Women fans X summer Joe "painting words to those girls around" series of pictures, summer Joe weekly painting / words, a warm hand letter to the dear girls. Talk about a mouthless cat girl today, don't you?

There is a kind of girl, wronged dare not say, hurt dare not speak, she is not used to showing their needs.

She is a mouthless cat girl, she knows she is an independent individual, she has ideas, but often not enough courage to reveal to the other half.

Mouthless cat girl's love, is gentle to cater to, is strong to undertake, is a wordless effort, mind to reach each other's expectations. She has a soft heart, willing to pay for the people she likes, willing to pursue behind those who appreciate. She is not willing to shrink themselves, but feel that life is so long, can treat a person, is broad.

But sometimes, she still sheds tears. When she finds herself giving, only in exchange for indifference, when she perceives her presence, it is of little difference to others.

Summer Joe: "Even if we are still learning to know ourselves, why ask him?" 」

In fact, before you have the audacity to love someone, you have to take care of yourself. You will grow into a complete individual when you begin to be considerate of yourself and let energy flow back into your body without rushing to pour into others.

So strong you, but also more rhyme can be warm, passed to the other half. Even if the other party does not give the corresponding feedback, not to be seriously injured, because you already know how to think for yourself, help yourself heal.

Summer Joe: "Perhaps, first learn the communication in love, far easier than reading mind skills!" 」

Photo by Summer Joe.

Write to all mouthless cat girls, may you face up to all your feelings, no longer timid expression, take the initiative to grasp the possibility of happiness.