope that the inner injury quickly recovered. "
  • "I'm the kind of person who just left a relationship. Although in hindsight know that the other side is not serious at all, but once said those commitments, but still a one-size-fits-all in the heart, perhaps also need some time medicine to find their own bar.
"Don't worry, I'm more afraid of not going all out to love and live better than being afraid of being hurt!" 」

The road did not go less, tears did not flow. The All-In girl may have been said to be silly, but she knew from the bottom of her heart that happiness was always for herself, and that she should always try to crash, sometimes fall and get hurt, to know how to get far away.

Xia Yu Joe: "At that time, in the depths of your dark eyes, I saw a tiny light struggling to shine!" 」

Those who have made you heartache, after all, make you strong, dial the clouds will meet the day, so don't be afraid.

Thank you Summer Jo painting/words to all All-In girls, may you find yourself in love and move forward.