Women fan X summer Joe "painting to those girls around" series of pictures, summer in Joe weekly painting / words, a warm hand letter, sent to the dear girls. Talk about "Girls" today, are you too?

There is a kind of girl, always want to be photographed, must be photographed.

She is a courtesy girl, when she feels uneasy, hoping that the person around her can gently hug her and care for her.

To please the girl, can be very petite, can also be very proud. Sometimes she would come up to you and ask you to touch your head and pat your back;

Xia Yu joe: "We thought we were looking for someone else in love, but the key is to find yourself." 」

Everyone has a child within him. To please the bottom of a girl's heart is a girl who is afraid of loneliness. She's not confident, even if a lot of people say she's done enough; she's afraid of losing everything she has, even if you hang up and promise you won't leave.

To please the girl, has been trying to find a sense of security from others, in fact, what she lacks most is their own care and love.

Xia Yucho: "Only you can decide the direction of your next investment!" 」

Learn to be a person's own place, know how to deal with loneliness, is to please the girl's practice questions. Take it slowly, step by step, and you'll find yourself bolder than you think.

Thank you Summer Joe painting / words to all the girls, may you find yourself in love, straight forward.