How long can the average freshman in society become a high-flying old bird or get a promotion? Are you going to wait, or are you going to be proactive from now on? This lets you read while laughing while learning to teach you the seven labor force!

Nearly 50% of office workers have never been promoted, and even if given the opportunity, on average, they were promoted for the first time in three years.

According to the 1111 Manpower Bank survey, nearly 47% of office workers have no experience of promotion so far, and the reasons for not promoting it include the highest percentage of promotions without jobs, followed by lack of leadership, small size of the company and opaque promotion pipelines. For the remaining 53 per cent of office workers who have been promoted, it will take an average of three years to get a promotion, the main reasons for which are: outstanding job performance, just out of the supervisor vacancy, and broken promotions. Further cross-analysis shows that the fastest promotion is to the financial industry-based industrial and commercial services industry, about 2 years will have the opportunity to promote for the first time, and the slowest promotion is the trade circulation industry, the average 4.8 years to promote the opportunity.

Promotion is so difficult, in the end now in the workplace looks like a feng shui, bring their own stage lights of the executive bird, how did they get through it? It's changing times, it's getting harder and harder to mix, and what wonderful feng shui management or time management codes are we not familiar with?

Today's executives old bird's memories kill, all kinds of funny hands.

Onion Elsa on the familiar executives old bird friends circle asked round, received from all parties of the super-laughing feedback, the scope of access includes but not limited to: cosmetics brand CEO, access brand sales director, international pharmaceutical company leader, research consulting company director, securities company treasurer, electronics industry leader.

Q: "What was your first job?" 」

"The firm of the Professor of Architecture works as an intern designer, but it is actually a construction site foremen who have to go around the construction site to see if the workers have drowned anywhere. (Current position: Director of Product, Financial Group)

"The network customer service business has been replying to thousands of questions on the network, and has been repeated. (Present: CEO of Makeup Brand Group)

"The boilers in the basement of the China Oil Refinery were wired and connected to taiwan, which I couldn't understand at all. (Current position: Active employee of Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau)

"Department secretary, Baoshan Baohai Baosheng, everything is packed. (Current position: Director of Access Business)

"The Chitna Hotel in Tainan 崁 a big night shift, registering the names of visitors and the time of entry and exit. (Present: CEO of International Pharmaceuticals)

Q: "What was the most annoying and annoying thing at the time?" 」

"It's no use working overtime every day as a model result. 」

"Can the office smoke in your seat but not drink water in your seat?" A hundred questions in my heart! (This person started working for a securities company)

"The supervisor has no point in meetings, and they all have meetings before work!" 」

"Office female colleagues always love to talk about brand-name bags, but I do not understand, LV one to 30,000, buy three at a time, I don't think a bag will be more expensive than the computer!" 」

"Overtime, overtime, I don't have to sleep when I meet Pilot Run. 」

Q: "Have you ever done the most dishes or 冏 thing?" 」

"I just got into the company and I don't actually use a photocopier. (The man was a research director at a consulting firm, so Elsa onion sounds silly at first glance.) )

"When I was in a meeting, I was accidentally seen by my boss with my stinky face, the kind of thing that intersects my eyes. 」

"I don't understand the meeting, and almost all my colleagues helped me write the minutes of the meeting in the first month. 」

"Eat too much at noon, have a meeting with the manufacturer in the afternoon, and doze off!" 」

"I once threw the document in the boss's face (and then it seemed as if I should pick it up in silence). 」

"On the first day of duty, too early to get to work, confused seating table, asked a very tall foreigner, he very kind advice I can sit next to him, and then found out that he is the general manager. 」

Rookies practice seven labor force, ten years to become high flying old birds.

In fact, "the Yangtze River after the waves push the front waves, the front waves die on the beach" at first glance is very frustrating words to "corporate animals", but the onion Elsa has always encouraged negative thinking, frontal attack, first into the community you, may as well be used as a driving force for their own forward, because as long as you find the right method and mentality, you can also be a wave of continuous forward, and even create their own wave!

1. Method force: it is more important to understand methods than to be talented.

Understanding methods is more important than having talent. People who understand the method can improve the success experience and reduce the chance of failure through repeated and effective methods, and can use this method consistently to accumulate a lot of work experience.

2. Strain: Crisis is always a turning time, chaos is a new business opportunity.

Always be curious, admit that everything can happen, absorb more new information on weekdays, and be good at digging up problems that others haven't found yet. Only those who are good at dealing with change can survive the era of rapid change in the future.

