How the most difficult thing about exercise is how to start, the new unit ,Start Sports, access to sports stories of different professional identities, mind methods in parallel, whether you are busy to three or more midnight office workers, or take care of the children to the dark mom and dad, we work together to find a reason to exercise again.

Q: How long are the qualifications of the sport?

I started in college is the volleyball school team, from no foundation to be able to play, at least every day against the wall, self-practice basic movements for one to two hours, not to mention noon lunch break, holiday outfield PLAY (team), as well as irregular inter-departmental, inter-school friendly matches, as well as each semester fixed college cup league. There have been twenty years since then (accidentally revealing your age). College students are dressed up beautiful and fragrant, only I smell sweat every day, in the stadium ghost, friendship ah boyfriend time is not.

To the workplace, to the gym-based, time is more able to cooperate.

Q: What are the reasons why you've persuaded yourself to give up sports? (What absurdity can be understood)

Once there was a secret love of boys directly said to me: "Your thighs are really not thicker than the average girl, thicker than me." Ben intends to take the initiative to confession me, this game will not become, no confidence ah! Think about how my legs can be fine when you think about how hard it is to be an athlete, where weight training and kicking cores are essential. I can't help but feel sad and want to give up.

Q: What determines the reason for continuous exercise?

After having a baby, after thirty years, the metabolic rate drops and you eat fat at will. Think no, although my husband does not hate me, but as a married woman can not be without a sense of distress.

Q: What sports have I tried? What's going on?

Volleyball, feather ball, cycling around the island (segment), jogging, swimming. Take part in the tri-iron once a year (but it's semi-iron: swimming 750M, bike 20KM, jogging 5KM). Once wanted to challenge the standard iron, but afraid of hurting her husband's self-esteem.

The reason for participating in the three irons is: husband competition.

Accompanying the light next to when the cheerleaders are too tired, wait for dozens of minutes to see his side, shouting two refueling refueling he passed by, and waiting for the bus results over the station non-stop mood is as sad, as I myself do not waste time ah.

Photo by Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash.

Q: Three suggestions for sports nods who want to stick to it.

  • Start with a simple and easy start: even walking.
  • Sustaining is more important than strength: fifteen minutes a day is more important than forcing yourself to run for an hour a week.
  • Try to detect that after a period of exercise, the body endorphin appears, that kind of excited body feeling, than anything happy!