Listeners can't refuse, the speaker doesn't notice, the same discrimination and jokes keep copying, no one points out the problem, no one says it's uncomfortable, and in constant silence, we allow discrimination to exist.

Recently, Nuseir Yassin, an Arab-Israeli internet personality, uploaded a video called "It's Not Funny at All" on nas Chinese. At the beginning of the film, Ya's new girlfriend, Irene, chokes and says, "I really hate the way the world works, it's not ok at all." 」

In just three seconds, it's enough to catch the eye.

In the five-minute video, Yassing decides to talk about the so-called Guy Talk. Men's conversations can also be called locker-room talks, which refer to conversations that exist in the private between men and men and often contain a lot of sex, swear words, and even demeaning women. In the film, he says he grew up listening to a lot of conversations between men, but only in private, and recently met Guy Talk in public. (Extended Reading: Before Boys Grow Up: We Are Educated to Treat Girls Like Things)

It turned out that Yaxin and his girlfriend Irene were invited to the program by an Albanian host, in the course of the interview, the male host kept opening the yellow cavity, taking another female employee's body to Yaxin joke, like, "Don't turn around, because you will not only look at her eyes, but also on the other pair of eyes." Finally, the male host even forced the female employee to ask Yaxin, "Are you traveling around to hunt for beauty?" 」

Laughing, Yaxin tried to avoid the problem with a smile and silence, but after his girlfriend Irene understood the so-called Guy Talk, she told the host: "I know this is Albania, men have very little respect for women, but it's really too much." 」

During the meeting, the host repeated "No, she said that" and "This is funny" while pushing the "gaffe" error to women, suggesting that when it was women who spoke, there was no longer any question of disrespect, and then repeatedly stressed that it was a joke and that it was funny.

The host's self-righteous joke is not funny, but the whole scene and Yaxin's first reaction, a little interesting.

Photo from Nas Daily Chinese.

Don't make a fuss about the mentality, how much Guy talk does it make?

Yaxin said in the film, when Irene rebutted the host, said it was the act of materializing girls, and the female staff on the side also said to the host "take back the words", he only thought of all the fuss. It's also the first reaction of most people to discriminatory remarks, because he's worried about making a fuss, and even he's listening to the host try guy Talk, and he's uncomfortable, but in order not to make a big noise, he thinks about the little things, so why take it seriously?

However, he reflects in the film: "Looking back, Irene is actually right." 」

Why seriously, just a joke;
Why seriously, just hold you;
Why seriously, just kiss you;
Why seriously, just fun, touch you, we are very happy ah;
Then the sentence becomes - the woman has a problem, why didn't she say no in the first moment?

The world is always afraid that women are too un humorful, too serious, too angry, and at first they want women to tolerate it because they don't see how Guy Talk affects women. So seemingly harmless jokes, gradually put women in the object, and consolidate the culture.

For example, in the 2019 victory in South Korea, when the "old driver group" conversation was made public, we saw how the trash in everyone's mouth conveyed ideas that demeaned women and evolved into action.

Zheng Junying: "Meet on the Internet, go strip, and then rape in the car"
Li Zongxuan: "Just be beautiful if you don't"
Park OO: "Real life will be the same, isn't it?"
Cui: "Yeah"
Park OO: "We're simply movie grade, think about it for five minutes, and we're not going to kill anyone"

Then pull the scene back to Taiwan, turn on the TV, from the variety show to the political speech, repeatedly to the female body as a topic, some people laugh, this matter has become a laughing point in the crowd, continue to exist in every conversation in life (in the past we have done reports: "Gender watch" from "back palace" to"politics", when the political arena to get rid of female voice and sexual humiliation, "Gender Watch" Yang Shiguang said Tsai Ing-wen "not qualified to talk about the next generation": why people always indulge ingender. )

The power and influence of language is stronger than we think, and so is the choice of silence.

What should we do in the face of discrimination and jokes in our lives?

Yaxin film finally, put a paragraph of the host's reply, he asked everyone: "If I am sexist, then these hosts?" Then he recalled a famous segment of the talk show in which the male host made unbridled jokes about the female star's body, with cryptic sexual innuendo hidden in the sentence, while the audience clapped and laughed.

So we know where the problem comes from. Listeners can't refuse, the speaker doesn't notice, the same discrimination and jokes keep copying, no one points out the problem, no one says it's uncomfortable, and in constant silence, we allow discrimination to exist.

But what else can we do when we face a lot of discrimination and jokes today?

I love the end of the film, Yaxin and Irene each end, pointed out that everyone can work in a way, in fact, we can do something. For women, they can express anger and thoughts, try to talk to stop each other, and for men, stop discriminatory speech from continuing, to speak instead of silence.

Discrimination won't get less and less if you don't take it seriously.