Through the story of philanthropist Chen Jiali, perhaps you will find that it is never difficult to get up and start the public good.

Chen Jiali, a woman who worked for ten years in an American language tutorial class, started to send her to the service of the country behind her fate.He served one year in Cambodia and served as English teacher for two years in the Marshall Islands.It is resolutely abandoning the highly paid overseas assignment in Singapore, and to the region where resources are lacking, hoping to make a better contribution to the world.

On the day of the interview, she was wearing a light suit, a dynamic and warm, friendly, and friendly friend, a heart that was younger than young people.

In the news department, she has a strong interest in English. After graduation, he enters Taiwan's famous American language supplementary class, starting with the Ministry of Personnel.At that time, the class began hiring foreign teachers, hoping to make foreigners feel that Taiwan was not just a job. Instead, it was able to find out that it was interesting and beautiful, and that it was willing to stay, so that it was a great deal for foreigners and foreigners.

As your workload is older and older, she wants to turn to a business job and ask for a new branch to be a supervisor."We are all at the full campus, including kindergartens, children's American, and pro-class classes," he said. " At that time, there was a lot of pressure, and I started working at the middle of the night and never had a life. I felt that was not what I wanted."

Gali recalls the work at that time and said, " There was an opportunity to be transferred back to the headquarters and work on international services, primarily for children staying in overseas.At that time, we also set up overseas branches in Singapore, and I thought that many of our own systems had already been experienced, so I asked for work in Singapore on a voluntary basis.That was the first time he was working abroad, and at that time I felt that it was very bad.The mixture of Chinese and Western cultures in Singapore is relatively unpleasant to the people of Taiwan. Therefore, it is very unhappy to work there, so we have the idea of traveling abroad with our friends.(Recommended for you to read: Farah says the workplace | instead of asking you to change your job, why don't you ask the right to choose

A different world

Often under an unintended decision, it is a scene that touches the inner depth of the picture, and affects our ideas and changes our lives.

When asked how she started to think about how to become a volunteer, she told us this story: "We decided to travel to Cambodia. I didn't do my homework first, but I knew there was a Angkor cave in Cambodia."It was only then that we discovered that our world could be different.Lake Riesa, Cambodia, is a tourist destination for tourists to see crocodiles.When we got out of the car, we saw a four-five-year-old sister, a younger brother who was two years old, and we wanted money.

" At the time, I felt that a child of such a small size should be the age of his parents, but he had to come out and beg for money.In the boat, I saw more children sitting in an aluminum barrel and using a treasure bottle to come over and tell you about money.I was amazed at the time, and I thought, "How could there be such a situation?"How can a country tolerate a life like this, but not help them?" (Extended reading: How can disadvantaged children get out of poverty? Why do they need 20 years?

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Three hours away from the aircraft in the bay, a country that is so close to us, and our lives are so different.We often cry out to lose weight because of eating too much, but the residents there are even having problems with three meals.In tourism, tour guides tell them that now some NGOs, NPO non-profit organizations are helping people in Cambodia, such as schools that have churches on the other side of the country, to worship the children of the lakes.

" At the time, I suddenly felt that I should be able to do this work, and I wanted to do what I wanted to do to serve these people with my knowledge." Because of this tour, it was open to the idea that it was a good idea to serve others.

Back in Singapore, it was not because of the end of the holiday season that she engaged in a daily work, and there was a constant voice telling her: "This group of children and people like Cambodia really need help.""

In Taiwan or Singapore, parents are worried that their children will be lost in the starting point, and that their children will be given a tutoring skills.The children of Cambodia have no starting points at all. At the age of school, they are actually living on the streets, and the opposite is very bad.

If life can be different, start from here

When you have an idea, it seems like you have a magnetic field to attract a lot of resources."
that time I read a book, 35 things that were done before the age of 35, and one of them was a volunteer.This book was very much activated to me at that time."

It's a different kind of light in the eyes of the way that you establish your goals for the future." In the past, it was paid to work for the job, but there was no real spontaneous effort to service it.I think life should be different. If my life could be different, it would start from here."

