Relationship Diary: There is no ideal love in the world, only intimacy of your own. There is a kind of love, is Zhang Jiahan and Wang Baird, if you can not go hand in hand to the end, but also live into the heart of the most memorable engraving.

Everyone's first love is as great as an epic movie.

The Name Engraved in Your Heart

Zhang Jiahan first met Wang Bode in the school swimming pool. Falling flat head, beautiful eyebrows, laughing when the corners of the mouth lightly hook up, that is their glance at the moment, Zhang Jiahan remembers him from then on, can no longer take back the eyes.

Wang Bode nicknamed himself Birdy, which is an odd name and one that should fly. At that time, soon after the de-lying, from the society to the school, majesty still exists, the boundaries are clear, must not be arbitrared. Birdy was born with a bone-chilling, swearing that couldn't tame him. He went over the wall, not to date the girls outside the school, only for the night, he took advantage of the quiet night, into Zhang Jiahan dormitory, climbed the bed, share the stolen sugar fried chestnuts.

Birdy ignored discipline, broke the rules, and broke Zhang Jiahan's heart wall.

The name engraved in my heart.
Forget about time.
Now that you've decided to fall in love with it for the rest of your life.
The Name Engraved in My Heart

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Zhang Jiahan once thought that the world, on this all changed the tone. He grew up reading the Bible and told him that homosexuality was guilty, but the moment he fell in love with Birdy, he finally felt free, and for the first time understood that when he met the right person, his heart would beat fast.

In uniform, they wandered around Taipei, laughing and humming. Birdy asked Zhang Jiahan if he had ever read San Mao's book, and he liked the first sentence: "If you give it to me, it's the same as what you give to someone else, then I don't want it." (Same show: "AStory Like Me" San Mao: I can see the life of the head without a glance)

A short question, as if hinting at the two of them later. San Mao and Jose, Zhang Jiahan and Wang Baird, is to love can not love, is to accompany can not accompany, is not hand in hand to the end, but live into the heart of the most memorable engraving.

The name engraved in my heart.
You're hiding in a dusty place.
If it hadn't been for this, how would I have lived my whole life?
The Name Engraved in My Heart

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As for the love between the same sex, it has always been Wang Baird who led Zhang Jiahan to explore forward. Because consciousness was early, he saw each other's future one step earlier than Zhang Jiahan. Thirty years ago in Taiwan, many things were immature, such as gender awareness, such as social atmosphere.

So Wang Bode stopped. He forced himself to be indifferent to Zhang Jiahan and learned to ignore each other's feelings. He didn't make it clear that he thought it was considerate, but it was the cruellest.

The saddest relationship is between two people who love each other and look far away. Zhang Jiahan also want to love roaring, do not understand how overnight, Wang Baird chose to stop, or even go in the opposite direction.

Je t'aimais.
It's just me.
It's not easy to hand over your true courage.
Your silent response is kindness.
The Name Engraved in My Heart

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last meeting, by the sea without anyone else. Wang Bode chased Zhang Jiahan, who knew he was too much, but he was helpless. He thought he could do it for Zhang Jiahan, nothing but leave.

Wang Baird: "You go again I ignore you!" I'm serious! 」
Zhang Jiahan: "When did you take care of me?" You tell me when did you take care of me? 」

Wang Baird's choice, seemingly selfish, in fact, the degree of pain is no less than Zhang Jiahan. Choose to leave, not not love, but know to love again, will only be scarred. (Extended reading:The Single Diary: We were together for a short time, but love was long)

Life is too long, long pain is not as short pain, I would rather be that bad person, but also reluctant you continue to hurt.

Really want to say where this love is wrong, wrong only in their wrong age. Who knows, thirty years of light and shade, changed the social atmosphere, no one need to make a fuss about sexual orientation.

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I haven't seen you for so many years, I want to sing a song to you.

That song, is gentle whispering, is a lament, but also belongs to Zhang Jiahan and Wang Baird's note: "I hope to make the world still, miss will not become extravagant, if there is next time, I will love again." 」

The name engraved in my heart, I will remember a lifetime.

Photo A picture of a "name engraved in your heart."