Summer, now a gym trainer, now starts classes with boxing aerobics, and in the past, like many girls, grew up kidnapped by social values and superstitious about all kinds of slimming. A month-long cold fever made her aware of the importance of exercise and a balanced diet, and hoped to pass on the right idea of exercise to all girls.

Pinch the meat on the arm, the table decided to put down the chopsticks, said that today will not eat dinner; You've tried a variety of 65kg➝50kg lean methods, and you've tried a variety of one-day diets of boiled eggs and apples that work on the third day, but return to their original condition on the seventh day.

The girl's up-and-down experience was so great, said Summer, the sports coach sitting in front of me, her eyes bright and energetic.

Talking about a series of ways to slim down, she says she didn't try it as a student, from dieting to taking medicine. But one day suddenly found that the photo of their own, thin is thin, but waxy yellow, that is called health. Growing up, life is busy and less exercise, sick, found that I see a doctor to do the course of treatment has been not good: "the doctor suggested that I want to enhance their immunity, which let me recall the past habits, are eating starch and a small amount of meat and vegetables, and are sitting in the office, do not exercise, the sense is that they have broken the body." 」

"I was only 27 years old and I didn't want to be sick like this for the next few days. 」

So she decided to strengthen her resistance from the root, but also through the correct eating habits and exercise body shape.

By product to shape the ideal body, can not be long-term.

There has been this experience only by taking medicine and partial weight loss, when we talk about the ideal body of the mystery, it is more able to share the feelings of all girls, but really began to exercise, she deeply realized the importance of exercise: "by (slimming) products are not good, because in the long run, wallet is a problem, your diet can not rely on these products alone." 」

And most of the female students she's been in contact with have misconses about fitness and exercise:

Confusion 1: Re-training will train muscles, but I do not want to practice muscles.

Many girls' biggest fancies (or worries) about retraining are the fear of developing muscles over time. Summer said that in fact, exercise muscles are dominated by male hormones, and muscle training usually takes more than half a year to see some effect, not everyone thought: "You see in the media fitness players, are relying on a long period of strict fitness menu constantly stimulate muscles, coupled with strict dietary control, only the body line." 」

If re-training is for fitness, then in the six months, you will see fat drop, the spirit will get better and better. These changes are visible in six months.

Confusion 2: If I lose a few kilos, I'll look good.

The second mystery is that you only care about weight numbers.

"I can make you lose five kilos in two days." She threw out a startling remark, but I couldn't catch it. She understood my puzzle and smiled and said, "It's easy to dehydrated you, dehydrated, but are you going to dehydrated five kilos?" 」

Hope to achieve the ideal body, tight lines, depending on the amount of fat and muscle. "The fat ratio below the skin is the data we need to look at, and effective fat burning and muscle gain are the keys to body change," Summer said. 」

Confusion three: leg meat just want to thin legs, belly meat just want to thin stomach.

Search for Youtube sports videos with titles that always have keywords such as thin waists, thin thighs, thin arms and butterfly sleeves, but Summer says this is definitely something everyone has to figure out - there's no so-called "local thin" movement.

"The distribution of body fat is determined by genes, and some people have meat in their arms and no meat in their stomachs, which is caused by his genes. His body fat is not spread over his stomach, but on his arms. Only whole-body exercise can really change the body.

In other words, where you start to lose weight is determined by genes. As for the so-called thin arms, thin thigh movements, in fact, only to help the body sculpture lines.

It's better to spend time superstitious than to spend time moving.

Exercise can bring a person, far more than just change the shape of so simple. Summer recalls the students' experience that when they started exercise, they gradually found that they were stronger, able to climb higher than others, and go farther than others.

Gradually, they are more concerned with their health than their physical condition.

"It's better to spend time superstitious than to take time to exercise, and you get more than just the ideal body shape. "There's also knowledge of the body, expertise, and, more importantly, self-confidence, " she said. 」

Most people, especially girls, start with a sense of physical aversion, and we move to meet society's expectations. But the more time you spend familiar with your body, the more you will find that even if you have not become the ideal body, you are deeply in love with yourself now, every part of your body, are so lovely.

"Don't be afraid to try sports, you're afraid of changing yourself after you're obsessed with sports. Change is a painful period, break through today's self, tomorrow will be infinite possibilities. Summer smiled and was convinced that every girl who started sports would be as proud of her body as she was.

Originally what the public's vision, but Err. Now I, also very good ah.