She locked in Cambodia as the first target of the volunteer service, because it was a country where she had this idea, so I wanted to give back to this place if I had the chance.At that time, there was also a chance. A foundation serving in Cambodia was going to operate in Bobe. She had rich experience in buxiban management, so she was able to provide her own experience management to run the school, and then went to Cambodia for a one-year service.

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" In fact, when I was working in Singapore, many people would feel that I was willing to make such sacrifices Cambodia? But I don't think that's a sacrifice.Although Cambodia's living environment and conditions are far less than that of Singapore and Taiwan, it is always a good smile to say that it is a day in which it is always smiling.

" In Singapore, I've always had my bed in my head every day. But in Cambodia I was very happy to go to school every day. Every day, I had a lot of energy.The mentality is different. When it is in Cambodia, it will always want to share it with the children every day.I feel that working attitude is more important than pay, and I think it will make me feel useful here."

Maslow's hierarchy of needs, at the highest level, is self-fulfilling.Chiari said that she had already met the needs of the physiological needs, but was pursuing an account of his own life, and that she was not wronged to come to the world.(Extended reading: How can we achieve self-implementation if you insist on hurting others?

Not everything we take for granted

When asked about the most memorable experience of the country's services overseas, she told us a story about Coke.

"Coca-Cola is a handy drink in Taiwan, but drinking Coke in Cambodia is a big deal."There's only five dollars in there, and there's 17 for Coke.Once a school examination, I was thinking that the teacher had a hard time changing the exam papers, and I wanted to comfort them.They told me that they wanted ice.At first I thought it was very strange, why is Coca-Cola good?I didn't know that Coke was so expensive on the ground, and when they said they wanted ice, and the school had no electricity, they couldn't make ice, so they had to go buy a big piece of ice, and then saw small blocks with saw.It turns out that Coca-Cola, who drinks the ice, turns out to be a big feat.A lot of experience in the life of Cambodia is a new experience for me. It feels like it has been reactivated again. It is not easy for us to do things in the usual way. It is also a matter of great value."

Smart People

It always feels that it is not easy to maintain a positive attitude after seeing too much of a picture of too much heavy and heartache.But the bright side of optimism always sees the bright side of things, and is always happy to be able to serve as a service.

Only once, she was deceived when she was trying to help people." There was a girl who was bitten in Cambodia because she hadn't seen a doctor for a while, and had to be hospitalized for seven days.At first, we gave Mom enough money to get two people's car money and seven days of living expenses, and let my mother take the child to the hospital.She asked her sister to go with her sister, or her sister was not taken care of at home.So I helped her win the allowance for one more person.And I was thinking, I was happy to be able to help them.It wasn't until the fifth day that the president had just come from Taiwan. After he was taken to the hospital, he wanted to find out that she had taken the child to the hospital and left. He only put some money in the pocket of the child, so that the child could afford to buy food for the seventh day of the day, and then came back to pick up the child home."

After this example, she has been able to understand that poor people sometimes want to meet their needs because they are too poor.Although it is a simple heart, it is not an easy thing to imagine. It is even more important to use the limited resources in the best place.

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Gali is a "stop-stop" person, what is the idea of doing what you can to practice and practice it?She feels that it is necessary to recognize the weak countries or people.

Since she has the opportunity to recognize and reach out to them, she should try to spread her feelings, and thus actively plan for the next summer service teams, not only to serve local residents, but also to allow students from different countries to engage in cultural exchanges, and also hope that young people in Taiwan will learn more about others.Having seen the lives of poor countries, they have greater growth in their hearts and will know how to appreciate the gratitude, and to make good use of their own accumulation of energy per second.

Last, Gali wanted to share with us: "It's easy to make the public good, and it makes sense."I believe that you and I must all have the idea of doing something for this society. In fact, I don't need too much preparation, and I don't need too much concern. As long as it starts to realize, even if it seems to be a little help, it is full of meaning.(Sibling: Public good at age 11!)Shen core: "Life is a soft and small revolution"