Today, September 8th, the 25th anniversary of Zhang Ailing's death, every year the world's hundreds of millions of fans will recall Zhang Ailing's masterpieces and golden sentences. Are you a fan, too? What articles did she influence you about?

Tribute to Zhang Xue, 25 years after Zhang Ailing's death.

On September 8, 1995, she was found dead at her apartment on Rochester Avenue in Westwood, California, at the age of 75. Died of atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease, his will: "cremation as quickly as expected, ashes spilled in the open field, relics left to the Song Qi couple to deal with." On 19 September, no public funeral was held following his will to be cremated. On the day of the same year (September 30), several friends scattered their ashes into the vast Pacific Ocean.
Zhang Ailing is recognized as the most legendary literary phenomenon in the 20th century: In the spring of 1943, Zhang Ailing met Zhou Thinxuan, a famous writer and editor in Shanghai, and was recognized for her work, and in the two years of 1943 and 1944, she was able to publish several sensational short stories in a row, including "The Confetti and the First Furnace of Incense", "The Love of the City", "The Book of Heart" and "The Golden Lock", which became famous in Shanghai during the fall. In the decades that followed, Zhang Ailing's novels and essays were published all over the world, and not only were they adapted into stage plays or films many times, but "Zhang Xue" became a prominent study of Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and throughout the world. In the 1980s, Wang Dewei, on the phenomenon of Zhang Xue, outlined the "Zhang Pai Writers" and included Taiwanese writers: Zhu Astro, Su Weizhen, Yuan Qiongqiong; Hong Kong writers: Zhong Xiaoyang, Li Bihua; mainland writers: Wang Anyi, Su Tong; and travel writer Yan Gexuan, among others, into the Zhang PaiPu department. Under zhang Ailing's influence, not only the accumulation of readers, Zhang Pai writers show the female consciousness and historical consciousness more iterative update, and constantly create the spark of the literary world and Yong Yong works.

Today (September 8), coincides with the 25th anniversary of a generation of writer Zhang Ailing, we have organized for you, but also invite you to review her ten shake the literary world, deep cultivation of Zhang Xue's literary works, as well as inscribed in the heart of the golden sentence.

A brief description of Zhang Ailing's top ten literary articles and golden sentences.

1. "Love of the City"

It is a short story created by Zhang Ailing in 1943, and it is also one of Zhang Ailing's masterpieces and representative works. The story takes place in Shanghai and Hong Kong, from the Shanghai family of Miss Bai Liusu, after a failed marriage, returned to her mother's house, within a few years, she ran out of money, become a long-term, in relatives were sneered at, the world cold. Mrs. Xu, a relative of Bai Lusu's ex-husband, wanted to be a matchmaker for Miss Seven Baoliu, introduced to the multi-golden bachelor Fan Liuyuan acquaintance, Lusu as a companion, and thus met Fan Liuyuan, and then from each other to try to carry out, to rely on each other for a life, a true relationship turn.

Photo Source: Crown Culture.

This wall, somehow reminds me of words like heaven and earth. I don't know. One day, the whole of our civilization was destroyed, and everything was over -- burned, blown up, collapsed, and perhaps the wall was left. Su, if we had met at that time under the root of the wall. Su, maybe you'll be a little sincere about me, maybe I'll be a little sincere with you.

The fall of Hong Kong was hers. But in this unconscionable world, who knows what causes and what are fruits? Who knows, maybe it's because it's going to be her, a big city is going to top down.

Death is broad, and son Cheng said, the hand of the deacon, and the son of the old, is really the saddest poem, death and life and parting, are great events, not at our disposal. How small and how small we are compared to outside forces! But we should say, "I will always be with you, and my life will never be apart." It's as if we've done the Lord.

2. Red Rose and White Rose

"Red Rose and White Rose" is a short story written by Zhang Ailing in 1944. Later included in Zhang Ailing's 1944 collection of novels, "Legends", the story tells the main character Zhai Zhenbao is originally a "Willow Hui" good reputation of the man, but in the encounter with the old schoolmate style of all kinds of wife WangJiaoYuYu, still can't hold, and when WangJiaoYuYuyu gave him a sincere all, he is like most men have the impulse to do things, no courage to take responsibility, because of social expectations and fear of reputation damage, and escape.

Zhenbao's life has two women, he said one is his white rose, one is his red rose. One is a holy wife, the other is a warm mistress - ordinary people have always said this way.

Perhaps every man has ever had such two women, at least two. Married red roses, over time, red changed the wall of a mosquito blood, white or "moonlight before the bed";

The beauty of a baby's mind and a mature woman is the most seductive union.

