Women fans X summer Joe "painting words to those girls around" series of pictures, summer Joe weekly painting / words, a warm hand letter to the dear girls. Talk about the Merry-Go-maro girl today, are you, too?

There is a kind of girl, even if separated from her partner for a long time, still hold the past, want to lick the past gentle sweet, to heal their present self.

She is a merry-go-round girl, running around memories, seemingly moving forward, but always walking in place.

You may have a heart, perhaps regret unbearable, so keep looking back, in the face of the lost love, lost, overwhelmed.

Please remember, please believe that linear development will always take you farther and better, stay sitting on the merry-go-round immediately back and forth, not your way home. (Same scene: "SingleDiary" Some people break into your life just to give you a lesson and then turn around and leave)

Summer Joe: "It's time to hold the past, or embrace yourself now, the choice is always in your hands!" 」

Photo by Summer Joe.

Summer Joe: "Love doesn't have to have results, why don't you let yourself go!" 」

On Women's Instagram, we also receive feedback from readers:

  • "After a few years, I think there is no so-called "forget him", but "put him down", after all, he has appeared in his own life, firmly in the heart of love, can not forget. I think: the future to recall the past, no longer have heartache, heartache, heartache feelings, but only faint memories of the past good times, occasionally may be with a smile, then it should be put down. I hope you're doing well now. - Women's fans linda_liya.
  • "Even if it's separated, the memory is always a sweet memory of each other, and that smiling one" - Women's reader Choco.wawaaa.

Write to all the merry-go-mare girls and wish you could gently put it down after you've been in love.

Leave the merry-go-about in place! The final answer to life, still waiting for you in the distance.