Today, September 8th, the 25th anniversary of Zhang Ailing's death, every year the world's hundreds of millions of fans will recall Zhang Ailing's masterpieces and golden sentences. Are you a fan, too? What articles did she influence you about?

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6. Color Ring

The novel was published on April 11, 1978, in taiwan's China Times, and later included in a collection of Short Stories by Zhang Ailing, entitled "The Book of Yan Ran", published by Taiwan's Crown Press. It was in Shanghai and Hong Kong before and after the Pacific War during World War II that the story depicts a young actress in a college drama troupe, Wang Jiazhi, who, as a decoy, plotted to assassinate Mr. Yi, the head of an agent in the national government. Zhang Ailing's work is best known in recent years, and director Ang Lee was adapted into a film of the same name in 2007 and performed by Liang Chaowei, Tang Wei and Wang Lihong.

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She put the pink diamond ring on the side of the hand to look over, and her rose-red nail polish, in fact, but not slightly red, not too big, but the skinhead is very full, shiny, like a star, red has a sense of mystery. Unfortunately, it is only a small prop on the stage, and it only took such a little work to make people feel sad.

English has this saying: "Power is an abalon medicine." I don't know about her. She is the most completely passive. There is another proverb: "The way to a man's heart passes through the stomach." It's about men being delicious, meeting women who can cook and treat them, and being easy to hook up to. So someone said, "The way to a woman's heart passes through the vagina." It is said that the early years of the Republic of China proficient in English, the famous scholar said, the name she can not call, know his defense of Chinese polygamy that famous saying: "Only a teapot a few teacubes, which one teapot a teacup?" 」

Think really can't help but be surprised, this beauty bureau in Hong Kong two years ago has been launched, so well-furnished, but the beauty temporarily changed the plan to let him go. She still really loved him, the first pink confidant in his life. I can't imagine this encounter after middle-year.
Otherwise he could leave her by his side. "The agents don't know home", isn't there such a sentence? Besides, she is just a student. There was only one Chongqing agent in their group, and he escaped, the only flaw in the service.

7. Blockade

In 1943, Zhang Ailing published a short story, which was later included in the collection of novels by Crown Culture in "Love of the City". The story is told in Shanghai, where the street "blocked" during the war and the trams did not continue to travel, and the tram passengers had to decide to get off or continue to wait. Actor Lu Zongxuan, with the university as a teaching assistant strange girl Wu Cuiyuan talk, one side is to avoid acquaintance greetings and casual chat, the other side of such a conversation as an opportunity to open a life confidante. Although zhang Ailing is not well-known a short story, but attracted hu Lancheng's attention, so that he had an interest and curiosity in Zhang Ailing, many parties to get the address, the initiative to visit, thus began to belong to the love story of the two of them.

A man in love has always liked to say that a woman in love has always liked to hear. A woman in love is an exception who doesn't like to talk much, because subconsciously she knows that a man will not love a woman when he knows her thoroughly.

Zong Yu concluded that Cuiyuan was a lovely woman - white, thin, warm, like a breath in your own mouth in winter. If you don't want her, she drifts away quietly. She's a part of yourself, she knows everything, she forgives you. When you tell the truth, she's sad for you, and when you tell a lie, she smiles as if to say, "Look at your mouth!" 」

What's the use of explaining it to him? If a woman has to rely on her words to impress a man, she is pathetic.

8. "Song"

"Song" is a novel written by Zhang Ailing in 1955, which tells the story of jingen's family, a small village farmer, who struggles to survive hunger and reflects the rural life of China after the land reform. The novel was originally written in English and later translated by Zhang Ailing himself into Chinese. The book describes rural life under the rule of the Communist Party of China, and the story is set in the background after the completion of the land reform. The main characters are farmer Jingen and his wife, Moon Xiang. Kingen is kind to people. Moon Xiang is shrewd and good at things, Ben in Shanghai domestic helper, and later returned to the countryside. In hunger, they, like others, have to face heavy and numerous taxes and participate in a variety of political activities. In the end, Mr. Jin was seen as a counter-revolutionary because of his dispute with rural cadres, and his daughter, Ao, was trampled to death in the chaos. Moon Xiang and the wounded escaped Jingen hiding in the mountains. In order to avoid the scourge of his wife, Jingen threw himself into the water. Moon Xiang burned down the warehouse in the village, and he was driven into the sea of fire by the militia. By the time spring came, the village was still full of hunger.

The child's mother is a domestic helper in Shanghai. She wrote back a few months ago, saying she was quit her job and went back to the fields - and Now Kingen is in the field. Since the land reform. But the family is still very bitter, all rely on her outside to send money back, so she has been waiting for no quits. Jingen now said to the child is so, in fact, he estimated that she will not be able to come back this year for the New Year.

