A child who does not know his potential, only adults believe in him, and from an early age to give him responsibility to practice to be their own master, so that the child can grow happy and strong.

Women fans are honored to have the opportunity to interview Esther, known as "Vossie". Esther Wojcicki, author of "Raising a Powerful Child." She has inspired a number of Silicon Valley legends, including Jobs, and many celebrity celebrities.

She seems to be an ordinary high school language teacher, but she actually teaches countless famous students. What is the magic of her teaching, so that the top celebrities rush to send their children into her class?

Through this remote interview, our woman fans explore the "secrets" not mentioned in the book

Children don't believe in themselves, you have to trust them first

In the high school of the Worthy church, there are many children from poor backgrounds and poor families, who, likewise, do not do well. That kind of child will hate going to school, because students don't like them, teachers don't like them, and more importantly - they don't like themselves, but they don't know what else to do.

And Ms. Waugh gave the answer: from the bottom of my heart, believe them. Then use the professional guidance of teaching, let them find their own positioning.

If parents and teachers don't believe him, how do you believe in yourself when you're still exploring your own teen?

Therefore, believing in students, believing in their children, having the ability to learn and the ability to make choices for themselves, is the first thing for parents.

Encourage children to be independent and spontaneous

This can start with family business, as long as it is already able to walk or talk to the child, you can arrange a "family affairs exclusive to him" to do.

Sister Waugh, for example, had her eldest daughter, Susan, who, after the birth of her second daughter, Jenny, was too busy at home because she was too busy, and she had Susan, who was still toddler, take on the task of "baby monitor";

And we can usually deliver to our children a lot of household choth, such as:

  • Washing dishes (although it will make water everywhere, he can also be taught to dry the floor)
  • Fold clothes (although folded crooked, but adults fold adults, children fold children, "see who is faster" game)
  • Put everyone's cutlery on the table before dinner (in addition to the little helper's sense of accomplishment, there are more mathematical concepts of classification and pairing)
  • Wipe the floor (he grabs the rag anyway and pushes it around, it's not the point, is it?) )
  • Watering flowers (let him be in charge of small pots, anyway, the flowers and grasses die to buy another pot?) )

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The most important family affair is called "responsible"

If the family has a chance, let the child act as a caregiver for his brother and sister from an early age. The job started out with patience, but soon you'll find that the little brothers and sisters are actually capable of significantly reducing the burden on their parents.

In her husband's busy and unaccompanied situation, while doing high school teacher's work, while raising three children. Her eldest daughter, a google elder and now a YouTube CEO, has five children at work.

What's the secret to raising children while they work?

is to hand over responsibility to the child. When you believe them, they will be very capable!

There are also a variety of family matters, many, as long as you think out, and not dangerous, it can be delivered to them at a very young age, so that they have a "part of the family" sense of responsibility and belonging, and from those small things, accumulated from confidence.

"I never treat them as children, and when they are very young, I ask them to do things like adults to develop their sense of responsibility, because only by giving responsibility can children exceed expectations." Woo said.

Do I need to arrange talent activities for my child?

Then there is the choice of children to choose their own talent, the world's interesting things how many, children do not necessarily like their parents for their choice of talent.

The most important task for parents is to "tell" them about the benefits of doing this and the harms of not doing it.

For example, explain to your child, "If you don't study hard, then by the next school year, your homework will be getting harder and harder to keep up with, is that what you want?" Children are smarter than you think, give them a little time, and they usually figure it out.

Mr. Woo also noted that Asian parents often like to help their children arrange music lessons, especially piano and violin. So if it was her, she would take her children to a concert, even a concert, and ask them to try to touch the instrument, and then ask them if they like it or not, and if they like it

Tell them clearly about the benefits of learning the piano, the possibility of becoming a musician, the absence of learning, the ideas of parents, and so on. These are important things adults need to teach their children--- Tell him enough information to let him make his own decisions.

In addition, it is necessary to go out and exercise, this Vossy also stressed. You don't have to get a good ranking in a particular sport, but it's good for their lives to like it and keep it in your habits.

Let your child develop the ability to solve difficulties

Let your child believe in themselves, don't be afraid they will make mistakes, because the most precious thing is to learn from mistakes, that is they can take away the gift of a lifetime.

Give them the opportunity to make choices that will allow them to develop a sense of what they can and cannot do, and then find the path that best suits them in future choices.

In case the child chooses the wrong, parents should not help them clean up the mess, make the consequences of the wrong decision, have to bear their own;

As long as her children are in trouble with their school assignments, she won't offer to help, and she lets her daughters develop a habit of "finding their own way and seeking resources first."

When she finds the "mom" resource, she will work with them to figure out how to finish her homework, but instead of leading, let her daughter guide herself on how she wants to help them. So she is proud to say that their homework is their own, although not perfect, but their own learning results are the best display.

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My lord, lead by example

Children are "people" who develop unique personalities and self-esteem from a very young age; they have imaginations and potential that adults don't have, and they are like a treasure mining mine, waiting for us to explore and tap.

What parents should keep in mind is that children don't do what you call them, but their eyes keep staring at you and seeing what you're doing.

Esther. Esther Wojcicki

Children don't necessarily do all the "things you ask them to do" obediently, but they do "what you're doing";

Imagine a situation where you have worked hard all day and come home just to relax, but parents are playing mahjong and yelling at you to go to the room to read - will such a child willing to read?

What's more, what he sees is the opposite of the message he receives, which can lead to cognitive contradictions and psychological dissatisfaction. In the future, even if the child goes to a good school, he will only thank his or her for his progress, not his parents' upbringing. I think we don't want to accompany a world-hate literary and artistic teenager, do we?

So the five core values of Worthy are extremely important: "TRICK" - trust, respect, independence, cooperation, kindness. Trust your children and lead by example.

Let a home be full of positive feedback and a warm home, so that even if children grow up and leave home, they will often come back to see you and fill the home with laughter.

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