It's officially September, have you found a job? If you find it, congratulations, be the luckiest job rookie of all time! This is about to tell you that rookies must have three mentality, so that you can cook again to do the dishes!

Why are you the luckiest job rookie of all time?

After the graduation season every year, the new people of society will inevitably face the dilemma of graduation, that is, unemployment, and this year coincides with the year of the epidemic, job search is more difficult! According to the latest survey released by yes123 Job Search Network, fresh people who have graduated or retired this year face three major levels:

1. Job Search "Card": Only 40.9% of job seekers have found or are in a positive position, down from 45% in the same period last year, and only 20 resumes per interview will result in an interview with a business, up slightly from 19.1 last year.

2. Interview "card": You have to interview another 5.4 companies to actually get a job, slightly more than last year's 4.8.

3. Salary "card": expect both salary and real salary to fall, this group of "workplace rookies" originally expected an average monthly salary of $29,244, but the average monthly salary actually received fell to $28,153, the expected difference between the actual $1,091. Overall, as many as three-quarters (75.1%) of new people are dissatisfied with their current pay. In addition, the average monthly salary actually received by new workers this year fell to $28,153, or 583 yuan less than last year's $28,736, or 2%.

That's why, if you've got a job now, or become a new starter, you're the luckiest rookie of all time!

The rookie's question actually comes from the unocced mentality of the workplace.

Onion Elsa in the PPT job search version of a round, found that in addition to the difficulties faced in the job search, after a good time to enter the job immediately face a new pain period. And the hearts of the most often silent doubt, but dare not to ask colleagues of the company's old birds as follows:

"The boss and the old birds haven't left yet, do I just wait for them to leave?" But clearly there's nothing to do, I've been sorting out computer folders.

"The old bird that said he was going to take me to work, and he threw all the reports of mechanical ghosts against the wall to me, would the Key In numbers have a future every day?" 」

"Department I most dishes, who can voice control me, turn on the lights off the lamp photocopying shredded paper air conditioning, I am not a smart robot!" 」

Don't worry, the above voice in fact, every new person who has just entered the workplace has had it! You're not lazy, you're not strawberry, you just haven't adjusted your work mentality.

Remember: "The workplace is not a continuation of school life, but a new beginning in life." 」

When you enter the workplace, it is a re-birth, this workplace life and your past life is very different. There must be a pay, the same, with a reward must continue to pay non-stop. In the past, you followed everyone to study, exams, further education, graduation, are the same speed, like a batch of swimming up the salmon, but also like a group of migratory birds in transit, can not tell you and me as fast as he forward; When it comes to the workplace, you have to stand out from the crowd and be different from others, because the future of 20 to 30 years of professional life has evolved into a pyramid, and only by constantly creating personal differentiation and upward can you survive at the higher end of the pyramid. With this recognition, you know: from now on to do different things, even rookies have to change dishes!

Three big changes, so that your rookies can also make heavenly dishes!

Read one: others do not do what I do, dust can also open flowers.

"Things must come, of course", an organization will have some chores, administrative matters, trivial processes, daily reports from the past has been accumulated to the present habits, not to say whether these things annoying or not, their existence must have some historical factors, because of the accumulation to the present. The point is, you have to do it once before you find out what's unreasonable, inefficient, and what you should improve, and that's the best time for the rookie to play and come up with a plan for improvement. Maybe it's just a small report integration, or a streamlined process, if it's something that no one else has found, and you can take the initiative to suggest to your supervisor during the rookie period, congratulations, you've let the dust bloom, the supervisor will definitely look at you and never forget!

Read two: One day I will be old, one day you will be old.

Is it annoying for old birds to rely on old sales? Does finger-pointing make you angry? Three sentences is not far from "you don't understand" annoying? The answer is yes. But if you put aside these disturbing workplace negative energy, you can think, after a few years when you get to the old bird position, can you be better than him? Can you mix better than him? When you think about it, you'll find yourself starting to learn from his strengths and digging hard for each other's strengths, and even better, you'll start looking at his shortcomings and making sure you don't have such a short board, because you don't want to be such a nasty old bird in the future!

Read three: it's nice to be scolded for making mistakes, and it's love to criticize you.

It's normal for rookies to be scolded, and this is a very rare golden age in the workplace, where you can be allowed to make mistakes to learn from them. You may feel like a little daughter-in-law in three generations, who can say you two words to criticize you, but think this way: only now make mistakes, not only can not make big mistakes, but also learn things. Wait until the seniority is getting older, the position is getting higher and higher, then want to make small mistakes can not make, once the footing must be a big fatal injury, get is not blame and advice, get very likely to be a severance notice. So now all the people who criticize you, they are not looking for you trouble, on the contrary, are true love!

Rookies can often make a big job.

With nearly 20 years of experience with onion Elsa in foreign business, I remember the most, the most special sense of accomplishment, is in the rookie's first year of doing things. That year in this well-known consumer goods foreign company, famously known as Work Life Balance but almost everyone is working overtime, because it also has a famous culture Full Ownership (when the responsibility is also full responsibility), under the accountability system, everything is your business, the company has not been in discussion with you overtime or not, commuting is only a matter of time, responsibility is a constant burden.

Under the accountability system, although I rarely stay in the office beyond seven o'clock, but in fact all the time I am responsible for their own brand and marketing plans worry. On one occasion, a prop truck for shampoo advertising, because the advertising agency could not store the care, had to let the company pay to turn it into an asset storage warehouse for future filming. The problem is that the cost of "buying a car" is not in this year's marketing budget at all, and to buy the car at that time, I had to squeeze several store promotions! This question broke my mind, it is a nightmare night, thinking that I was in order to become a top marketing talent into this company, how now become a top second-hand car buyers and sellers talent?

If it's a problem that has to be solved, deal with it and look for opportunities to turn negative into positive.

If I can help my brand save an inexplicable fee, put the marketing budget on the knife that can really produce sales, tell me to solve a car problem and how difficult is it? After the transfer, I automatically wandered around the Xinyi district after work, looking for undetetermed open spaces and cheap, managed parking lots. Later finally by me at that time xinyi business circle has not yet flourished on the edge, found a monthly rent of less than 2,500 yuan private parking lot, there is a kind retired Rongmin Bob stationed in charge, two words do not say I immediately signed a long-term parking lease with the parking lot, and please more of this Rongmin Bobo take care of our shampoo car, don't let it be scratched or hurt the surface of the paint case. This move as the company to save a large amount of fixed assets costs, not only have a person to look after, but also facilitate the management of back-to-back advertising, or store activities when needed, as a mobility of mobility management. Later, this shampoo car advertising project for two years in a row, the shampoo car also out countless times, in the wind and rain, finally successfully retreated, to the activity company scrap treatment. I couldn't have imagined that this "car parking" job would become my top achievement in performance appraisal that year, and it also allowed me to demonstrate my problem-solving skills and the responsibility of the mind, successfully out of the rookie to become a "sky dish".

Every stage of life has the role, but also the space and opportunity that the role is given. Now seems bitter haha rookie career, but is a long road to the future of an important starting style, many times, the world's problems only have the freshest perspective can see, but also to further change the world. The mentality is correct, adjust fast, beautiful shot, you will find many years later suddenly look back, want to say to the year's own: "well done!" You're right, but it's Heavenly! 」

Is there any other reason to live to change the world?

Steven Jobs.