Their child is called A-Trick, nothing more than hope that she will recruit a younger brother. But in recent years her mother has not been in her hometown, so Ao has always been in vain to start.

He asked her to go alone, unwilling to take her with him. He must have known that he was badly hurt, though she refused to admit it. He didn't say anything, but she thought back now, just now when she was about to walk away, first gave him a seat on the root of the tree, she just stood up straight, suddenly felt his hand holding her ankle, at that time as if to think it was a childish impulse, he held tightly, as if unwilling to let her go. Now she knows, it's because he felt he couldn't decide in that moment. His fingers were hooped on her wrists, and it felt so real that, in fact, the moment seemed to be near, but it was never possible to master, making her simply uncomfortable to go mad.

9. "Little Ai"

Xiao Ai is a novel published by Zhang Ailing in Shanghai's Yi Daily under the pen name Liang Jing in May 1951. The article describes the story of maid Xiao Ai who was oppressed in the old society and finally ushered in a new life after the founding of New China. Then Taiwan's "Union Daily" supplement re-published when it was abridged, the income in May of the same year Taiwan's Crown Press published "Yu Yun" "Little Ai" is a new face to meet with readers. The article describes the maid Xiao Ai from an early age was sold into shanghai's Xijia, even parents and their own names do not remember, by the old lady and other servants bullying. After being the old master Jingxuan and pregnant, the child was beaten off by his aunt and wife, Xiao Ai thus miscarried and left the root of the disease. Xiao Ai later met Feng Jinxuan, who works in a printing plant, and the two were in love with a merger and marriage. However, the good times did not last long, because of the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the printing plant where Jin Yu worked moved to Hong Kong, Jin Yu followed to Hong Kong after a number of places. At the same time, Jin's mother and brother fled from the countryside to Shanghai to run for Xiao Ai, fleeing the war and the landlord's discrediting. Xiao Ai miscarried after the onset of the disease, but in order to feed the mother-in-law's family, had to give others as maids.

She always forgets that she used to be a girl, people always say that the big family out of the girl is often delicious lazy to do, will not live, she would prefer to fight for this tone, so always very hard, always want people to say she said a virtuous. She now earns very little of her monthly income and always comes home.

Xiao Ai gritted his teeth and whispered, "I really hate them, I'm sick of them killing me, all these years, my life is still in their hands." "No, they're done, it's our world now, and it won't let you die. No, it won't. He spoke in a low voice, but seemed to shout from his heart.

10. Half Life

"Half a Life" is one of Zhang Ailing's most well-known works, but also her first complete novel. Originally known as "Eighteen Springs" when it was published in 1948, the content has since been revised and renamed "Half Life". The work has been adapted into stage plays, films and TV dramas. The same time is also Zhang Ailing's works after the most interpretation and different performance channels to show the works. He has adapted films of the same name (starring Dawn, Huang Lei and Wu Yulian) and TV dramas of the same name (starring Lin Xinru) and Half Life (2018 TV series) (starring Liu Jialing). The story revolves around Shanghai and Nanjing in the Republic of China, and the main line is the love story between Gu Manxuan and Shen Shixuan: first-time knowledge of work, hot love, engagement, and abandonment due to family problems. After abandoning the contract, it leads to the climax of the story due to various misunderstandings and the instation of others. Then, Shen Shixuan married the person he did not love, Gu Manxuan for reasons of his own, first with one of her most hated people to marry, and then abandon the marriage. And to the end, the two people went through a thousand sails and then met, but only with a thousand feelings: "The world, we can not go back." The book is a classic work of Zhang Ailing.

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I want you to know that there is always someone waiting for you in this world, no matter when, no matter where, anyway, you know, there is always such a person.

The world made up its mind on that stormy night and never went to Manson's house again. But this kind of determination is of little value.

What he was stimulated by, however, was that her mother's words had nothing to do with her. Even if she herself has an ambition, with the two of them in the past this relationship, can not count on this, at least to see one side, to understand the words.

When you find that the person you like the most will leave you, you will find that the person you hate the most is not so annoying.

She always knew. That's what she said, they can't go back. He now understands why he is always so confused today, he is struggling with time. The last time we met, at least suddenly, there was no goodbye. Go out from here today and say goodbye, be clear, just like you died.

Everyone has their own Zhang Ailing in their heart.

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Zhang Ailing's reclusive and death in her later years was an infinite shock and loss for Zhang Fan. But for us who are still alive, Yong Yong's works can be repeatedly reminisced, and become our endless source of satisfaction and reading healing. If you also miss her, if you also endlessly miss her works, please join us in the grand event, read Zhang Ailing, cast a book women fans, together to share Zhang Ailing literature to bring you strength and moved.