Even if you don't take the initiative to look for risk, they'll come to the door on their own.

Linkedin founder Hoffman.

3. Planning power: scattered and fragmented time and prioritized.

Office workers' time is often shredded by meetings, discussions, temporary transactions, if every day into the office, put into daily work matters, it is easy to be pushed away by things, but also lose focus.

Strongly recommend office workers, the day, week, month of work matters, on the important, not important, urgent, not urgent classified as the four elephant limits, the daily working hours are the quietest, but also the most energetic time, leaving important and urgent matters, and weekly or even monthly, must be important but not urgent matters, reserved for planning and thinking time.

Photo CreditCheers Magazine.

4. Documentary power: make good use of the work log and record the progress of the study.

Work logs can be written or pictured in a way, depending on personal habits and preferences, in addition to familiar with their work, effective management progress, but also can find themselves from the lack of ability, to gradually progress in the process. Even if you leave this job in the future, your learning process can still follow you and become a must-have asset to fly.

5. Stealing: Keeping up the apprenticeship and digging treasure out of everyone.

What do not understand the new people in the workplace, should regard themselves as apprentices, take the initiative to attack, try their best to steal teachers, and abandon passive and other people to bring the mentality of teaching. Stealing teachers also has a very important purpose, is from stealing teachers to experience, and then integrate into the company's unique corporate culture and way of doing things, keep up with the order.

6. Game power: Life is fun only if you change games at work.

How to look at your work, in fact, after personal mentality adjustment, you can decide for yourself. If a person feels that work is to have to do, is the boss to take advantage of, the heart will only have resistance, how to do will not be happy. On the contrary, if you face work with a playful heart and know that the "boring" work you are doing can make you better and stronger, work will no longer be painful, but become a source of joy.

Whatever you do, what you have to do is called "work", not "play".

Mark Twain.

7. Good physical strength: usually well maintained, the key moment is not soft legs.

As your seniority deepens, you'll have to deal with more travel, a denser agenda, or more stressful projects, and the ability to cope with this amount of work ultimately depends not on professionalism, but on basic physical support. Take the well-known novelist Murakina, for example, in order to be more stable output, and focus on the creation of novels, running every day is his way of exercising willpower, but also to enhance the physical strength to meet the challenge. Do not think that young, then arbitrarily squander health and youth, so that after a little older, you in addition to meet the promotion is not easy to look forward to, more likely to get a body of chronic diseases, not worth the loss.

What running every day means to me, I don't know for a long time. Running every day will certainly get healthy. Fat disappears, growing balanced muscles and controlling weight. But I often feel that this is not the only way, there should be something more important behind it.

"Being a Professional Novelist" - Murakmura Spring Tree.

It doesn't matter if the rookie is scolded, love you so criticize you.

In the case of Onion Elsa's personal experience, in 2001, when she was in her sophomore year at the Institute, she had completed all the credits and completed all the papers ahead of time, when the ambitious me, with a warm heart, intended to advance the deployment, ahead of the workplace attack. I was lucky enough to find a job as a media manager for a foreign media company. I do not know the education is sufficient, the labor force did not open me, in fact, is empty theory and ideal only, go in to meet a variety of business documents and tools, is completely eating! I don't even lock Excel's columns and headers, and I don't know how to set the plus average formula, let alone what logic Vlook is. Remember when I took my old bird, like a gendarme, and looked straight behind me, almost collapsed to the back of my head and said, "How could this not work?" The aura of ignorance and good self-feeling instantly disintegrate! Of course, this old bird, now becomes a very good friend of my heart chicken soup group, I am also very grateful to her when I was the head of the stick to drink! Let me understand my shortcomings more, and especially strive to learn from practical operations.

From 2001 to the media planning debut, the next year into the marketing industry's leading foreign domestic products company, the following ten years, I went through Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greater China, the global market; No matter what industry, or where, I have a consistent first heart: "There is always a field I am a rookie, can learn is my luck." 」

When you take learning as your interest, your personal growth as your driving force, your goal is to win-win situations between your business and your individual, and naturally what you get is structured in the direction you're paying for.

In fact, with these and I grew up with the old birds, executives, even than my senior bosses chat, we all miss the rookie period, that period has all kinds of enthusiasm, funny, full of fun experience, and this "past feelings", but also let me confirm that good work habits, can make the next dozen or twenty years of career, development more smooth, but also more suitable for you!