Women fans X summer Joe "painting words to those girls around" series of pictures, summer Joe weekly painting / words, a warm hand letter to the dear girls. Talk about four girls today, aren't you?

There is a kind of girl, a little pessimistic, a little controlling desire, often afraid of each other change, fear that they are no longer loved.

She is four unlike a girl, when she meets love, she will fall into it. Her eyes turned with her partner; her mood followed her partner's ups and downs; and her world operated according to her partner.

Sometimes, she is a little angry, often pay attention to each other's online time, and even peep at the other side of all chat history, no matter what the other half do, can not give her a sense of security.

Some people have told her that you have to value yourself and become an independent individual before you can treat you well.

In fact, she also knows that the bet all on the other side, all lost may be their own. But she did not know how to face the anxiety in her heart, and how to deal with the black hole filled in her heart.

However, the other person is always another person, even if he is now willing to give a lot of love and care, perhaps one day, his energy will be exhausted.

Summer Joe: "Don't be terrible for love, don't forget your cuteness!" 」

Photo by Summer Joe.

Write to all four unlike girls, may you find the key to open the heart lock, your inner bondage, only you can solve for yourself ah.