Twenty20 is a year of constant loss, and just last week, another black Panther actor's sudden death was added. Have you lost a loved one this year, too? Have you also lost your spiritual mentor, spiritual leader? Those who leave us are in a better place. Read these famous books, share their feelings, draw spiritual strength, you will find that life has its own way out, and our responsibility is: to make the rest of the life better and better.

2020 is a year of constant loss.

News Flash: Chadwick Boseman, who played the lead role in Marvel's "Black Panther," died of colorectal cancer on Friday night at the age of 43. The official Twitter account also confirmed the news, writing that Chadwick had been fighting cancer for four years. He died at home, accompanied by his family.

2020 was a year of loss, from Kobe Bryant at the beginning of the year, Liu Zhen, Luo Weiying, to the Black Panther actor who died just last Friday, all of which shocked me, lost and staffed. I can't help but wonder, gone people to a better place, left us, how to continue to get along with the world?

On the same night as the sudden death of the Black Panther, the author's aunt from far away in the United States also left the world in peace. Uncle in my childhood, has been playing an optimistic and cheerful role, laughter bright and cheerful, informal, talk and laugh, each for the family gathering to bring a carnival atmosphere. There is aunt in the place, there will always be endless jokes, chat endless topics, never cold table, at that time or children we all know: "Uncle came, today adults will chat all night." My aunt's departure was, to me, no less than the departure of a happy childhood.

The same night, received two funerals, my grief was presented in a way that was very early and very early, some very late very low back.

The instant shock of V.S.'s sluggish sadness.

Although the same is lost, but when I learned the bad news, found that different degrees of loss, the emotional impact of the depth of the speed is still different. The death of a celebrity brought me the current, instant shock, eager to retweet, rush to discuss, although that is mostly only a few News Feed length and weight. I can quickly vent my emotions, for a person I have only seen on the screen, crying a snot a tear, emotional fast, difficult to understand.

Another kind of loss, is the departure of loved ones, such sadness slow, but stagnating. For a while, I didn't have any particularly prominent emotions or thoughts, perhaps a little sour nose, but the corners of my eyes were dry. Just want to hide the news to collect, wait until the night is quiet alone ruminant measurement, and then decide how much effort to cry sad, after all, tomorrow and tomorrow things to do.

The second kind of loss, like a piece of heart and not scattered lumps, must be hard-hearted, spend time, with the palm of your hand, so that slow, slowly push it away, a moment and a half urgent, when the hands are not heavy. I think I can choose to find a friend to talk to, can find time to cry, can buy drunk night riding smoking, can also be like the Chongqing forest Awu, with running the tears in the body together with sweat evaporation. Perhaps, such a lonely and deep sorrow, suitable for a few books to digest, after all, reading, is I can jump out of the pulse of the world, alone and text, and the author to get along with the space. And in that space, I often get the most appropriate comfort.

Reading is the best way for me to dispel the unpleasantness of life. No kind of distress can be dispelled by reading.


You can find the same words and healing powers in these literary works.

Everyone deals with grief differently, even if it's reading to digest emotions, and there are different choices. For most people, mind inspiration books are a great way to deal with your emotions directly, like a straight punch, a quick straight ball. But for me, what is needed at this moment is not a life guide, what is needed is a sense of reason: the same life situation, mood ups and downs, so that I can experience the "original I am not alone", the backlog in the heart of the block, as if it can slowly begin to remove. If you have the same feelings and sorrows, here are the books I would like to recommend, with famous words and phrases, from their own life experience.

1. "When Love Is Longer Than Forgetting" - Zhu Quanbin.

Photo Source: Deer Culture.

When you lose a loved one, your thoughts turn into disaster and into delusions.

Lianglu, do the souls have memories? I often think about it after you leave. I believe there is, at least before the birth, otherwise how can there be a drink of soul soup? ...... We have been together for thirty years, weaving memories together, said good in the past, to the old to remember together, now separated from each other, each ruminant, even sweet moments, are also a little more bitter.

If all this has happened, we have met in our lifetimes, and each time it ends in parting, why do we repeat the joy of being together and the bitterness of separation? In this life we are husband and wife, in the past we have been friends, servants, and perhaps countless cause and effect let us have been teachers and students, parents, brothers and sisters ... In different role relations we or friendly or hostile or love or indifference, life's joy and sorrow are due to love, and each aggregation is like a trial of feelings together in general, and so we learned a little more, to appreciate the value of love and make you give up, it turned to empty, I think, should be this let us go back and forth.

