Women fans X summer Joe "painting words to those girls around" series of pictures, summer Joe weekly painting / words, a warm hand letter to the dear girls. Talk about "Sensitive Tooth Girl" today, don't you?

There is a kind of girl, thoughtful, delicate character, often for small things anxiety, a partner's eyes, an action, will affect her mood.

She is a sensitive tooth girl, in the relationship suffer from loss, even if feel the love of the other half, still from time to time into a panic.

She was like a sensitive tooth, too sour or too sweet, iced or hot, to make her uncomfortable.

When the sensitive tooth girl jealous, she will be alone in the corner suffocating, trying to digest their own uneasiness, because she has been wary of fear, dare not over-disturbing partner, fear of being left behind. (Same scene: The more you love, the less secure you feel? Anxiety attachment: acknowledge that vulnerability is also a kind of love)

Summer Joe: "The delicate mind easy to make you into uneasiness, but also let you understand people, so intimate ah!" 」

Photo by Summer Joe.

Summer Joe: "Learn to believe in yourself first!" Be sure to find your comfortable companion! 」

Not sure about a love, perhaps because of your own lack of confidence. Sometimes it's not necessarily what the other person has done wrong, it's just that you never think you deserve to be so good, so you always doubt it. (Recommended reading:"Song for you" Security Black Hole: Easy to fall in love with others, but hard to fall in love with yourself)

Write to all sensitive tooth girls and we understand your vulnerability and sensitivity. Do you know? The sense of security is for yourself, and may you find a balance with your emotions so that you can live in Erian.