What's the most important thing you've learned from the hairy boy?

Hairy children are a special presence, whether it is a cat or a dog.

As a family member, but also in its body to learn all forms of love in relations, learn to cherish their own unique, learn to wholeheartedly, boldly believe in a person, and then, learn to love, not control. August 26th is International Dog Day, so this week we ask readers, what is the most important thing you have learned about mao children? What does it teach you? (Extended Reading:"What Those Hairy Children Teach Me" Xu Yanning and Bacon: The world is a mess, but seeing you feels no difficulty)

Here are their answers:

1. Be yourself and don't care about others.

  • "Don't care what other people think, do what you want to do"
  • "Stay naive, be yourself, and try to keep yourself alive."
  • "Living freely, without giving in, wronged"
  • "Be yourself, the one who loves you will stay, the one who doesn't love will leave"

2. Love should be unconditional trust and respect for the way he does it.

  • "Even though it loves you, it still has his temper, his way of life, and he won't wave you."
  • "To love him is to accept his neglect."
  • "Cats need to be respected just as much as people."
  • "If you love him, you'll let him go."
  • "Learn how to get along with the individual and support or accompany each other when they need it"

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash.

3. Live in the now and always embrace innocence and happiness.

  • "Easy to satisfy (it's fun to walk alone)"
  • "Live like a dog in the present and treat the people in front of you with all your heart."
  • "Love for the cruel world, see the look of hope with a clear eye"
  • "The joy of dogs is so simple that it always reminds me to live more in the moment and discover the little beauty of the world. "
  • "Keep smiling like a dog, it will bring you happiness"

Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash.

4. Love a person with all your strength.

  • "The sky is falling and the cat slaves are blocking it, keep sleeping."
  • "Don't give up, because its world is only you"
  • "I'm more responsible for them than I am."
  • "It will cherish your existence forever."

Living free like a cat and staying innocent like a dog sounds a little difficult in this generation, doesn't it? But maybe in these hairy children, you can always see hope.

What did you learn from the hairy boy? To the women's fan IG tell us!