If I could, I would have... Regret is a necessary emotional circuit.

Although once a good farewell, but my heart is still inevitably mixed with resentment怼 feelings and guilt, I am angry that she does not attach importance to health, abandoned me a person to face the loneliness of life, on the other hand, blame their own laziness and immaturity, feel responsible for her death, if I had forced her to do a physical examination, or early years of surgery, things never so. After learning to take over all this is fate, now I know that forgiving myself is part of the lesson.

Same-heartedness and hard work can make people tolerant.

Buddha's life has eight hardships: bitter, old bitter, sick, dead bitter, love parting bitter, resentment will be bitter, must not be bitter and five rich suffering ... ... Although know that suffering is easy to leave suffering, but the bitter feelings let me and the world also because of the pain of the love and suffering of people closer, whether the loss of relatives, loved ones, close friends or pets, I believe that this same pain let me become more lenient.

2. "We" - Yang Wei.

Photo Source: Times Publishing.

Heaven and man are separated forever, a dream for thousands of years.

Yes, I've done this kind of dream many times, dreams are different and feelings are always similar. It was often the two of us who came out of one place and he disappeared. I asked everywhere and no one answered me. I either look back and forth, walk into a series of dead ends, or wait alone at the dim station, waiting for the last bus, the bus will not come. The dream is sad and frightened, as if as long as you can find him, you can go home together.

The clock book is probably to remember my complaints, told me to have a dream for thousands of years.

Study every chapter of common life, leave this life for a time, reseed in the afterlife.

Sanli River apartment, used to be my home, because there are us. We're separated, and there's no home. The only one left of me, and the old man, is like a poor traveler in the twilight;

But, in spite of this, I feel that my life is not empty; It can also be said that we have not wasted this life, because it is us.


Now we're three separated. The past can not stay, the dead can not chase; I can only relive the years we lived together and get together with them again.

3. "Life is all about one person in the end" - Gisser Kuzi.

Photo Source: Sanche Culture.

Even if you are the only one left, there is your freedom to live for yourself.

When I sent my family away at the age of sixty-six, I finally realized that a person also had "a person's freedom".

Decide things by your own judgment and live on your own responsibility.

After actually trying, I found that this way of life is the most comfortable for me, is the first half of my life can not think of life, and with a person's life day by day, I also learned bit by bit "live for myself" is what it is.

Don't give up what you've lost, work well, eat well, sleep well. ...... Because I am now left alone alive, so still in the "I want to taste more free life, please wait for me" state.

Because of the errthy, so precious and beautiful.

Because humans don't know what's going to happen in the next second, they can only do their best to live in the now.

A good way of life is positively related to a good way of dying, as long as you can enjoy your life as much as you can, you should be able to die as beautiful as autumn night. Even if you meet death alone, it will not detract from the solemn beauty of life.

4. "Seven Days After Father" - Liu Weijie.

Photo Source: Bottle Culture.

If the sad mood is not exhausted at the time, it will always break the embankment somewhere in the future.

When I made the play, I was shocked to tears without warning. I was in the camera car, looking at the small screen, like a lover's father and daughter, the mood suddenly out of control, but not to pull to persuade that kind, that is, tears can not be turned off. The crew probably thought it was my own experience, so I couldn't do it myself. In fact, the real reason, only I know.

No. My father and I have never been so close. But it is in this way that people are more sad, because, there is no chance.

Complete an unfinished journey for your loved ones and get healing.

So I came again, where it snowed. ...... The front, is a good long one to the stone ladder, each step, the snow has been the former servant after the worshipper stepped out of two footprints. I picked up the grades and was so quiet that I could only hear my breath. ...... This time, I didn't shed a tear, there was no magic current or seeking induction. From the white smoke that came out, I knew vaguely that you didn't need me to light a candle for you.

Because, dear father, to me, you are eternal.

Say goodbye now, just leave for the time being.

Reading is the gentlest treatment when you need to deal with grief. And life may be such an interesting road, in the way someone left first, someone can accompany us to go on, but one day, we will not only part with someone, we will part with everyone.

In reading these literary works, perhaps you can, like me, in a way, line up with the author's soul, take comfort from their life experiences, and draw courage from their writings of looking at the errations and reconciled with themselves. For those who leave:

The rest of the road, we help you walk through; Say goodbye now, just leave, one day, we will all meet somewhere.

Always work like you don't need money, always love like you've never been hurt, always dance like no one's watching you, always live like heaven.

Marco Twain.