Gender Force "Independent Women" unit, take you from the film to understand the feminist thousands of states. Cersei Ronan starred in "The Lady Bird", accompany you to relive the girl's bad feelings, youth in addition to the green, there is not willing to lose the stubborn.

Christine is a high school girl living in Sagamendo, she is not ordinary, for their own light name, called a lady bird. Lady Bird, she doesn't want to be just a little girl, she wants to be a lady.

The lady bird never liked her name or her hometown, and she longed to be like a bird, with wings on, and fly to the other end of the community track to live in the exquisite three-story blue house. There, she can host parties, read magazines bought by her bedside, and go to private universities in the East Coast city.

Photo A picture of a lady bird.

The corner of the room, secretly written on the boy's name, in his own small world, owns the whole of him. After the first kiss of the dance, don't pretend to be shy, prefer to be in the quiet streets at night, shouting.

Teenage dreams are so simple, innocent, and pure.

"I wish I could go through some difficulties. 」
"I wish that I can live through something."
Lady Bird

As the saying goes, girly feelings are always poetry, lady bird heart, in addition to green poetry, there is stubborn thorns.

Home can not afford to buy a sun machine, and friends lying in the school corridor, borrow the window through the sun, laughing and chatting, not happy;

Who says the girl's heart, can only be gentle, can only be small love? Born strong, it is the lady bird that teaches us romance.

Photo A picture of a lady bird.

And the girl's growth story, often can not help but tears and wolves. For example, the first love that shouts I LOVE YOU to you doesn't really love you at all;

In addition to love, there is friendship and affection. That accompany you through the youth years, the best understanding of your good sister, overnight, two people gradually drift away;

"Other things can be sad, not just war. 」
"Different things can be sad. It's not all war."
Lady Bird

Tears, you finally found that the original most yearning for ronghua, are just over the eyes of the clouds, you only left their own.

But you also know that it's all worth it, because if you don't walk by yourself, you'll never know who the most precious human thing is.

Maybe you're young, but it's always too late to live a good life.

Photo A picture of a lady bird.

"Lady Bird" taught me feminism.

Is Lady Bird, played by Saoirse Una Ronan, like us in our youth?

Perseverance, pride, stubbornness, can not see the clear direction of the future, but as if the heart has been directional, fearless of the alarmist, partial to jump, break through. Sometimes you fall and bruise, but you learn to cover your wounds with an ice pack, wipe your tears with your sleeves, and tell yourself that it's okay, not dead.

Ordinary if it is a road, can go to the exit, may as well go. Just as secondary two is a disease, if you can help save your life in the world, that eternal girl or eternal two is nothing, who called most of the good things, so early have died.

The Heart of The Eternal Girl of Jiang Yani

Photo A picture of a lady bird.

"Lady Bird" taught me feminism, is not so much to live a life under the name of living, it is better to live their own best version.

Feminism breaks with the traditional binary discourse and attempts to open up possibilities that, in addition to erasing the division between women and men, encourage jumping out of the frame. Whether you're Winner or Loser in mainstream social values, the world has a place for you.

Photo A picture of a lady bird.

Finally, walking into the bustling city, she decided to start calling herself Christine. It was the shackles she was eager to get rid of, but it became the only souvenir that remained around her.

The lady bird had the dream of flying, circled around, and knew that she belonged to Sagamedo here after all, but also belonged to herself.