For local parents (i.e., local moms and local dads), children's summer vacation is a ghost door open, children open school is a ghost door! How are you feeling about the start of school? Do you also have a "fake syndrome"... But the over-happy kind?

8/31 (that is, tomorrow) Monday primary and secondary school students officially opened school, ending the summer vacation. Before the start of school, whether it is children's homework or adjustment of work, are testing the wisdom of local parents. But it is not to be said that the parents' "receiving leave syndrome" is quite serious, that is: very happy.

How did local parents get here this summer?

Because of the outbreak, local parents just sent the longest winter vacation in history earlier this year, and in the face of the shortest summer vacation in history (only a month and a half), people still dare not take it lightly. Onion Elsa's bitter friends, painstakingly arranged the family bear ass (bear child and little ass) program, be be besponsed to consume the enemy's power, to defend our spiritual territory as the sole goal. What are the tactics and means? What I have witnessed, heard and heard, also contains the following urban legends circulating among local parents:

  1. The school continues to stay: in the past, our experience, where to the winter and summer vacation, the school is often empty. But now because of the young children, the school's operation is also particularly attentive! Whether public or private primary and secondary schools, there are often summer courses or summer tutoring, and not only to "force you to finish your summer homework" as the only curriculum, such as swimming, chess, feather ball, dance, brain development ... All kinds of courses are available, because it is so brilliant, in the class parent group in LINE, almost a third of parents choose to let their children stay in school, there is no cost of migration!
  2. Ann pro class is your home: if the weekday school to arrange for children to go to the parent class parents, almost 100% will choose the summer vacation to let them continue to sleep class, but from the after-school to change to full-time, so that local parents can follow the normal time to pick up the children, do not have to "roll" 4 pm school time, all the way from the office to catch up with the run and jump, the invention and setting of the family class is really good for everyone!
  3. National Mobilization Summer Camp: When we were little, I heard that summer camp was only associated with the National Salvation League. Times are different now, onion Elsa a little bit down, scared! It turns out that there are so many units in the summer camp! Summer camps are held in all sectors of the public sector (e.g. planetariums) and private educational institutions, from the Foundation for Corporate Foundations to universities and colleges. It is simply to pour the nation's efforts in enriching the summer life of these primary and secondary school students, and to relieve the mental pressure of local parents, we can not help but say that there is good will everywhere, everyone has good deeds.
  4. There are children like a treasure: once there were local parents and friends in the north, quietly spitting out to me: "Why am I from Taipei" sigh. Down to inquire Fang know, the original if there is a gong Ao grandparents live in the south-central, that summer vacation on the arrangements for bear asses greatly convenient: "Go!" Go back and see Agong! 」。 I have also heard of a local mother, helped the child to buy a train ticket to Fulong, I bought a platform ticket, not even the train, with the child happy "Yu! After that, the next goodbye is before school starts. This, of course, is the urban legend of local parents, although it is very enviable.
  5. Parents physically to block: this is the most tragic kind of feelings, there are many local parents because of the relationship between the outbreak, still working from home, or full-time housewives, there is no reason to send their children out, coupled with contempt for this summer vacation period is shorter, then choose to stay at home to meet. Usually we hear such an arrangement, in addition to the heart of a hundred admiration, but also a kind of eyes to see the god wind special attack team look at each other, looking forward to the next time can still meet.

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It is wonderful that onion Elsa in the study of the "fake syndrome group" this matter, suddenly awakened, the original not only children have leave syndrome, local parents of the leave syndrome is more serious, that is: a little too happy!

Psychologists pointed out that: children's "holiday syndrome" is often expressed in anxiety, fear and fear of going to school, serious cases of rejection, may also be accompanied by stomach pain, stomach pain, insomnia, bed rinsing, finger-sucking, muscle tension, irritability, low mood, inability to concentrate and other physiological reactions. Adults should give support and companionship, if necessary, can be timely with the teacher to negotiate.

And local parents of the "fake syndrome group" is often the opposite, not only to the children to open a daily school with a view to xu, with the beginning of the school day, the mood from dark joy, joy, joy slowly changed into a state of relief or similar ecstasy. The start of the school year (that is, tomorrow) coincides with Monday, whether it is office workers or full-time housekeepers, there is no Blue Monday mood, but a colorful Monday of the bright phenomenon.

"The beginning of the summer vacation is the ghost door open, the end of the summer vacation is the ghost door, too happy! 」

"Tomorrow I'm going to get up early, send my kids to school early, get up like football and score goals!" 」

"To start school, my mood is grateful, for me, summer vacation is like working overtime for a month and a half. 」

"I actually cherish this summer vacation, is I rarely can get along with the children at home time, I am surprised that I did not go crazy, in the past, I even want to climb to work ah!" 」

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Interestingly, before the start of school, local parents have more or less reference to the expert's start-up mind guide, but in fact the act and psychological projection is the following contrast:

Expert advice: Create an atmosphere for your child to start school.

Parents can remind children in advance of the upcoming school, find time to share the happy holiday, as well as the holiday will end the mood, and give care and attention.

Local parents should: to hide the joy of parents starting school.

Remind yourself of the pressure up the corners of the mouth, show the same sense, let the child know that they are not happy.

Expert advice: Guide your child through homework and prepare for school starts.

Check to see if there are any missing assignments, and together to buy the necessary stationery supplies for the start of school, to increase parent-child interaction.

Local parents response: Depending on the parent's pain tolerance and the child's sense of shame.

Local parents who have a high degree of pain tolerance tend to check their homework and help prepare for the start of school and spend half-chasing and half-dragging happily parent-child time. But if both sides have low tolerance for pain and less shame on the part of the children, they tend to "let it go".

Expert advice: Proper specification of the use time of 3C products.

Remind your child when to use 3C products correctly and avoid addiction, and parents should lead by example and use them appropriately with their children.

Local parents should: the child is not finally able to enjoy the use of 3C.

Because of the relationship between example, many local parents during the summer vacation, have put their hands on the 3C products hidden, such as: IPAD, Switch, Kindle ... I'm afraid to slide my cell phone. Now that kids go to school, parents are taking out dusty 3C products, or IPADs that are being kidnapped by bears, deleting free games downloaded from them, restoring adult-friendly desktops, and enjoying them.

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Looking back, the calendar is in sight, looking up at tomorrow, bright. Onion Elsa here to the local parents advice: tomorrow, the ghost door closed, the soul back, yuan God returned. This summer we did a good job, with a hundred and twenty heart to accompany and monitor the growth of the bear farts, and under the control of the outbreak, also enjoyed a lot of vacation and play time together. Please give yourself a big compliment and give the other half of your teammates a big hug.

In the child's growth, summer vacation is gradually subtracted from the project, but we accompany their time, but is gradually added to the memory of life.

Therefore, tomorrow to send children to school, in addition to the pressure of the mouth corner smile, I believe you should also want to silently erase the corners of the eyes do not know where sprang tears. The original local parents of the "fake syndrome group" is not only a little happy, more reluctant! When you let go of your child's hand, remember:

You're better than a bow, a child is an arrow of life from you. The archer saw the arrow target on the infinite path, so he pulled your bow vigorously, hoping that his arrow would shoot fast and far.