Interview With Ren Rongxuan, this time to talk about family and her own affairs.

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In front of the fluorescent screen, Ren Rongrong, the corner of his mouth often hangs a smile, there is a lively state, there are quiet moments. At the time of the interview, Ren Rongxuan's eyes showed a calm and firm, like in the careful thumping of each answer, for their own response, careful, careful.

Remember what she said, sound is the greatest power. I was wondering if it would be because of this, she attaches great importance to and cherishes her voice.

This time, we had a chat with Ren Rongrong about family and ourselves.

To the family: Let's grow up together.

Graduated from taiwan teachers, for family education, Ren Rongxuan is particularly touching. Family is a person born, the first place encountered, how the family to give and care for, shape the child's growth, a certain degree also develop the child's values. Those experiences in the native family determine how a child grows up.

Ren Rongxuan turned his back and found that his current view of many things was somewhat related to his childhood experience.

After mentioning, she said that to start a family, want to create the same atmosphere as the original family, to find the original family and her similar objects, "good family and good husband are educated, learned, not already have." Although the family is not exactly the same person, but more or less can infer one or two.

Let Jung Yu talk about his home, there is a comfortable and warm feeling, like the spring sun in the sun cotton quilt. Of course, there are no shortage of disputes that every family has, but most of the time it's beautiful.

Today, even if a family of four are busy, they often meet for dinner and drink, talk about each other's recent situation, talk about international current affairs, give each other support and encouragement. In addition, time is taken each year for family tours. As a family, these are all things that must be done, and perhaps for them, to love themselves and their families before they have the energy to face the world.

And what kind of person you want or don't want to be is sometimes influenced far by your family. Ren Rongrong's role model is his own mother.

Many girls have a delicate relationship with their mother, with love and complaints, but for her, there is very little negative feeling for her mother.

"Mom has always been my role model. Referring to his mother, Ren Rongxuan made no hesitation in this note. Her eyes of the mother, not limited by age, the younger she lives, always keep active learning frequency, do enough to bring their own sense of accomplishment, "she is living a life that I have thought about." 」

Imagination of the future, although in the distance, but because there is a mother's shadow, as if to become clearly visible, no longer so confused and afraid.

Ren Rongrong's sister, a well-known singer Selina (Ren Jiaxuan), was already an artist when she was studying in her home country.

In the past, she was often asked whether being labelled "Sister Selina" would be stressful or feel alive in the shadows. Ren Rongxuan always said that she is not troubled, but feel very proud, because from small to large, sisters are their idols.

"My sister and I are seven years old, and I'm impressed that she's doing well in school, so I admire her and I'm a big fan. Ren Rongrong smiled, "At that time, my sister was very busy, only saw her about twice a year, "

I was curious, at first my sister for her sister also entered the performing arts circle, what do you think?

"My sister would say to me, "Do you see me so busy, as you think?" Ren Rongrong shared that her sister never strongly objected, but would present objective facts and then let her decide for herself after a rational discussion.

After Ren Rongrong out of society, because the sisters' work is similar in nature, not only does not conflict, but also can help each other, give each other advice. Selina worked in the field of singing and hosting, while Ren Rongrong shines as an actor, and the two know each other and inspire each other.

From the sharing of the family, we see, how the family can be complete and support, in the full of their own at the same time, but also together to support the family.

Being an actor is also a process of understanding yourself.

As an actor, there are a lot of things to practice. Being aware of what's around you, being emotionally sensitive, is probably a must-have skill for an actor.

"I've always been full of my own, " Mr. Ren said. 」

For her, the most difficult thing was not to find herself, but to pull away from the role. Ren Rongxuan said that he played a girl suffering from depression, after a profound interpretation, found himself deeply involved in it, it took some effort to finally return to God.

"Actors are highly self-demanding and often have mood swings. Playing someone else, speculating about others, is sometimes a kind of energy consumption. This is true of professional actors, not to mention the general public?

Ren Rongrong's performance teacher once said that knowing himself was the biggest lesson. I think it's not just about acting, it's about life.

"Talking to some of the actor's friends, I found that everyone had the idea of giving up. Ren said frankly. And if you encounter setbacks in filming, you'll wait until you get home to find a way to vent, "like yelling in the shower, or singing and crying." She smiled a little shyly.

I asked, how would she describe herself?

Ren Rongxuan thought for a long time, seems to be the whole interview, think the most once. "It's the sun, it's the stars. She gently threw out the answer. The sun, means daylight, like the outside of her, without reservation to give warmth, the stars, not as bright as the sun, but in the deep night when quiet, let you look up to see, as if to tell you that she has been quietly there, safe companionship.

Make good use of your innate ability to bring warmth to those around you.

Ren Rongrong.

"I think there's a lot of negative energy in this society, and a lot of people can't speak for themselves, leading to bad things happening all the time. Ren said that her hope for herself is to bring the good she sees to others.

This time, Ren was invited by World Vision Taiwan to act as a spokesman for "1000 Opportunities to Fund Her and Change the World", hoping to find funders for 1,000 vulnerable girls at home and abroad. In order to better understand the situation of these girls, Ren Rongrong, in addition to online video with foreign girls, also personally visited the Yunlin coastal area, and received financial support for the "self-reliance girls" interactive exchanges.

"Every time I chat with a self-reliance girl, I'm surprised and moved. Although they are in a poor environment, but they do not complain about themselves, but very hard to live their own. 」

As an actor, often have to figure out a variety of roles and situations, like this to participate in public welfare activities, out of the same temperature, and life outside the circle of people to get along, for Ren Rongrong, is also a good study.

"I think it's a very happy thing to be a small part of their growth process. At the end of the interview, Ren looked forward to more opportunities to participate in public welfare activities in the future, such as helping people who are mentally vulnerable or living in hardship.

Don't take the idea in your head lightly, as long as you are willing to stand up, are the weapons to show self-ability.

Ren Rongrong.

Once upon a time in front of the fluorescent screen to see Ren Rongxuan, always feel that she is a soft girl, through a short hour of interviews, you can see other facing her. Not slow, not humble, keep warm but firm toughness, this is what Ren Rongrong taught us.