2021 play with time hand account: there are morning yellow, twilight orange, eternal daylight, three colors, three textures - children only make choices, I want to buy three books, send themselves, send friends, because this is the most able to express concern for the gift, is the New Year's expectations, is the hope for the future.

Autumn is getting stronger, cooler, and soon it's the second half of 2020, and in this early autumn, women fans make a elaborate gift for you, which is exclusive to your heart.

We've created a charming and unique"2021 play with time hand account", so that notepad is not only a notepad, but also a record of youth this year, a reflection of the mood of the year.

We want to hand it over to you in advance - to give honey, to yourself, to anyone you care about, with the most sincere blessing, with the most sincere heart. Your heart, the person who received the gift can feel it, the woman's heart, open the hand account - you can feel it immediately!

Let's plan ahead for next year's new thing: maybe a small trip, maybe a family party, maybe a study plan. The sooner we write down our expectations for next year, the sooner we can achieve them step by step, without waiting until next year, which is now.

This lovely little book, you have to taste it alone, and share it with your family, or you can; Just open this essentially full of hand accounts, you can see that 2021 this year is leisurely or busy, happy or sentimental, dating revealed the state of communication, the text tells the growth of the state of mind.

A small hand book, leaving a record in the vast world: "You" gradually become what kind of person - you, want to be what kind of person?

In this article, we specifically interviewed Tophy, the copycat of this handbook, to give you a better understanding of the texture of this hand book and where it came from through six questions and answers.

Q1. This year's hand-led theme, "As Usual," was proposed by Tophy, and I would like to ask Tophy what was the idea of bringing up the concept in the first place.

We have no choice but to face the vagaries and limitations of life.

"As usual" is actually the 2020 Lunar New Year after the feeling of the hair, when because the outbreak began to pull the alarm, suddenly have to face panic, life disorder, and the ensuing life restrictions.

These suddenly in the heart and the reality of the "strange impact", I believe that not only for me, for everyone is difficult to accept, and even once felt that the daily stop, what is on the right track, worried about the past all kinds of good can not come back.

Really hard everyone, all the way to insist on struggle to the present, but perhaps it happens to be in such a process to verify that we never have no choice, have the heart to maintain life, you can still use different ways to live a good life, whether at home or out, grasp the time, or can live a rich life.

If you can think of it this way, "business as usual" is also a daily count / Every Day Counts concept extension, the more challenging the present, the more ordinary every day seems precious.

Q2. Can you also talk to us about the meaning of "business as usual" to you?

I want to do it as usual through my hand account, simply put, by continuing to do what you're doing and trying to enjoy it in a different way.

Like I became a mother, only learned to cook their own, but until recently the child went to school, I returned to a person's dining life during the day, but found that it is no longer possible to like before, casually pass the belly bite bread is good.

It is indeed very troublesome to cook a meal, but I still want to chew every mouthful of their own cooked rice, treat myself, I think it is like this "as usual", it is also worth overcoming all difficulties to stick to as usual, right!

Q3. This hand account, what do you would like to recommend to everyone's characteristics? And what's your favorite part?

Privately recommend this year's new small design "This Month's Choice Three", feels good to look back on last month's important or beautiful, or bring out in advance the direction that the next month must pay attention to.

As for my particular favorite hand account, will want to emphasize the part here, should be those very likeable corner gold sentence, do not know whether we are mistaken for me to make a decision, so this time have to help the production team to make a light.

Those touching gold sentences, has always been through the female fan partners, together to assemble the results of the heart, hope that these famous words, but also for your daily light.

Q4. In addition to the hand ledger, this year there are many more peripheral goods, such as posters, postcards, stickers, the above copy is also from Tophy's hand, want to ask you personal favorite peripheral goods is which, what would like to share with you?

In addition to the main visual of the cover let me see the heart, Dazi in the hand account designed "key theme page" I also like, can be derived into postcards really great.

But I must be honest to say, before next year I want to do a good job of practical it, will certainly send these three postcards, but will be written to me and live with the family, sorry as if it is not just selfish, because too much like absolutely to stay ah, of course, also welcome you to cut love to send me postcards! (Please send to the women's paradise, I will ask my partner to help pay attention to it)

Q5. Could you also ask Tophy to share your philosophy of life with you? How can you make life better for you?

Philosophy dare not say, but it seems that we can take this opportunity to share a paragraph affecting me to the deep, a very beautiful guide, taught me how to practice the ideal life. From Yu Qiuyu wrote "The Game of Collecting Life", from the book "Life Landscape":

If one day, we suddenly found that to devote themselves to a big cause is not like their own life as a career, listening to a good story is not like their own life as a story, we will certainly move the manual pen, do something interesting. Call such a thing a "game of collecting life". Let today's collection yesterday, let tomorrow's collection today, in a cut-out collection, the original pieces connected to a long line, the original pool connected to a big river, and the big river, there will be no more stinking and drying up the danger.

Q6. Want to say something to anyone who will be using this handbook for the next year? What power do you expect them to gain when they finish using this book?

Life is worth swallowing, let me accompany you as usual.

2020 is a bit of a sentimental year, we have experienced many accidents and turmoil, but this year there are only a few months left, and then endure it, I hope you and I find peace of mind, the loss is seen as an opportunity to regain hope.

Put the next day, as usual, can, and then more intentions and experience.

I wish you a safe and smooth ride in 2021.