3. "The First Furnace"

"Shen Xiang and the first furnace incense" is Zhang Ailing's famous work, the novel tells the story of Ge Weilong "out", from a simple schoolgirl to a communicative flower, and her aunt Mrs. Liang, is Ge Weilong's depraved road seduction and instigator, she promised to fund Ge Weilong to continue reading because Ge Weilong can play tennis, play the piano, young and cultural, for her communication and around, become her bait. Veron later, but really fell in love with the young debauchery of the idle Georgio, and willingly between the two sides, for the lure of money, but also for the pursuit of true love.

Please find out the home of the moldy green-stained copper incense stove, point on a furnace of incense crumbs, listen to me a pre-war Hong Kong story, you this furnace of incense crumbs dot finished, my story should be finished.

He is bloodless than Zhou Jixuan, even his lips are pale, and plaster like a general. Under the black-pressed eyebrows and eyelashes, eyes like the wind blowing through the waseda fields, and from time to time exposed the green light of the rice under the water, a flash, and dark down.

Behind a large group of sailors, are drunk, throwing flower guns in all sides. Caught a glimpse of Veron, and made her a object of purpose, and the flower gun flew over like a meteor catching the moon. Veron ran away in shock, and Georgie recognized their car, pulled her to the front of the car, pushed her in, and the two drove off, leaving Wan Chai. Georgie laughs, "What do you think of you when you're drunk?" "What's the difference between me and them? Georgie held the roulette wheel in one hand and covered her mouth with one hand and said, "You're talking nonsense again, " and Veron smiled and said, "All right! I admit that I said something wrong. Why isn't it different? They're a last-of-last, I'm voluntary! 」

4. The Book of Hearts

Published in 1943 and first published in the monthly edition of The Book of Hearts, the story tells the story of Xu Xiaohan's love for his father. There are now 峯, Xu Xiaohan, Mrs. Xu and Duan Yuqing four main roles. In the heart to cross the tradition, walk in the vanguard of the times bold pen and female perspective, describe Xu Xiaohan's love father complex, and the impact of such a relationship on the whole family, to the end, Xu father even with Xiaohan's classmate Duan Qing love. Fully demonstrated under the surface of rational dogms, there is still an irresististive dark feeling in human nature.

She sat on the dry side of the bar as if she were the only one there. Behind is the empty blue sky, blue a little scum did not - there are, precipitated in the bottom, black paint, shiny, smoke, shouting piece - that is Shanghai. There is nothing else here, only the sky and Shanghai and xiao cold. No, day and small cold and Shanghai, because small cold sitting position is between the sky and Shanghai. She put her hand behind her back, pressed on the rough cement, for a long time, feel pain, then sat straight, palms, laughing: "My father all day long said he did not like Shanghai, to move to the countryside." 」

The electric light on the stairs, which happened to be broken again. The two had to touch the black, next to each other, step by step to walk side by side. Fortunately, each door is inlaid with a rectangular glass, glass also has a paste of oil-green tracing gold flower paper, but also covered with powder-colored ruffled screen, slightly out of the light, lighting out of the foot of the mica stone brick floor.
"Do you think there's anything special about this staircase?" said Xiao Xiaohan with a smile. 」
Yu Qing thought about it and said, "Special long. "
Xiao Cold Road: Maybe that's one reason. Don't know why, no matter who, go up alone or down, always like to talk to themselves. Several times, I did not have the heart to hear the buy food back to the mother and cook, are there to say dream words. I call this staircase monologue a staircase. 」

Fengyi solemnly fell over and looked at her face-to-face, saying, "Little cold, do I often worry you?" Am I making you miserable? 」
"No, I'm very happy. 」
Fengyi sighed and said, "Well, at least one of the three of us is happy!" 」
"Are you unhappy?" 」
"How can I be happy when I have a little heart?" I watched you delay yourself in vain. What good is it for me that you sacrificed yourself? 」

5. "Golden Locks"

Zhang Ailing's original novel, "Golden Locks", published in 1943, will be rewritten in 1971 as "The Rouge of the North" after going to the United States. The novel describes a small businessman family-born woman Cao Qi qiao, because of the needs of the family environment, was forced to marry the big family's disabled second master, but also fell in love with the three majors Jize, and finally gradually change, living concepts and mentality are distorted closed tragic life. In the course of the spiritual change of sincere love, she gradually lost her self and used the distorted values on her son and daughter. So with money, 怼 and years of the golden shackles, heavily buckled in their own and the next generation of eternal life.

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What's the use of beauty, like running for your life with jewelry around you, more dangerous, and something that doesn't have a market value, can't change money.

One day I'm going to show them, I don't have to stay in their house all my life. I don't have to be poor all my life.

After 25 years of waiting, ZhangAiling's gorgeous and desolate still exists in the world (d).